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Part 14: Contest Challenge 02 Results

Food contest results!

Unfortunately, I don't know the complete list of foods eaten. However, I do know if a given food was or wasn't eaten, and that's what matters. All 3 winners won with a total of 4 "answer points", and since it was a tie, they'll each get 5 points.
Duet guessed General Tso's, bagels, taquitos, and cheeseburgers. What we actually ate were double cheeseburgers, but the judging panel deemed it to be just a larger form of the cheeseburger, so it still counts.

Wandering Knitter guessed General Tso's, crab rangoon, birch beer, and taquitos. The judging panel deemed the response of hamburgers inaccurate enough to not receive points but accurate enough to not lose points.

ObscureReference guessed General Tso's, crab rangoon, Diet Coke, and taquitos.