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Part 1: Contest Challenge 02 Results

The fanart contest is (what seems like finally) over! This post is , namely because it is, but also to keep images from expanding.

Keep in mind that since the contest is over, this thread is no longer your fanart dump.

I decided that because of the overwhelming response, I am also awarding points to 4th and 5th place.

My main judging criteria, which I tried to keep secret for as much as possible, was the amount of effort placed into the actual bad fanart. Keep in mind that Sonic Team developed this game by themselves, they didn't phone it in, and as a result genuinely thought that they had put out a fantastic project. I wanted to take that sort of mindset to judging the fanart; the creator needed to put his heart and soul into something, really believing that he/she had created something fantastic, only for the result to be the bane of every sane person's existence. With that in mind, here are the results!

In 5th place is Mr. Snack with this fantastic image: Sonic_Crew__Human_Version_by_K_Fuyu.jpg
What really struck me about this one is that the artist went all-in, these aren't wussy half-hedgehog, half-human hybrids, but instead a complete re-envisioning of the Sonic franchise. One could almost argue that it's good fanart, if it weren't for the fact that making Sonic characters human doesn't have any real merit to it.

In 4th place is Syvalion with this horrible creation: nagashadseatssonic2.jpg
A lot of vore art was posted, but this one takes a realistic approach. It's preposterous to presume that hedgehogs can eat other hedgehogs whole. This artist saw that logical disconnect and had the foresight to make Shadow part-snake.

In 3rd place is Mr McDefault with this sticky wicket: Charmys_Bee_Hive_Honey_Stash__by_Virus_20.jpg
Not only is the core concept repulsive, but it's well-drawn for what seems to be an MSPaint. The thing that got me, though, was that the author put Amy and Cream in a situation firmly rooted in the Sonic universe. They weren't eating any old thing, but Charmy's honey hive. This extra rooting seals this picture's terribleness.

In 2nd place is Konstantin with this tragic video:
The plot is absurd, with an especially jarring ending if you weren't prepared for a vore finish. The whole production sucks but is dripping with effort. Rather than just draw stuff, animate it, and put subtitles like any standard foray into this artform, the creator made sure to gather authentic Sonic music, sound effects, and voice clips to give the viewers a deeper connection to the material.

Finally, in 1st place is Trin Tragula with this adventurous drawing: 086695d2f982a274d37118a4363ac51c9410a693.jpg
On the surface, this image is relatively innocuous. What made me give it a second look was the attention to detail. And that's when it hit me. The tail tattoo on the left arm. The hint of pubes dyed blue. It instantly reminded me of someone we hold dear to our hearts. That's right, it seems that Trin Tragula commissioned a piece of self-insertion fanart.

So here's to Trin Tragula, the bravest fox-lover in the world. We here at the Sonic 2k6 thread are all behind you in helping you overcome your terrible affliction