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by pokecapn

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Original Thread: Sonic Colors: The Redemption of Baldy McNosehair



Sonic Colors is the latest "main" game in the Sonic series, released on November 16, 2010 for the Nintendo Wii. Sonic Team took the daytime gameplay of Sonic Unleashed and refined it with an exciting new power-up system and some more forgiving gameplay to keep things accessible for all ages. The goal of the game is to foil Eggman's nefarious plots by spending as much time as possible using the drill power-up.

This LP is a blind run of the story mode with my esteemed guests medibot, Kung-Fu Jesus, MyNameIsKaz, and IlluminatusVespucci along with post-commentary runs of whatever I feel like doing once all the story mode videos are out there. Please use YouTube for streaming purposes, they have much bigger tubes.

Big ups to Mr. Sunabouzu for helping design the banners and the Twitter massive for various minor decisions.

Evil Eagle shares some Eggman:
Tropical Resort
Sweet Mountain
Starlight Carnival
Aquarium Park
Asteroid Coaster

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