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Part 4: Contest Challenge 02 Results

And now for the moment you've all been dreading: the fanart contest results. This post separate from the video post and marked for your protection.

Of the 8-ish entries I received, only three had any sort of impact, and those are the three entries we honor today.

Syvalion gives us the following drawing of the baby: horror003.jpg

Well-drawn, and the diaper and bodily fluids give it a lot of fetish potential if it were posted to deviantart. However, it doesn't acknowledge the birth itself, something I wanted to see. Syvalion gets the 3rd place reward of 6 points.

Robotnik DDS presents an overwhelming collage: sonelise.jpg

This one kind of punches you in the face the second you look at it. But if I posted it to deviantart, I doubt anyone would take it as a serious entry into the field of Sonelise birthing fanart. Robotnik DDS gets the 3rd place reward of 6 points.

Lastly, Simmerl graces us with this image: yeshallbirthagodcn4.png

This is much closer to what I was looking for. You can tell from the art that effort went end yet good drawing didn't come out, and Elise's condition and the overall delivery of the baby leaves quite an impression. If I saw this on deviantart, I wouldn't know if it was made by a 13-year old girl or a 24-year old in his parents' basement. There is a general lack of attention to detail, though, and the vision isn't thorough enough, so Simmerl gets the 2nd place reward of 8 points.

If you'll bear with me, I'd like to go over my envisioning of a "first place" fanart entry:

Picture a hospital room. Elise is splayed across the bed, sweating bullets, clutching on to Amy's hand. Sonic himself was too nervewracked to be in the room with Elise, but you can see him pacing back and forth through the window in the door.

Luckily, Sonic's small size means that the baby itself is smaller than the usual human baby, so Elise doesn't need a C-section despite her slightly immature body. Dr. Eggman has set aside his differences for this momentous day, and we see him with his hands ready to catch the baby emerging from the womb, as it's almost completely out.

Upon closer inspection of the placenta-soaked baby, we see that it's a fantastic combination of human and hedgehog. A healthy teal, the baby looks mostly human with a few exceptions. The first thing we notice are the unusually long and slender arms, ending in large gloved hands, the gloves still translucent as it hasn't matured. Second are the eyes, still rounded like those of a human, but taking up nearly half the baby's head and joined in the middle like a proper hedgehog.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the miracle of life.