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Soul Blazer

by ddegenha

Part 26

“I gue…wait, is this going to get me in trouble with the king?”

“Your response and fear of the king please me. Here, let me just put this in your pocket…”

“You could have just handed it to me. Now it’s all… weird.”

Our present for complimenting the queen is a VIP card that will let us in to the other tower. Answering in the negative, I believe, leads to pouting until you give the right answer.

“I know all of the invisible passages in the Magridd Castle. Would you like to walk the basement with me?”

“It’s not a choice. You’re coming with me.”

And with that, we’ve got our last spirit. It’ll be useful for about ten minutes, and then be forgotten about.

“As long as the two of you have your story straight.”

“Music is a strange and mysterious force. It can calm people’s hearts and stop them from fighting.”

Our new spirit allows us to see and enter new passages, although they’re only visible in a circle around our orbiting spirit.

There are also treasure chests that are invisible until you pass near them with the new spirit. This one holds a Medical Herb, which is precisely useless to us at this point.

This is a lot more useful, getting us a bit closer to our ultimate optional prize… that we won’t actually use, but more on that later. With that picked up, we’re officially done with this side of the tower.

“Not as sorry as you might have been.”

“Please don’t tell the Queen.”

“I’ll think about it.”

Passing in to the right tower we don’t spend much time before running into a lair that just continues to spit out enemies until we clear it out. Opening it releases a maid.

Next up, we’ve got three golems hanging around outside their lair while trap heads shoot at us. Clearing them out opens another lair, which will then release a soldier…

Who is guarding the entrance to the castle, which just sprang up. This is getting a bit complicated.

Another lair contains red guards, who are holding a soldier, and this appears to be a bit of a dead end.

In fact, the exit is in a staircase that we can only see because of our new spirit buddy.

Just up the stairs we’ve got a new enemy type, the mimic. They’re pretty much what you’d expect… look like standard chests, but attack you as soon as you turn your back. They’re also worth a decent amount of experience. Clearing them all out gets us 160 gems and releases a soldier.

Continuing, a hidden passage takes us to this golem lair tucked away in a little passage, releasing another soldier near the formerly sleeping guard.

After that, we’ve got four more golems near their lair. They’re kind of a joke at this point, but we’re releasing another two soldiers. This is really less of a town and more of a military base.

After that it’s chess knights and mimics. The mimics open a series of lairs with more enemies, but some of the chests are actually genuine. We make out with an HP refill from a Medicinal Herb and 100 gems, one of which we’ll be grateful for in the near future.

The next lair gives us a portal back to the Sky Palace, which will also be useful.

“So you’re the two soldiers he was asking about… well, he’s the only doctor here but I’ll take a look.”

“Yeah, and I’ve heard about you from birds, dolphins, a dog, a goat, and you daughter. They all kind of blend together after a while.”

“The stones you have collected are keys to open the gate to the World of Evil. They are the Origins of Power for machines that beckon evil.”

“Speaking of which, what made you think that was anything resembling a good idea?”

“It seemed like a good idea at the time. Anyway…”

“Free is one word to use…”

“Go then to the World of Evil and defeat Deathtoll.”

“Oh, is that all?”

“Doctor, we can finally start our ship.”

“Wait, Dok? Like Doctor?”

“Quick, tell her she’s pretty!”

“Too little, too late.”

“It worked when I talked to her.”

“Wait, how did you even…?”

“Dr. Leo, you sill still do what I say?”

“Lisa has nothing to do with this.”

“…other than her continued role as a hostage.”

“Shut up! Dr. Leo, you still have to work for us.”

“Alright. I cannot sacrifice peoples’ lives anymore. But please, release Lisa. She is the most precious thing in this world.”

“I can endure anything by just imagining her face.”

“You are an honest man. All right, Dr. Leo. Leave Lisa alone.”

“So much for being an honest man.”

“Here, take this and get on the airship. Please take care of Lisa.”

“I will not run away. Just take me wherever you want. Lisa, please forgive me.”

“…well, that was unexpected.”

Next update: Leo’s last words, the hardest boss in the game, and a long awaited meeting with the King.