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Sonic takes the leap into proper 3D to declare himself the king of jank.

1998's Sonic Adventure on the Sega Dreamcast was the requisite jump to 3D for speedy 2D platformer mascot Sonic the Hedgehog. The speed was there, but so was a kinda-open world to explore, a fully voice-acted story, and a rocking soundtrack. And also a massive learning curve for Sonic Team in developing and programming a 3D game.
It was popular but an awkward mess, and its updated re-release in 2003 as SADX: Director's Cut somehow made it even worse. Many of the games that would come after it range from playable-to-abysmal, so it comes as no surprise that going back to Adventure reveals a game that covers that entire spectrum: there are the highs of Sonic and Tails's awkwardly fun speedy platforming, and then there are the canyons of Big's fishing nightmares. Having multiple playable characters, all of whom are subject to the nearly-theoretical hit detection, is like a microcosm in itself of how little Sonic Team understood what people enjoyed about Sonic for the next two decades.
Combined with the unintentionally hilarious cutscenes and a remarkably good soundtrack, you get a unique gaming experience that manages to be janky as all hell but still plenty playable all at once.

This is a straightforward, casual playthrough of SADX streamed on YouTube and supported by my Patreon patrons. Returning from my Sonic 06 livestreamed LP are my co-commentators Mugiwara Yoshi and Jiggly Jacob, who are as glad as I am that Adventure is so much more fun than 06. And yes, I played this game to death as a kid, even if not nearly as much as its sequel.


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