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Announced on 9/9/09 as Project Needlemouse and the first episode released in mid-October 2010, Sonic 4 is an episodic 2D Sidescroller whose name suggests that the promises of a "return to Sonic's roots" has finally come true. Published for the 3 major consoles and iOS, it boasts beautiful high definition reimaginings of classic Sonic locales and foes.

In S4E1, there are 13 levels and 7 bonus stages. I'll be making two runs of the levels and a single run of the bonus stages. In the first run, I'm striving for a clean run of the top paths of all the levels. In the second, I'll take a more leisurely stroll with a long-lost friend of the Sonic franchise. Sonic Team was relatively open about their development process for this game, which gives me a lot to talk about while I play this game. Let's get to it:


1st Run (with Kung-Fu Jesus and MyNameIsKaz)

The Super Saiyan Saunter (with medibot, Kung-Fu Jesus, and MyNameIsKaz)

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