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Soul Nomad

by Feinne

Part 3: Galahad

Chapter 2: Galahad


Morning Continued

Wow. I never knew life outside the village could be so, um, exciting. I was getting ready to start my journey when a certain person decided they just had to come along. Man, I still can't believe you agreed to take her with you. Hey, she's my best friend.


Vimeo Mirror

Just as I was about to leave...

I overreacted a little, okay? But everything just happened so fast I didn't know how to react.
Come on, forgive me, okay? Let me come with you.
Aw, how sickeningly sincere. Whaddya say, ol' buddy ol' pal?
...So, you're not mad at me?
Heh heh heh.

Basically, you can dominate someone once they consent. Since this one's already agreed, just use [Dominate].
Fine, let's dominate Danette.
Wha-who the- what the hell was that?!
What's that you're holding?
This manikin represents the girl you just dominated. You can now place it in a room that you control.
And just like that, you control her! You can call her out and make her take a beating for you, anytime, anywhere.
Go ahead and explain it to her, would ya? I still can't control this sack of fat enough to make it talk.

I wondered what the heck Lady Layna was talking about... So this is what she meant.
Hey, if you ever abuse this power... So help me God, you will regret it.

So, the two of us left the village, and they sealed the door shut behind us. Lovely people in your village. We hardly got out of the village before we were waylaid by some ruffians. You're talking like kicking their asses wasn't fun.


Vimeo Mirror

If you can, try out the [Skills] or [Combos] you unlocked with the squads you just arranged.
But remember, you can only use them when the squad's STM has dropped below 80%.
Looks like the enemy has a setup sorta like yours, so watch them to see how it's done.
Alright, let's kick some ass!

Feinne on Soul Nomad:

So, this is our first real battle. Today, I'll talk about Tactics and Skills.

A room's Tactics and Skills are determined mostly by the leader, although you can also gain extra Skills from certain combinations of characters in the room.

Tactics are field skills. They do things like buff the unit's stats, heal the unit, or do direct damage to another unit.

Skills are special attacks. Skills are executed after a regular attack but before the enemy's counterattack in most cases. The Hero's skill is Demon Blast. It rocks.

It might not look like it's hitting that hard, but the high number of hits raises the Combo counter, which causes the last hit to be very damaging.

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

We're taking a break at the moment. I've got some maps out so I can figure out which road leads to Astec.

Oh, I almost forgot, it seems Gig has access to some other dimension from which we can acquire manikins for more soldiers. We don't have access to much variety at the moment, but Gig says that'll change. He offered me a few of his favorites to start:


Despite the name, Swordsmen are actually female Sepp warriors. They have a strong melee attack in the front rank, a decent ranged attack in the middle, and do nothing in the rear rank. They're tough, but expensive to recruit.


Pyremages are female human magicians. They have a weak attack in the front rank, but shoot powerful fireballs in the middle and can incinerate an entire enemy rank in the rear. Their only downside is that a stiff breeze can knock them down, and that they're also quite expensive.


Clerics are human males that specialize in healing. They also have a weak attack in the front rank, but they really shine in the middle and especially rear ranks. In the middle they have a strong single target heal, and in the rear they have a weaker heal on the entire unit.

That's all for now. Time to get back to figuring out what to do next.


God, that cow is so stupid! Gig, just calm down. No, I can't calm down, because every time I do she says something even more infuriating. Well, Danette decided that we were going to Raide...


Vimeo Mirror

Aren't we gonna go beat up on that... y'know, the World... something?
We have to get ready first.
What? You're not chickening out, are you?
Don't forget, Layna entrusted you with all that power.
What, that old hag? Bullshit. It's my power, not hers. And it's not free, either. Heh heh.
Huh? Why are you talking so strange?
Anyway, listen. I made a promise. And we've always been taught that it's wrong to break a promise, right?
Now, if that way goes to the city, then this way will take us straight to the enemy, right?
So! Let's just go this way, okay?

Hey! Snap out of it! Let's go! Why are you so weird sometimes?
Fine, I'll go by myself if I have to. I don't need your help. I'll just go get all the glory myself.
Haha, seriously... what a dumbass.
How could one little girl ever hope to take down one of my World Eaters?
Huh? Hey kid, you're gonna go after all?
I have to make sure she's okay...
You don't have to worry about me. I can take care of myself!
But if you really wanna help, I guess I can't stop you from following me.
Now let's go find that... Whirly... thingy...

I'm not terribly sure this was a good idea. It wasn't. I couldn't let her go get herself killed, though. I reluctantly followed her to where the World Eater silently rests.


Vimeo Mirror

Woooow... so this is that... thing? It's so... so... big!
Whew, that was a real ballbuster, huh? Hey kid, you got my body all banged up!
It really hurts...
Hey, why do you keep muttering to yourself?
I think your brain must be running on empty.
Hah! She's one to talk, huh? Go ahead, I know you wanna say it.
No, that's not very nice.
Heh. Don't try to deny it. I know exactly how you feel, believe me.

Hey, looks like I can finally make my voice be heard!
Hey, stupid cow. Don't go around calling me 'him'.
The name's Gig! How could you forget?
You know, the totally indestructible, unbelievably cool guy that took over your friend's body. Remember?
Huh? Gag...?
So... who are you again?
Wh-who am I?! Didn't you hear a word I just said?
At least you could have listened to that dried up old crone you love so much!
...You gotta be kiddin'
I mean, I've met some real nutbags in my life, but you really take the cake.

That is the World Eater of Raide.
It no longer stirs, but I believe it yearns for life.
Can you kill it?
It has a squad of warriors guarding it, so we can't even get close.
Those men are incredibly powerful. We have no chance without a well-armed force of our own.
Are you saying I can't handle it?
Well, perhaps... if you were to regain your lost strength, that is.
All in due time...
Regardless, I expect much of you.

She hasn't attempted any major movements, but she appears to be searching for the avatar.
I have a contact on the inside, so I receive constant updates. If anything changes, I'll let you know immediately.
It's in our best interest to watch this situation closely and act as soon as an opportunity presents itself.

Hey kid, I think he wants to play.
Hey, where'd those other guys go?
They're gone...

I don't know...
Hey, are you talking to us?
Well, uh, ahem! We're here to take down that World Thingy!
You mean the World Eater?
Yeah, yeah... that's the ticket!
J-just the two of you...?
You got it!
But that's just... stupid.
How rude! We're-
I have no time for such lunacy.

Hey, get your filthy hands offa me!
Sorry, I can't let you near that creature.
I have no reason to believe you would stand any chance against it. I need you to leave now.
Heh! He wants to try and kick us out? Brainless fool.
Hell, I'll barely break a sweat against this guy. A good chance to see how rusty I am, I guess.
Time to show you what a real god can do!

Galahad wasn't really all that impressive. I'm not sure how seriously Raide is taking defense of the area if that was the best they had. I'd be embarrassed if that guy worked for me.

We must retreat for now!
Hah! What a bunch of pansies!
These are the guys in charge of guarding this place?
Yeah, you talk big. But you only won thanks to me.
Even so, I still can't unleash my full power with such a weak body.
That's my biggest concern.
But now the real fight begins. You ready, soulmate?
Okay, that World Thingy is up next on the chopping block!
You ready for this?!

Now she wants to fight the damn thing. Even though she's seen the size of it. We're getting ready as I write this. If you're reading this and it stops here... No, best not to think about that. Have to stay positive. You guys are doomed.

Oh, after the fight Gig said we could recruit some soldiers like the ones Galahad sent after us.


Soldiers are weak male human melee characters. They have similar attacks to the Swordsmen, but are much weaker in all respects. Their saving grace is that they are very, very cheap to recruit and pay.

That's all for now. I hope I'm still alive to write in this later.