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Original Thread: Were-Hogging The Spotlight: Sonic Unleashed



In the beginning
Back in nineteen ninety one
Man never thought about a blazin fast hog
And all he had done
The hedgehog had the schmaltz
The hedgehog had the 'tude
No one knew what he was gonna do
But Sonic Team had the news, they said

Let there be sequels, and there was sequels
Let there be sidekicks, and there was sidekicks
Let there be 3D, and there was 3D
Let there be deadlines, there was deadlines
Let there be suck!

And so it came to pass
That Sonic '06 was born
All across the land every Sonic fan
Was blowin' up a storm
And the development blunders got famous
The businessman got rich
And in every blog there was speculations on hogs
And how they'd redeem this shit
There was fifteen million developers
Learning how to play
And you can hear those developers thinking
And this is what they had to say

Let there be attitude, plots, transformations, and beat 'em up gameplay
Let there be werehogs!

One night in a club called pokecapn's crew
There was a 20 or so hour blind playthrough
And the game was okay
and the crew was loud
So the OP turned and he said to the crowd
Let there be

I hope you enjoy the ride. Videos will be posted when they're ready to be posted. I'll also be putting up videos not part of the main playthrough to illustrate key gameplay aspects and show off some levels in better detail.

Keep in mind when correcting something we say or offering protips to me that it's all been recorded already.. If you can't click a PKF hosting link, it's because it's not there yet or he's being DDoSed again.

This is the X360/PS3 version and Sonic Team's definitive version. Think of the Wii/PS2 version as the Donkey Kong Land to the real version's Donkey Kong Country, and you're on the right track. More fun Unleashed trivia to come when I run out of one-liners to introduce the videos.

Main Videos

Supplemental Videos

Even More Videos (Watch at your own risk!)

X1 | Eggmastered (alt)

D1 | Apotos (alt)
D2 | Mazuri (alt)
D3 | Spagonia (alt p1 p2)
D4 | Holoska (alt p1 p2)
D5 | Chu-nan (alt)
D6 | Shamar (alt)
D7 | Empire City (alt)
D8 | Adabat (alt)

List of Collectables

Things other people post
Eyre Kneed - this promo video that I personally get bored with 20 seconds in but a lot of people like it???
Not Zilon - can such a thing as too huge exist? yes.
Jacobus Spades - whatever the fuck this is
Ronnie - some concept art for chip and werehog
Jacobus Spades - a clean cut of rooftop run night 1
Billy Bob FORTRAN - pow, right in the bird junk
Billy Bob FORTRAN - is that a sandwich? yes.
Paul.Power - this is what you see when you close your eyes after playing for too long
Brett824 - it doesn't surprise me that liquid had a jazz beam up his sleeve
JossiRossi - how about you just click on this and find out what's inside
LightbulbGrease - i'm not really feeling this one but maybe you will
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