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Part 5: Feinne

Chapter 3: Feinne



Somehow, we're still alive. Somehow nothing. Without me you'd be a stain on the desert right now. Oh, and don't think I don't appreciate it, even considering what you tried to pull. Hey, can't blame a guy for trying.

Anyway, we decided to go after the World Eater. Which one did you say it was, Gig? Feinne. She's always been my favorite, by the way. I really don't care which of your unstoppable killing machines was your favorite. Honestly.


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The World Eater was guarded by a few Knights of Raide. They were little threat thanks to Gig's power. Damn right they were.

Feinne on Soul Nomad:

So, two things. Before any map, we can and should Recon. This lets you see the setup of enemy units and gauge their strength. It also lets you see the terrain, which can inform what décor you choose and whether you might want to, for example, have a unit with Water movement type.

Oh, and this is World Eater Feinne.

We are 100% certain to lose this fight, because you cannot do random dungeons until after this map. Winning this fight is a trigger for a special map, but that'll have to wait until after the Demon Path. And now back to our regularly scheduled broadcast.

So we decided to engage the World Eater.

But hell, I can whip its ass no problem.
Hm? Here it comes!
W-Watch out!
No, not here!
Hey, aren't those the jerks from before?

Holy wow!
That thing's terrifying!
It wasn't even aiming at us. It saw the really strong guys and went after them first.
Which means there's at least a few guys left that aren't totally worthless.
But it looks like they didn't wanna stay for a second round. They're gone already.
So they're pretty strong, then?
Hell of a lot stronger than you, that's for sure. You have no idea how to use my power right.
Pretty much the best you can hope for is to get lucky and unlock a tiny portion of my godliness.

As we moved in to try and attack Feinne, things got... Horrible beyond belief? Yeah.

Needless to say we were flattened by the thing. And this guy decided to take advantage of the situation. Can you say you didn't see it coming? No.

Having a little trouble?
Not at all.
Don't try to be a big man.
Honestly, you stand no chance against her right now. I should know. She used to work for me, after all.
But that means I know how to knock her down a peg.
You interested?
Tell me, already.
Just shut your mouth and open your ears.

You better believe it! The one... the only... Indestructible Gig!
And if you let me, I can twist and crush and incinerate this peon in a flash.
And you want that, right?
C'mon, it's okay. You want it. You need it!
Heh. Silence gives consent, they say.
Fine then, since you asked so nicely... I'll lend you a miniscule sliver of my power.

C'mon, don't be so selfish. It's your job to save the world!
Dammit, I can't let you go and get yourself killed. I need this body!
You're really making a stupid decision here, kid. But what can ya do? Okay, let's get out of here.

I'm not sure how Gig got us out of there. And you'll never know. I really don't care, Gig. I'm just happy to be alive right now. We're beaten and sore and tired. We're going to find a nice place to camp out and take a well deserved breather. We've got a lot of work ahead of us if we're going to beat that World Eater some day. Hey, something we agree on.


Um, well... we've been invaded.
Who would dare commit such a foolish act?
It's the Nereids, Lord...
They've hired a band of vicious vagabonds. You should have seen them. They were barbarians!
And what, exactly, did you do in response?
W-Well, you see... they tricked us. We were taken by surprise.
They ignored our threats and attacked the World Eater directly.
Their attacks had no effect, of course. They retreated soon afterward...

The annihilation of the Elsburgh Republic should still be fresh in your mind, Sir Galahad.
Of course it is, Grand Cordon. The land and its people were cast into the sea in a matter of hours.
We're not sure that a World Eater was responsible for that, but considering the scale of the slaughter, it's likely.
It is our duty to make sure the glorious land of Raide does not suffer the same fate.
Thank you for the report, Sir Galahad.
Yes, Lord.

From now on, you are charged with patrolling the city proper.
Lord, if I may-
The citizens must have faith in their protectors to feel secure.
They must not come to see the Knights of Raide as weak or foolish.
If that is your wish, Lord...

How did you manage such a position as Grand Cordon at your tender age, anyway? There's something rotten in that.
Someone should strip you of the mask you wear!