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by ddegenha

Part 22

To continue on, we actually need to enter a model town and clear it out. It’s one of the weirdest sections of an already weird game, but it’s also amazing.

“I’m… I’m huge here! This is amazing! Cower before me, tiny mortals!”

“And I thought he’d lost it before…”

“Relax. In this situation, it’s entirely appropriate.”

Entering a new area we have new enemies, as one might expect. First up we have the Soldier class, who tend to rush straight at you and just start slashing. They’re fast enough that they can reach you before you can hit them, and you’re going to take some damage unless you can throw some obstacles in their way. Enemies are invincible for a few seconds after they spawn, and Soldiers are fast enough to exploit that and attack you before you can attack them. They’re worth 165 experience each, surpassing anything we dealt with in the lab itself.

Next up we get the Archer enemy type, which tends to be set up on areas we can’t attack directly. Occasionally there’s a way to attack them from behind, but more often than not magic is the best idea. 170 experience each, and since they attack in straight lines they’re actually much easier to deal with than Soldiers. Clearing out the next couple of areas releases a Mouse into Leo’s laboratory, which he might not be thanking us for later.

Speaking of which, there are a LOT of lairs in this area. Considering that we’ve cleared a couple already, 17 is just overkill.

Next up, we have the cavalry. They’ll rush the same way that soldiers do, but they’re not quite as quick. They do have more HP, and give about 10 more experience as well. We release a chest of drawers by clearing this lair.

Clearing this lair is only the beginning, as each lair reveals another lair like some kind of weird nesting doll setup. Clearing them all releases two mice and a plant.

Next up we raid the local parade field and take care of a significant portion of the king’s horses and the king’s men. This one is just a bit more difficult since the enemy can charge us en masse. Clearing them creates a bridge to let us move on.

Remember that whole bit about invisible enemies? This is what they’re talking about. Right in front of us is a spike machine, which has more HP and is worth less experience than any of the other enemies. Luckily you can still hit invisible enemies if you can figure out where they are, and spike machines only fire directly forward.

I can’t even remember what this lair was, but clearing it lets us go back to the entrance if necessary… but with this much health left we’ve got no reason to go back.

Instead, we’ll push forward. This area has a soldier lair and two spike machines on either site. We also pick up enough experience to go up to level 19 in the meantime. It’s not really a big deal, but we released a fairly significant great door along the way.

There’s also a blue gem that gives us a decent number of experience points. Once again, still not needing to head back but it’s nice to have the option.

Instead, clearing this lair reveals a couple more lairs and the leftmost lair releases another mouse. The number of cats Leo kept around his house is starting to make a lot more sense.

The southernmost of those two lairs tends to spawn and get stuck, so magic is an easy way to deal with it. It releases steps, which grok being walked on.

The next lair opens up our access to a tangled network of streets. We’re going house to house, and it’s just as messy as you’d expect.

This close it’s hard to get a chance to attack soldiers before they lose their initial invincibility from spawning. Clearing the soldiers lets us get the chest and another lair, releasing our second model of a town and getting a paltry 50 gems.

The gems above represent a row of the final enemy type for this area, bomber catapults. It’s hard to capture them since they’re currently invisible, but they can’t move and are thus easy targets if you keep your eyes out. The two treasure treats revealed for clearing the lair have 80 gems and a medical herb.

“Where were you five worl… you know what, never mind. Go find some cheese or something.”

“Truly, the Master works in mysterious ways.”

“That’s sweet of you to say.”

“The alternative is saying that you’re out of your mind, and I’m not quite ready to say that yet.”

“That’s because you’re a wardrobe. I hate to break it to you, but you’re not going anywhere.”

“You will be able to see the invisible enemies in the models of town.”

“Which Great Door?”

“The greatest door, obviously. The rest are just posers. Listen to what the cat says.”

Long story short, it’s actually the door to the mouse who provides healing. You have to stop and talk to the door rather than walking through, ut with that we’ve got our last spirit.

And now, we’ve got no other option than to head into the second model town. Leo’s house is WEIRD.

Next update: 10 lairs, catnip, an armor upgrade, and an end to Leo’s lab.