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Part 29: Epilogue


“The way you say that it almost sounds like you didn’t think I would.”

“Honestly, I figured it was about 60/40 against you so I kind of didn’t.”

“I could have gone the rest of my existence without knowing that.”

“Yep, but you definitely saved all the animals and creatures and stuff. You should go see them.”

“Fine, but you really need to come up with a more subtle way of telling me that you want some divine solitude.”

“Are we talking about for saving the world or with somehow causing your wife’s death?”

“Both? I started to think of many things. I know this may sound strange but in the human world, if a person kills one man he is a murderer.”

“I’m following you so far…”

“Okay, what in GodJesus name is wrong with you?”

“I became a king by this theory, but I always felt lonely. Even if I had many men and beautiful women around me, I felt alone. Now I realize no man can live by himself. I will use all the money I received from Deathtoll to construct and build a great town.”

“Wait… so you sold everyone’s souls to the literal devil for money and not only get to keep your job but to keep the money? That’s… Lord GodJesus, really?”

“Hey, don’t look at me. I’m staying hands off on this one.”

“But I also want to build a town where people won’t have anything to fear, and they can begin to believe in themselves.”

“I think that’s not going to be possible with you actually in charge of it.”

“Oh yes, and I will build statues of you and Dr. Leo in the center of town. I promise to tell every generation about your accomplishments.”

“You won’t be around to tell… you know what, let’s just leave it at that. I’m going to Leo’s laboratory.”

“Umm.. yeah, I’m really sorry about that.”

“We tools exist to be used by human beings. We are happy if we’re helpful to the humans. And we hurt if they use us in the wrong way.”

“This is very painful. But Dr. Leo understood our feelings. The tools Dr. Leo used must have been happy.”

“I’m sure the tool he used to summon Deathtoll was extremely happy as it temporarily ended all life on this world.”

Proceeding back to the next world…

“Well, I wasn’t worried, but… Nome was really worried about you.”


“Nome, say something.”

“Whatever. I’m just glad the two of you have made up.”

“There are creatures that only get one year to live. The value of life depends on the number of days spent with fulfillment. Maybe Dr. Leo’s life was more fulfilled than many others.”

“That’s a lovely settlement. Now, if you’ll excuse me…”

“The dolphin, Lue, used to live with Dr. Leo. It’s strange, whenever he tells me about Dr. Leo and his daughter Lisa I miss them and sometimes find myself crying. Now that Dr. Leo is gone, Lisa must be very lonely.”

“I think she’s stronger than you imagine. After all, they were separated for a long time before.”

“Oh, here comes Lue. He must have heard your voice.”

Vincie posted:

A little thing that I think people miss all the time: the Mermaid Queen is the reincarnation of Lisa's mother. In the beginning of the game, Lisa muses about reincarnation and wonders what her mother would turn into. At the end, when Metatron goes around talking to all the area leaders, the Queen talks about missing Lisa and Leo and crying about them whenever Lue tells her stories. It's a really subtle thing, but a nice touch.

“I decided to return to my home town along with my friends. To tell you the truth, I am to be married. Hey Lala, come in here!”

“Well, congratulations! Best of luck with that.”

“I’ll take your word for it. I’m not the best judge of dolphin beauty.”

“We will be happy together. Metatron, I wish you luck.”

“Like good sleep comes after hard work, good rest comes after an honest life. I will rest well with Dr. Leo. That’s as good an epitaph as any, I suppose.”

“This is starting to feel like a habit…okay, let’s see that dream of yours.”

“Y’know, you could have just met me in the waking world too.”

“I am all alone. I know that as time passes I will stop feeling lonely. My father used to tell me the key to happiness lies in patience not in haste. I don’t know whether you are an angel or human, but I must ask you to do me a favor.”

“I’ll… I’ll see about bringing that up with the boss. I have NO idea what he’ll say, though.”

“You could tell me a life, but I feel our promise will give me hope for the future.”

“I… I promise. I’ll come back someday.”

“Thank you. I wish this dream would never end.”

“Metatron? Where did you…?”

And with that, we cut to a view of the mountains near grass valley.

“All the creatures stopped and looked at the beauty of the sunset. One was with his child, and one was with his friend, creatures were in awe of the scenery. Suddenly, a light ray shot into the sky. However, no one noticed it.”

“She used to feel lonely when she saw the sunset, but now, she thinks it is beautiful. Just like her father changed impossible to possible, Lisa feels she will be happy if she believes.”

And with that we’re cut to credits. Will Metatron keep his promise? Will Lisa’s loneliness end?”

“It’s… it’s nothing, Master.”

“Really? I do not know what has happened between you and that girl. But being attracted to a human means that you have not yet established yourself as a heavenly creature.”

“Oh, like you have a lot of room to talk after that swan incident!”

“A year has now passed, but your feelings have not changed.”

“How they live. You could use your vacation days.”

“Wait, I have vacation days?”

“Did I forget to tell you? Oh… well, that explains the fact that you’ve never taken a vacation before. Looks like you’ve got… 25,550 days built up.”

“25… Master, that’s 70 years!”

Be warned, though. Once you go down to earth you will lose all memory.”

“If that’s what it takes! I’m overdue!”

“What’s wrong with me?”


“Oh, my…! I knew you would come back!”


“Should I?”

“No, I can’t believe this. It’s me, Lisa… daughter of Dr. Leo the inventor! Please! Don’t you remember me?”

“Not ringing any bells, I’m afraid.”

“Well, okay. You have never lied to me. It’s just hard to believe you lost all your memory. All right, I won’t ask you again.”

“I guess that works?”

“We can create many new and wonderful memories together! I am Lisa, and the goat behind me is Turbo.”

“Those names seem familiar to me…”

“We can create many new and wonderful memories together.”

“Oh my, this is going to be priceless.”

“He looks like a dog I used to have. That is why I call him Turbo.”

“Your goat looks like a dog? I’m not sure if that means a really ugly dog or a really handsome goat.”

“Come. I will show you around.”

And with that…

Until the next game. Thanks for reading!