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Original Thread: Sonic The Hedgehog 2006: A Modern Epic



In the beginning, there was a goon who was very fond of Sonic games. This goon had an idea: play through Sonic The Hedgehog 2006 from start to finish in one sitting.

What gave him this idea, you may ask? Well, he had heard many things about Sonic 2006, all of them negative. A game universally panned by the gaming press, its GameRankings score of 45% was supported by tales of terrible controls, a terrible camera, an even worse story, and the longest and most pointless load times this side of the new millennium.

Yet, as a Sonic game fan, he had heard these complaints in the past about the previous four 3D Sonic games. And while those games did have their quirks, they had plenty of charm, and plenty of addictive gameplay, and were overall great games (except for Sonic Heroes). So, he thought to himself, maybe the reviewers are exaggerating like they did for the previous games. Maybe this game is simply mediocre.

So, our intrepid goon set off on his adventure, gathering the necessary items to begin his quest. A borrowed PS3, a rental copy of Sonic 2006, and a posse of 4 daring goon adventurers. Hopes were high as the quest began, but it soon became clear that the goon wasn't dealing with a mediocre game, he was dealing with a trainwreck of the highest caliber.

The posse pressed forward, sequestering the necessary nutrition that would give them ideas. Ideas that they could use. One member left the quest party at this point, but the remaining 4 would not give up until this game was completed.

As time went on, hopes were repeatedly crushed. At several points, it seemed that all hope was lost, and that this project would come to an early demise. But the posse pressed on.

Finally, after countless hours, the game was done, and a new legend was born: Let's Play Sonic 2006


01. My name is Alberto Robert YouTubeHosted Viddler
02. Autosave? That's so 2000! YouTubeHosted Viddler
03. Copping a feel in the desert YouTubeHosted Viddler
04. It's no use! YouTubeHosted Viddler
05. Flashman ga taosenai YouTubeHosted Viddler
06. The Other Shadow Moses Island Incident YouTubeHosted Viddler
07. Wanna see some magic? YouTubeHosted Viddler
08. Dan Deacon's Pumice Paradise YouTubeHosted Viddler
09. I haz an glowie sfeer YouTubeHosted Viddler
10. Taking the midnight train going anywhere, part 1 YouTubeHosted Viddler
11. Taking the midnight train going anywhere, part 2 YouTubeHosted Viddler
12. Tainted Love YouTubeHosted Viddler
13. I give this game a 1 ...... out of 5 YouTubeHosted Viddler
14. Now you're thinking with portals YouTubeHosted Viddler
15. Finding kingdoms in the valley YouTubeHosted Viddler
16. Once was a science pit but now it's a water ride YouTubeHosted Viddler
17. I'll take my load of this to go, please YouTubeHosted Viddler
18. The Other Other Shadow Moses Island Incident YouTubeHosted Viddler
19. Red Carpet Massacre YouTubeHosted Viddler
20. Howlin' Mad Mephiles YouTubeHosted Viddler
21. That was scripted YouTubeHosted Viddler
22. Volcano Blowout YouTubeHosted Viddler
23. Cannings to the face YouTubeHostedViddler
24. Physics' Revenge: Radical Train II YouTubeHosted Viddler
25. Colloidal Silver YouTubeHosted Viddler
26. I do have a chardonnay YouTubeHosted Viddler
27. Operation Desert Poetry YouTubeHosted Viddler
28. Sublymonal Messaging YouTubeHosted Viddler
29. Hedgehog of the semi-decade club YouTubeHosted Viddler
30. Jungle Fury YouTubeHosted Viddler
31. Donkey Kong is judging us YouTubeHosted Viddler
32. The Original Outback Steakhouse YouTubeHosted Viddler
33. Going Maverick YouTubeHosted Viddler
34. Billiards from hell YouTubeHosted Viddler
35. The Other Other Other Shadow Moses Island Incident YouTubeHostedViddler
36. SPIDER KILLER spider catcher YouTubeHostedViddler
37. On A Roll YouTubeHostedViddler
38. Test your might? YouTubeHostedViddler
39. Valley Of The Damned YouTubeHostedViddler
40. Back To The Future YouTubeHostedViddler
41. Screams of an absolution YouTubeHostedViddler
42. A long long time 'till touchdown, part 1 -Denial- YouTubeHostedViddler
43. A long long time 'till touchdown, part 2 -Anger- YouTubeHostedViddler
44. A long long time 'till touchdown, part 3 -Bargaining- YouTubeHostedViddler
45. A long long time 'till touchdown, part 4 -Depression- YouTubeHostedViddler
46. A long long time 'till touchdown, part 5 -Acceptance- YouTubeHostedViddler
47. Rest easy, heroes YouTubeHostedViddler

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Bonus Videos / Fan Content

Opening the Game Case by KungFuJesus
Interim Update by KungFuJesus
Radical Train by Bacon55555
Sonic Doom by PoptartsNinja
All Fail Shadow by PoptartsNinja
Shadow Moses Shadow by PoptartsNinja
A proper Sonic AMV by pokecapn
Dreams of a Non-Solution by PoptartsNinja
Dear Sonic by KungFuJesus
poo poo Pickle by Bacon55555
Junk by Bacon55555
His World by PoptartsNinja
The Six Stages of Sonic 2006 by Daduzi
THEME OF ELISE (gabbatize me cap'n) by Syrg
His World 2 by PoptartsNinja
Elise's Euro Nightmare by pokecapn


To keep things interactive, this thread is going to be stuffed to the brim with challenges! I'm shamelessly lifting this contest system from Diabetus, so be ready to score a variety of points for coming in first, second, or third in each of the challenges.

There are basically three types of challenges, trivia, skill, and creativity. For trivia, the three winners are either the first three to answer correctly or the three closest answers. For skill, the three winners are the fastest three completion times. For creativity, you will be judged on a variety of factors.

Trivia answers should be sent to me via PM or messaging me on IRC or AIM. Don't clutter up the thread. Skill videos and creativity challenges should be posted in the thread so everyone can enjoy them.

A running tally of everyone's points will be kept throughout the thread, and at the end, prizes will be awarded. First place gets a forums upgrade of their choice, second place gets the satisfaction of not placing third, and third place will get a terrible custom title.

Challenges will be announced in the videos and kept as video exclusives for a few hours, so you've got to suffer through the videos to stay ahead of the game! Make sure you check back with the post, though, as whatever I post supersedes whatever is in the video.


01. Trivia: How many blue spheres do you need to collect in the first bonus stage of Sonic 3 & Knuckles? || Points: 2-1-1
Answer: 102 || 1st - Mr McDefault, 2nd - Duet, 3rd - Glazius

02. Creativity: Show me the worst Sonic-universe related fanart. One entry per person. If you share it with the thread, keep it work-safe. || Points: 5-4-3-2-1
Results: 1st - Trin Tragula, 2nd - Konstantin, 3rd - Mr McDefault, 4th - Syvalion, 5th - Mr. Snack

03. Skill: Give me a video showing you collecting as many rings in act 1 of the Marble Garden Zone as you can. Most rings wins, any tie will be broken by time. No cheating devices, otherwise anything goes. || Points: 4-3-2
1st - Syvalion (715), 2nd - Techokami (654), 3rd - Simmerl (494)

04. Skill: Give me a video showing you collecting 0 rings in the snowboarding sequence of Icecap Zone Act 1. First come, first place. || Points: 3-2-1
1st - Cybershell, 2nd - VgameT, 3rd - Simmerl

05. Creativity: Give me a short answer essay (150 words suggested maximum) detailing what limitation of the Sonic 3 game engine shines through when you become Super Sonic in Carnival Night Zone Act 2. Accuracy is irrelevant; the entries will be judged based on their entertainment value. || Points: 5-4-3
1st - brehonia, 2nd - Cybershell, 3rd - Stux

06. Trivia: In Sonic 3 & Knuckles, how many consecutive enemy hits does it take before you get 10,000 points per hit? || Points: 2-1-1
Answer: 15 || 1st - RandomFerret, 2nd - Plom Bar, 3rd - Cybershell

07. Creativity: You know those pictures of cats with poorly spelled captions with the ear-cringing name of LOLcats? Do that, but you're using Iblis (the worm version) instead of a cat. || Points: 3-3-3
1st - Simmerl, 2nd - Glazius, 3rd - Jacobus Spades

08. Trivia: Using Sonic in S3&K, how many hits does it take to kill the two bosses of the Launch Base Zone? || Points: 2-1-1
Answer: 17 || 1st - Cybershell, 2nd - Friendly Factory, 3rd - Blister

09. Trivia: In S3&K, what is the highest count of blue spheres in an emerald stage? || Points: 2-1-1
Answer: 155 || 1st - Simmerl, 2nd - Duet, 3rd - brehonia

10. Trivia: In S3&K, what is the lowest count of blue spheres in an emerald stage? || Points: 2-1-1
Answer: 37 || 1st - Simmerl, 2nd - Duet, 3rd - brehonia

11. Creativity: If Sonic and Elise's love on the battlefield truly bloomed, there would be an inevitable conclusion. The challenge is for you to draw fanart of Princess Elise giving birth to a hedgehog (specifically, her and Sonic's child). With this, the thread about the worst Sonic game will have created the worst Sonic fanart. || Points: 10-8-6. There may not be three winners, even if there are three or more entries, due to a quality threshold. Only one entry per person.
Results: 2nd - Simmerl, 3rd - Robotnik DDS, 3rd - Syvalion

12. Skill: Give me a video of any character reaching the "flying battery" in the Flying Battery Zone through standard in-game means. Placement is based on how long in the in-game clock it took you to get there. Any tie is broken by ring count. || Points: 4-3-2
1st - Duet, 2nd - Simmerl, 3rd - brehonia

13. Skill: As Sonic (Tails optional), complete Act 2 of the Sandopolis zone without ever pulling on the switches that turn on the lights. That's right, you'll be fending off the ghosts the whole way through. No using Super or Hyper Sonic, and do this via normal in-game means. When you come back from checkpoint bonus stages, the lights turn back on automatically. You are allowed to use this phenomenon. Your video stops when you free the animals after fighting Eggman. Placement is based on in-game time, with ties broken by ring count. || Points: 4-3-3
1st - brehonia, 2nd - Simmerl

14. Skill: Give me a video that shows you beating Act 2 of the Lava Reef Zone as Sonic (by himself) without using a fire shield and without going super or hyper using standard in-game means. The other two kinds of shields are permitted. Placement is based on the game clock when you open the capsule after beating Eggman, ties broken by ring count. || Points: 5-4-3
1st - Duet, 2nd - Simmerl, 3rd - brehonia

15. Trivia: How many hits does the Lava Reef Zone boss take? || Points: 2-1-1
Answer: 14 || 1st - Plom Bar, 2nd - Simmerl

16. Trivia: In total, how many blue spheres do you need to collect in order to get all the chaos and super emeralds? Price is right rules apply. || Points: 2-1-1
Answer: 1228 || 1st - brehonia, 2nd - Duet, 3rd - Simmerl

17. Trivia: Name the colors of the seven Chaos Emeralds in Sonic 3 & Knuckles. || Points: 2-1-1
Answer: Blue, Cyan, Green, Grey, Orange, Purple, Red || 1st - Jacobus Spades, 2nd - Tallgeese, 3rd - RandomFerret

18. Creativity: Sonic 3 & Knuckles shows that in a straight up chase, Sonic still can't catch Eggman. Give me a short answer essay (250 words suggested maximum) explaining how Eggman can run as fast as Sonic. Entries judged on overall creativity; humor optional. || Points: 5-4-3
Results: 1st - YeOldeButchere, 2nd - Schwarzwald, 3rd - Mystic Cave zOWNd, HMs - timeandtide & Maxwell Adams

19. Trivia: Counting the fingers, laser, and escape capsule, how many hits does the final boss of the Death Egg Zone take? Price is Right rules. || Points: 2-1-1
Answer: 24 || 1st - Valvados, 2nd - brehonia, 3rd - Y-Hat

20. Creativity: Find me the best work of Sonic fanfiction on the internet. If it's longer than 5000 words it better get awesome as fuck really fast or I'm not going to read all of it. || Points: 5-4-3
Results: 1st - Mystic Cave zOWNd, 2nd - Jacobus Spades, 3rd - brehonia

21. Trivia: The credits of S3&K are backed by a medley of the game's music. Name the Zones represented and the order in which they are played. || Points: 2-1-1
Answer: Mushroom Hill, Lava Reef, Flying Battery, Sandopolis, Death Egg, Sky Sanctuary || 1st - Duet, 2nd - Simmerl, 3rd - Plom Bar

22. Skill: Give me a video showing you juggling the signpost at the end of any act in Sonic 3 & Knuckles for as many hits as you can. Game audio is strongly encouraged as it helps me confirm the number of juggles. Ties are not broken but instead rewarded the maximum point value. || Points: 4-3-2
Results: 1st - brehonia, 2nd - Duet, 3rd - Jabovl

23. Trivia: The credits of Sonic 2 are backed by a medley of the game's music. Name the Zones represented and the order in which they are played. Note that a zone name along isn't enough for some of the zones. There's an extra detail I need to know. || Points: 3-2-1
Answer: Metropolis, Emerald Hill, Chemical Plant, Mystic Cave 2P, Aquatic Ruin, Mystic Cave, Casino Night 2P, Emerald Hill 2P, Hill Top, Casino Night || 1st - Plom Bar, 2nd - Cotton B. Gross, 3rd - Y-Hat

24. Trivia: In Shadow The Hedgehog, each path you take through the levels has a different name and number. How many paths are there in total? The last story doesn't count. || Points 2-1-1
Answer: 326 || 1st - Syrg, 2nd - alcharagia, 3rd - RocketDarkness

25. Skill: Record a video of you completing the first mission in Sonic Adventure 2's Crazy Gadget as fast as possible. Fastest time wins, ties broken by score. || Points: 4-3-2
Results: 1st - Duet, 2nd - Static Fiend

26. Skill: A video of you completing the first mission of Sonic Adventure's Metal Harbor as quickly as possible while collecting no rings. Fastest is bestest. Ties broken by score. || Points: 4-3-2
Results: 1st - Duet, 2nd - Highest Cactus, 3rd - Static Fiend

27. Trivia: In Sonic Heroes, who are the members of Team Chaotix (both name and animal)? || Points: 2-1-1
Answer: Espio the Chameleon, Vector the Crocodile, Charmy the Bee. || 1st - Cotton B. Gross, 2nd - Planeshifter2, 3rd - Nator!

28. Creativity: An essay with a suggested maximum of 150 words describing as accurately as possible what color Tikal the Echidna is. I am going to give your essays to someone who has never seen her before, and he's going to give me back the color your essay describes. The closest match is the winner. || Points: 5-4-3
Results: 1st - Comic, 2nd - RotationSurgeon, 3rd - Syrg

29. Trivia: Name as many foods and beverages that we consumed over the course of the previous videos as possible. Do not post in the thread, message me instead. Each correct answer counts as +1, incorrect answers count as -2. The answer with the highest score gets first place, etc. || Points: 5-4-3
Results: 1st - Duet, ObscureReference, Wandering Knitter

30. Trivia: Name the four people who lasted until the bitter end of Let's Play Sonic 2006 in regdate order, starting with the earliest. || Points: 1-1-1-1-1
Answer: pokecapn, Kung-Fu Jesus, medibot, IlluminatusVespucci || 1st - Syrg, Police Bear, Captain Q, Megaspel, Simmerl

Final Leaderboard

1Simmerl 32
2Duet 31
3brehonia 26
4Syvalion 12
5Cybershell 10
6Jacobus Spades 9
7Mystic Cave zOWNd 8
8Plom Bar 7
9Robotnik DDS 6
9Syrg 6
11Comic 5
11Mr McDefault 5
11ObscureReference 5
11Static Fiend 5
11Trin Tragula 5
11Wandering Knitter 5
11YeOldeButchere 5
18Cotton B. Gross 4
18Glazius 4
18Konstantin 4
18RotationSurgeon 4
18Schwarzwald 4
23Highest Cactus 3
23RandomFerret 3
23Stux 3
23Techokami 3
27Jabovl 2
27Valvados 2
27VgameT 2
27Y-Hat 2
31alcharagia 1
31Blister 1
31Captain Q 1
31Friendly Factory 1
31Maxwell Adams 1
31Megaspel 1
31Mr. Snack 1
31Nator! 1
31Planeshifter2 1
31Police Bear 1
31RocketDarkness 1
31Tallgeese 1
31timeandtide 1
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