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Part 27

“Yeah, that happens sometimes. Not going to argue with you.”

“But an unexpected scientist may ruin the culture. Some people believe happiness comes quickly, I think it comes with patience. Lisa, I am sorry for leaving you. I am not passing away, rather, I am going to sleep.”

“That’s… not exactly how this works…”

“Lisa, be happy. But don’t rush yourself. Yes, gradually…”

“Lisa, are you…”

“Umm.. I’ll just let myself out now…”

Heartlessly leaving Lisa with her sleeping dead father we can recover the last Emblem while going back to town.

“Are we talking about the girl who takes care of soldiers, or…”

“No, that one. Right over there!”

“Wow, he’s right. You do know exactly what I want!”

“I have seen something shiny around the castle. But I did not pick it up.”

“That’s good, because I think I did.”

“Okay, just glad that she didn’t have this on when Leo… detonated.”

The invulnerable bracelet doubles your attack and defense. It’s basically a single item that replaces the power bracelet and the shield bracelet, which means that it’s our default option from now on.

Turning in all eight emblems gets us the Magic Bell, which lets us use magic without using gems. It’d be more useful if we didn’t have almost 4,000 of the damn things lying around. With this, our procrastination is pretty much finished. Now we can move on to our final act of business here.

To proceed, we have to actually board Leo’s airship and start her up. After a few minutes…

We get rudely interrupted by one of the most difficult bosses in the game. This is the Dragon Bird, who has three main activities. His most common is to use a wind attack to blow you back, then swoop in a diagonal motion across the screen. This is an opportunity to attack him, but you have to time it carefully and let yourself get blown by the wind just enough to throw off his timing and get in a few swings as he dives past you on a diagonal. The timing is difficult enough that I had to refight this boss about 5-6 times.

His second attack isn’t any better. Instead of giving you a chance to hit him, he’ll just fly horizontally across the screen shooting fire down at you. In the cluttered space of the deck, your chances of dodging this are somewhere between slim and none. If you’re lucky he’ll tire of this and start diving as you again, but sometimes this’ll happen 2-3 times in a row.

Eventually after multiple attempts he goes down, giving a level in the process. At 5,000 experience Dragon Bird is worth 6 times as much as the last boss and more than any other single enemy in the game. Oh, and we also release King Magridd after beating it.

“I could do nothing to prevent the Queen from passing away.”

“She’s dead? Did I miss something?”

“We’ll talk more when you’re here in the flesh.”

“I hope he’s got time to wait, because I’m taking this baby for a spin.”

“Uh.. you didn’t noti.. yeah, no problem.”

“I didn’t think I would see him again. But because of you I was finally able to see him one last time.”

“I guess that is a slight improvement.”

“That’s probably pretty accurate.”

“By the way, I would like you to answer my questions.”

“Not… exactly. I’m kind of artificial. But I’m not like some kind of stone statue brought to life.”

“I see… feel like you are far away even though you are right in front of me. I feel like you are watching us from the sky.”

“Pretty much the case, yes”

“I don’t know how to express the way I feel.”

“Yes. YES! Going now!”

“Oh, for the love of Me…”

“I would say goodbye, but I know I am going to cry. Please leave while my back is turned.”

“Sounds like a plan. Bye!”

“Jumpy for some reason, aren’t you?”

“I think he’s in shock after losing the Queen.”

“I guess that explosion did a bit more than I think. Good job, Leo.”

“That’s certainly true.”

“And killed whomever would not follow me. Once you reach the top the only way is down.”

“Also true. Not going to lie, you did a pretty terrible job as king.”

“Simply because I thought it would impress the Queen. But the Queen was captured by her own desire and passed away. I must apologize to Dr. Leo.”

“A bit late for that. You know, I was going to say it was the Queen’s fault but I think it’s pretty much all on you.”

“I have the Black Stone with me. You must have all six of these now. Please go to the world of evil and defeat Deathtoll.”

“I was already doing that, whether or not you approved of it. Jerk.”

Our next and final stop is directly above the ice fields and west of the castle. Naturally, however, we can’t exactly go straight there…

Instead, we get a bit of a light show paving the road ahead. It’d be a bit more meaningful if there was anyway we could have reached this point without already gathering all the necessary gems.

“But you need the Phoenix’s help to defeat Deathtoll. The palace of Deathtoll will appear in the World of Evil. Metatron, try to find the three symbols.

“Two thirds of the way there, thanks. I’ll get right on that.”

“…after I come down from whatever high I’m on. Seriously, where in GodJesus name am I?”

Next update: The final dungeon, final gear, and final boss. Not much more left at this point.