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Part 1: Collectables

Sonic Unleashed has a lot to collect. Sun medals, moon medals, info/art books, records, and video tapes, to be exact. But did you know that there's something inside each and every one of those collectibles? Here's a comprehensive guide to everything Sonic collected on his journey (amazing graphical summary courtesy of WolfShirt):

Sun Medals:
A tin of moustache wax [Windmill Isle Day 2]
Subatomic waves [Windmill Isle Day 2]
A muffin tin [Apotos Night]
A toy poodle [Windmill Isle Night 1]
Tingle's scrapbook [Windmill Isle Night 1]
A TV repair box [Windmill Isle Night 1]
Golden Silver [Windmill Isle Night 1]
The Window-Washing Cowboy's medallion [Mazuri Night]
DaVinci's notebook [Mazuri Night]
The Sword of Kings [Savannah Citadel Night 1]
George Lucas's creativity [Savannah Citadel Night 1]
The idea that catchphrases are bad [Savannah Citadel Night 1]
Bradbury's sense of decency [Savannah Citadel Night 1]
An astrolabe [Savannah Citadel Night 1]
Three fedoras, each inside the other two [Savannah Citadel Night 1]
Idol of Ak'gyxoth, ancient tiki god [Savannah Citadel Night 1]
A toaster oven [Mazuri Entrance Day]
A bottle of sake [Savannah Citadel Day 1]
The Ayvuir Red [Egg Beetle]
A VR Troopers action figure [Mazuri Entrance Day]
A Patagonia (the flower) [Spagonia Night]
medibot's wallet [Rooftop Run Night 1]
The original manuscript for the Silmarillion [Rooftop Run Night 1]
The Vampire Killer whip [Rooftop Run Night 1]
A sign marked 'do not explode this box' [Rooftop Run Night 1]
The Crystal Skull (Indy's, not 50's) [Rooftop Run Night 1]
A Maximum Tomato. Delicious. [Rooftop Run Night 1]
The Holy Water [Rooftop Run Night 1]
The screenplay to Allan Quatermain and the Lost City of Gold [Rooftop Run Night 1]
A four inch model of a gargoyle [Rooftop Run Night 1]
A brass bowling trophy [Spagonia Night]
The seventh of Colonel Sanders's secret spices (it's tarragon) [Apotos Entrance Day]
Instructions on where to find the light dash, but the instructions are in French [Apotos Entrance Day]
The Cold Steel Heart [Holoska Entrance Day]
A walrus penis [Holoska Entrance Day]
A statue of Wario [Dragon Road Night 1]
The crest on Birdman's helmet [Dragon Road Night 1]
A CD containing Windows Millenium Edition [Dragon Road Night 1]
A nametag that says "Hi, my name is Dark Gaia Phoenix" [Dark Gaia Phoenix]
A nametag that says "Get up on the phoenix's back" [Dark Gaia Phoenix]
A bottle of Jack Daniels [Dark Gaia Phoenix]
Kung-Fu Jesus's sense of dignity [Chu-nan Night]
A piece of mistletoe that had been left there since several Christmases ago [Chu-nan Night]
pokecapn's lost sock [Windmill Isle Day 2]
The city of Berlin [Spagonia Entrance Day]
99 red balloons [Rooftop Run Day 2]
One frozen yogurt [Rooftop Run Day 2]
A jar of peanut butter [Chu-nan Entrance Day]
A small statuette of a dragon [Dragon Road Day 1]
A Manta Rays jersey [Egg Devil Ray]
A Russian flag [Cool Edge Night 1]
A Coinstar machine [Cool Edge Night 1]
A barber pole [Cool Edge Night 1]
The Princess's Secret Slide [Cool Edge Night 1]
An order of General Tso's chicken [Cool Edge Night 1]
A can of Sprite [Dark Moray]
Every girl medibot has ever asked on a date [Dark Moray]
Nothing. Nothing at all. The medal was completely empty [Dark Moray]
Angelina Jolie [Shamar Entrance Day]
Ultra-Intergalactic Cybot G Marina Liteyears [Shamar Night]
The finest hash known to man [Arid Sands Day 1]
A green tea Frappuccino [Shamar Entrance Night]
Donald Trump's toupee [Empire City Entrance Night]
A can of shaving cream, but instead of shaving cream, it contains dinosaur urine [Empire City Entrance Day]
The constellation Orion [Savannah Citadel Day 2]
A pair of wire strippers [Skyscraper Scamper Night 1]
A sombrero, one of an espionage agent's most powerful allies [Skyscraper Scamper Night 1]
A TI-83 graphing calculator [Skyscraper Scamper Night 1]
A single raspberry [Skyscraper Scamper Night 1]
David Schwimmer [Skyscraper Scamper Night 1]
A sliding door [Shamar Night]
An anthropomorphic chicken breast [Shamar Night]
A flashlight [Adabat Entrance Day]
The July 1998 issue of National Geographic [Adabat Entrance Day]
A straight razor [Jungle Joyride Night 1]
A pleated kilt [Jungle Joyride Night 1]
A 12-pack of Surge [Jungle Joyride Night 1]
A flower chamber pot [Jungle Joyride Night 1]
A statistics final exam [Jungle Joyride Night 1]
A mug labeled .World's Greatest Grandpa., slightly cracked [Adabat Night]
An animation cel from .Pocahantas 2. [Adabat Night]
A lock of Shirley Temple's hair [Spagonia Night]
A box of matzo [Arid Sands Day 2]
David Blane's phylactory [Arid Sands Night 1]
A mini-freezer that can contain a couple gallon containers of ice cream [Arid Sands Night 1]
The complete works of William Shakespeare [Arid Sands Night 1]
This list of collectibles [Arid Sands Night 1]
A plaster model of Bill Clinton's uvula [Arid Sands Night 1]
An I.O.U. for one yellow gem [Arid Sands Night 1]
An Easy Bake Oven [Arid Sands Night 1]
That feeling of panic you get when you wake up and your alarm hasn't gone off [Arid Sands Night 1]
The entire Libertarian Party [Dark Guardian]
Sandals that do not absorb odor but smell like slightly overcooked hot dogs [Dark Guardian]
An unopened box of prophylactics [Dark Guardian]
A pile of dust [Pickle]
80's speed metal [Apotos Day]
A three pound box of Sunmaid Raisins [Windmill Isle Night 1]
Hayate the Combat Butler [Windmill Isle Night 1]
A red door that needs to be painted black [Windmill Isle Night 1]
A meteorologist [Windmill Isle Night 1]
A parapet [Windmill Isle Night 1]
Constitution [Windmill Isle Night 1]
Forethought [Windmill Isle Day 3]
The world's tallest sandcastle [Savannah Citadel Day 1]
Quest For Glory 2 (the computer game) [Savannah Citadel Day 1]
A fire hydrant [Savannah Citadel Night 2]
An Apple iBook [Savannah Citadel Night 2]
The prize for figuring out what the hell a gralia cart is [Savannah Citadel Night 2]
The Steampunk Diadem [Egg Beetle]
A gallon jug of Texas Pete hot sauce [Unknown]
A spoon made of solid gold [Unknown]
The Price is Right [Unknown]
A can of compressed air [Dragon Road Night 2]
A dented cup [Dragon Road Night 2]
Tachyons [Dragon Road Night 2]
The Key to the City [Spagonia Night]
A Chia Pet [Spagonia Entrance Night]
The Save the Queen [Rooftop Run Day 2]
A bathysphere [Egg Devil Ray]
The Mox Diamond [Cool Edge Day 1]
Queen Elizabeth III [Egg Lancer]
The Celestial Brush [Pickle]
An octagonal red sign with four inscrutable glyphs [Unknown]
All Things Considered (the radio show) [Unknown]
A bright red bindle [Unknown]
A boxing glove on a spring [Unknown]
A trumpet connected to another trumpet [Unknown]

Moon Medals:
Moon money [Apotos Day]
A SixAxis controller [Windmill Isle Day 2]
Tiger Balm [Windmill Isle Day 2]
A child-size Frankenstein halloween costume [Windmill Isle Day 2]
Orange Crush [Windmill Isle Day 2]
The Divine Lamppost [Windmill Isle Night 1]
Mr. Saturn [Windmill Isle Night 1]
A Ruby Iris [Windmill Isle Night 1]
The Triforce of Courage [Spagonia Day]
A statue of Mark Spitz [Mazuri Entrance Night]
The Cane of Somaria [Mazuri Entrance Night]
The year 1961 [Savannah Citadel Night 1]
The third vase ever crafted [Savannah Citadel Night 1]
Some nice petrified wood [Savannah Citadel Night 1]
Wintertime [Savannah Citadel Night 1]
A scale model replica of a hut in Mazuri [Mazuri Day]
A rubber glove [Mazuri Day]
A conventional oven [Savannah Citadel Day 1]
A Lego Star Destroyer [Savannah Citadel Day 1]
Video proof of the fake moon landing [Savannah Citadel Day 1]
The original Gutenberg Bible [Savannah Citadel Day 1]
The Ayvuir Blue [Egg Beetle]
A Big Bad Beetleborgs action figure [Egg Beetle]
A sock with a half-brick in it [Spagonia Day]
The hopes of every child in the state of Kentucky [Rooftop Run Night 1]
The creative inspiration for Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island [Rooftop Run Night 1]
Disgaea 2 [Rooftop Run Night 1]
The corpse of a cat [Spagonia Day]
The eighth of Colonel Sanders's secret spices (it's thyme) [Apotos Entrance Day]
A Warhammer 40K model of a Tyranid [Cool Edge Day 1]
The Scimitar of Rasha [Cool Edge Day 1]
A plaid shirt [Cool Edge Day 1]
A Shine Sprite [Chu-nan Day]
A Crystal Shard [Chu-nan Day]
The ancient Mesopotamian cave drawings [Chu-nan Entrance Night]
A pair of stainless steel chopsticks [Dark Gaia Phoenix]
A green laser pointer [Dark Gaia Phoenix]
A sign marked 'Warning: Do Not Touch' [Spagonia Day Entrance]
A Rorschach test [Rooftop Run Day 1]
A quartz in the shape of the Virgin Mary [Rooftop Run Day 1]
A bachelor's degree in architecture from the University of Minnesota [Rooftop Run Day 1]
A ten-sided die [Dragon Road Day 1]
A jug of moonshine [Dragon Road Day 1]
Diet Coke with Bacon [Egg Devil Ray]
A spiked headband, for easier climbing [Holoska Entrance Night]
A frozen frog; be very careful when thawing it out or it will shatter into a billion pieces [Holoska Entrance Night]
The last will and testament of John Quincy Adams
A six-pack of Bud Lite (it's frozen and skunked, though) [Cool Edge Night 1]
A shirt that says "MIAMI BASS" on it [Cool Edge Night 1]
Plum wine [Dark Moray]
A telescope [Dark Moray]
The essence of Erayo, Soratami Ascendant [Shamar Day]
A block of ice [Shamar Day]
A receptacle [Shamar Entrance Night]
A triangular dog [Empire City Entrance Night]
The world's smallest rock [Empire City Entrance Night]
An umbrella that only works if you don't look at it [Empire City Day]
An old copy of the Washington Post [Empire City Day]
The Spirit of St. Louis (the plane, which in turn contains the spirit of the city) [Savannah Citadel Day 2]
Every good idea you, the viewer, will ever have [Savannah Citadel Day 2]
Sweet cherry pie [Skyscraper Scamper Night 1]
A streetcar named Desire (the streetcar, not the play) [Skyscraper Scamper Night 1]
A gravy boat full of fairy gravy [Skyscraper Scamper Night 1]
A cathode ray tube [Shamar Entrance Night]
A motorboat [Shamar Day]
A gift certificate to Victoria's Secret [Shamar Day]
A purple crayon [Adabat Day]
A meterstick [Adabat Entrance Day]
medibot's will to live [Adabat Entrance Night]
A mattress once used by Princess Frederica of Spain in the 1800s [Jungle Joyride Night 1]
A portrait of Sir Grover Cleveland (the watch merchant, not the president) [Jungle Joyride Night 1]
A wristwatch from Citizen [Jungle Joyride Night 1]
A Sega CD [Adabat Day]
medibot's cell phone [Arid Sands Day 2]
A ticket stub from a pre-release screening of "Terminator 5" [Arid Sands Day 2]
A water bill [Skyscraper Scamper Day 2]
A slotted spoon [Skyscraper Scamper Day 2]
A fresh pineapple [Skyscraper Scamper Day 2]
A multitude of phalanges [Skyscraper Scamper Day 2]
Multiple Personality Disorder [Skyscraper Scamper Day 2]
A latex sword [Unknown]
The Hope Diamond [Unknown]
The Tallgeese (as seen in Gundam Wing) [Unknown]
A packet of Heinz ketchup [Unknown]
Illuminatusvespucci's favorite hat [Arid Sands Night 1]
Some colby jack cheese [Arid Sands Night 1]
A burlap sack full of kittens labeled 'pig' [Arid Sands Night 1]
The Electric Snake [Dark Guardian] [Dark Guardian]
A red party dress [Windmill Isle Night 1]
A barbecue spare rib [Windmill Isle Night 1]
Fluoron [Windmill Isle Night 1]
The world's smallest tree [Apotos Entrance Night]
Peril [Windmill Isle Day 3]
An aluminium ladder [Savannah Citadel Day 1]
The New Moon [Savannah Citadel Day 1]
A Pokéball [Savannah Citadel Day 1]
A gralia cart [Savannah Citadel Night 2]
Chill Penguin [Savannah Citadel Night 2]
A school of herring [Unknown]
A bundle of firewood [Unknown]
Bioluminescence [Unknown]
A pewter spoon [Spagonia Entrance Night]
Excalibur [Rooftop Run Day 2]
A Cadillac Escalade [Jungle Joyride Day 1]
Steely Dan (the man) [Jungle Joyride Day 1]
Arachnophobia [Egg Lancer]
A gallon of milk [Egg Lancer]
A bonus stage from Sonic the Hedgehog 2 [Pickle]
An Ikea furniture name generator [Unknown]
A Rock Band 1 drum set [Unknown]
Hooked on Phonics [Unknown]
Internet Relay Chat [Unknown]
A box full of glue and nails [Unknown]
Some circumstantial evidence [Unknown]
Chicken parmesan [Unknown]
The end of the line [Unknown]
An inverted tea table [Skyscraper Scamper Day 2]
Deadly rays [Skyscraper Scamper Day 2]

The titleless long-lost sequel to Watership Down [Windmill Isle Night 1]
The Book of Myst [Windmill Isle Night 1]
Watership Down [Mazuri Entrance Night]

Bradbury's The Martian Chronicles [Savannah Citadel Night 1]
Buns of Steel: The Book [Rooftop Run Night 1]
The Scarlet Letter [Rooftop Run Night 1]
The Secret Diaries of Sanford Kong [Rooftop Run Night 1]
The Rig Veda [Windmill Isle Day 3]
Paradise Lost [Windmill Isle Day 3]
The last Harry Potter book: The Deathly Hallows [Chu-nan Entrance Day]
Ayn Rand [Dragon Road Night 1]
A text about the works of Kandinsky [Rooftop Run Day 1]
A book by Julia Child [Cool Edge Night 1]
The Necronomicon [Shamar Entrance Day]
The Oxford English Dictionary [Adabat Entrance Day]
The owner's manual to a '69 Mustang [Jungle Joyride Night 1]
The Grimoire of the Rift [Arid Sands Night 1]
Love in the Time of Scurvy [Windmill Isle Night 1]
How to Care for the World's Smallest Tree [Apotos Entrance Night]
The Frugal Gourmet [Rooftop Run Day 2]
A Masamune Shirow artbook [Spagonia Entrance Day]
Screenplay for the Ayn Rand musical Atlas Sung [Eggmanland]

Background music [Windmill Isle Day 2]
The sound of a two-stroke engine [Apotos Entrance Night]
Three shiny pennies [Apotos Entrance Night]
A drum kit [Windmill Isle Night 1]
The White Album [Mazuri Entrance Night]
Velvet Revolver Part 2 [Mazuri Entrance Night]
The Best of Barry Manilow [Savannah Citadel Night 1]
Soundtrack to Top Gun [Savannah Citadel Night 1]
The Kleptones [Savannah Citadel Day 1]
An Animals album, House of the Rising Sun is most likely on it [Rooftop Run Night 1]
Dookie by Green Day [Rooftop Run Night 1]
Steely Dan [Rooftop Run Night 1]
Emerson, Lake, and Palmer [Cool Edge Day 1]
Eminem [Dragon Road Night 1]
The Planets by Holst [Rooftop Run Night 1]
The complete works of Masafumi Takada [Holoska Entrance Night]
The Dead Kennedys [Cool Edge Night 1]
Flood by They Might Be Giants [Shamar Entrance Day]
Solo performances by Clyde Stubblefield [Empire City Entrance Night]
The soundtrack to Armageddon [Savannah Citadel Entrance Day]
A Jessica Simpson Album [Skyscraper Scamper Night 1]
A single of How Do You Save A Life [Arid Sands Night 1]
The complete works of Bob Dylan [Arid Sands Night 1]
The Avalanches [Windmill Isle Night 1]
A George Benson LP [Spagonia Entrance Night]
A record full of Crank That remixes [Jungle Joyride Day 1]

Video Tapes:
The first season of Transformers [Savannah Citadel Night 1]
The Matrix Reloaded [Savannah Citadel Day 1]
Rainbow Brite [Savannah Citadel Day 1]
Some skating moves by Tony Hawk [Cool Edge Day 1]
Animal House [Chu-nan Entrance Day]
An episode of Ranma 1/2 [Chu-nan Entrance Day]
A home-recorded episode of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! [Dragon Road Day 1]
A recording of medibot's second birthday [Cool Edge Night 1]
Crocodile Dundee [Cool Edge Night 1]
Music video for The Bad Touch with Angelina Jolie spliced in [Shamar Entrance Day]
Terry Gilliam's Brazil [Skyscraper Scamper Day 2]

122 sun medals
110 moon medals
20 books
26 records
10 video tapes
288 collectibles