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Part 7: Dio?

Chapter 4: Dio?



This is already shaping up to be a strange day. Hey, we agree on something again. We were still pretty banged up from Feinne's onslaught yesterday when we ran into, um, how should I put this? An 'odd' person. And by odd you mean a total nutbag. Yeah, pretty much.


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Looks to me like you got the snot beat outta ya.
But hey, if you've really got your heart set on it, head back in. It's your funeral. Heh heh.

Hey! Pay attention to me!
What is this, all of a sudden? Who the heck are you?
Who am I, you ask? As you have taken the time to ask, it is my duty to answer fully!
I am Dio! Sorcerer of the Evil Eye! Changer of Fates! Bondsman of the Dead!
I am the most powerful wizard to ever walk the planet!
If you hold your life dear, leave your material possessions and go from here!

Huh. Can't say I've ever seen someone dressed as strange as you.
What?! I am one of the divine, the chosen, the Dracon!
I refuse to believe you don't know of the great Dio! You know, travels with two beasts and a fearsome warrior? Dio!
Seriously? You have no idea who I am?
Not a clue.
Gah! Fools, all of you! Imagine, living this long without knowing of such majesty!

And so the crazy man attacked. I'd never met a Dracon before. They're not all as pathetic as this guy, he's an exception. Good to know.

Ahen, Yavis? Where are the others?
Grarah! (Dey be here soon, I bet!)
Why is everyone so late?
How many times have I told you to be ready to go at least 10 minutes before I begin my speech?!
Gryagah... (You da one with da wrong time...)
---Grarya! (---Hoowhee, there dey be!)

I gotta get back to takin' care of my hotpods! So we gotta make this quick, ya hear?
I know, I know. Listen, I'm trying to make a good first impression here. So just... try to have some dignity.
And another thing! Why not cough up some more scratch, huh?
I weren't told there'd be so much gal'durned walkin'!
Have no fear, my dear Gestahl!
As promised, you will be rewarded based on the quality of your work.

I have no idea what the hell is going on...

For the strongest wizard in the world, Dio didn't seem that impressive. I'm guessing he was lying about that. Probably. The extra power I gave you didn't hurt.

Feinne on Soul Nomad:

This map introduces a few very important gameplay elements: Décor and Gig Edicts.

Décor comes in two varieties. There's Furnished Décor and Consigned Décor. Furnished Décor is a permanent part of the room it is in. All room types with the exception of the Open Area come with a specific piece of Furnished Décor. When randomly changing rooms you can sometimes get other pieces of décor furnished on a room as well, but you generally don't want that.

Consigned Décor is assigned from the Room Design option of the Arrange screen. It lasts for the duration of one story map. However, it does not vanish after random dungeons, which is extremely handy.

Furnished Décor is generally intended to be more generally useful than Consigned Décor. Higher level Décor items tend to also be more generally useful than lower level ones.

Gig Edicts are the equivalent of Items from other games. They heal, restore stamina, buff and debuff. They also do awesome things outside of combat in towns, which we'll see next update.

And now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

I doubt we're the only ones...
Gryarahga. (Give it up already.)

Needless to say, we beat the old wizard up. He was actually reasonably powerful. Nothing compared to me, though.

And lookit my clothes! You got 'em all muddy! Dagnabbit!
Hold on... Dio?
Have I heard that somewhere before? Nah, no way...

We continued on the road to Astec. That's where Gig did something pretty rude. She was asking for it.

We have even less time to waste on stupid cows. Don't you agree?
No, I like her.
Keh. You're too soft, kid.
Don't you get it? People like her always get carried away and end up doing something stupid.
You know, you don't have to take her along. You can just leave her and summon her later.
But since you're so whipped, I'll do it for you.

Did I forget to mention that you need a certain item to get into Astec?
It's called a Crimson Tear. We've got one for ourselves, but what about you?
Wait, what? I don't have one! Why would I have one? Why didn't you tell me?
Where am I going to get one now?
Heh. You're in luck! There's one buried right there under that tree.
Start digging. Look for a blood-red gem. That's the Crimson Tear.
Now that you mention it, I think Lady Layna had something like that. I know just what it looks like!

Take it easy! We'll go on ahead and wait for you. Buh-bye!
That wasn't very nice.
Oh what, now you're gonna complain? You didn't speak up before.
If she's willing to believe such an obvious lie, she deserves what she gets.
I just don't have the energy to put up with idiots. She makes me wanna punch kittens...
Anyway, every living thing is just a pawn for me to move as I please. It's not even worth thinking about.
Besides, don't you have some grand, epic quest that old hag sent you on?
Why even think twice about dumbass cows like her?

So, we set off towards Astec, leaving Danette behind. We're taking a brief break so I can eat some lunch and write this. You'll thank me for getting rid of her some day. Time's going to tell on that shit. We'll see. Anyway, I think it's time to get walking again.