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by Feinne

Part 13: Dio? II

Chapter 8- Dio? II



Ughh. Another day, another debacle. Yeah, you seem to have some serious luck problems kid. Before we head to another talk with Endorph I'll go over everything that went wrong today. We left camp early in the morning. Endorph provided us with passports that would let us into Raide. As we headed there, though, we were attacked! That seems to happen a lot. Yeah, the roads seem particularly unsafe these days. Every day more and more people seem pushed to desperation by all the troubles of this world.


We got to Raide, but before we could find any useful information who shows up but that crazy old Dracon from before. I still don't get what that guy's deal is. You humans are seriously strange. I mean, if I want someone dead I kill them, I don't talk about it for half a day.


Uhh... who are you again?
Kryuru kuku. (They already forgot. Teehee!)
You still insult me so?!
Tremble before the gaze of Dio, Grand Sorcerer and Sage!
Gryahgrah garyah... (Welp, they whupped us pretty bad last time, I'm glad they forgot.)
Gryah rahgyah! (But we'll get 'em this time, Master!)
Grr... that was just a careless mistake!
Girl! You truly do not recognize my terrifying visage?!

And I'm 100% positive I've never seen some old guy in a weird mask.
So... who are you?
O-old guy? Weird mask?!
Damn you to hell! You will burn for these insults!
Hey, I told the old lady I'd be back 'fore dinner, so... Let's get a move on!

The guy had a big band of thugs he'd hired to help him defeat us, but nothing had changed since last time. I almost hated to have to beat him up, because it was all kind of sad. Oh, and Levin showed off some crazy martial arts move. At least the sack of crap can do something right, even if it is just punching things.

Kryuru, kryuruku-. (Ain't nothin' we could do. Didn't have enough prep time, is all.)
Lordy lordy...

And that's when they ran off. You should have chased after them, finished them off. We weren't in Raide to fight, we were there to get information. Sadly, the first fight attracted even more attention to us.


Who's this doofus?
He's one of the knights' leaders.
Eh? You've brought backup, huh? You sneaky bastards!
Guards! Take them prisoner! These are the lapdogs of those spineless Nereids!
But Sir! None of them have any tattoos! And they're not anywhere near giant!
Silence! I didn't ask for your opinion! I gave you an order!
Y-yes sir...
Now go!

Galahad brought more troops to the party than last time we'd met. We still kicked his ass from one end of the city to the other though.

Feinne on Soul Nomad:

This map introduces the Saboteur, a truly irritating ranged character. They've got a whole squad attack in the back rank and some nasty field tactics, including the ability to lay hidden mines. Watch out for them.

Oh man! They're back!
We have to retreat.
You got it! Let's get outta here!
We can go back to the camp in Hidden Tree Forest.

Still, I felt bad about our mission being a failure. Worse, once we were on the road I realized we were short a member...

What're you talking about? Nobody's missing... right?
Wrong. Someone's definitely gone.
Heh. Probably went and got himself snared by those knights.
Oh, you talking about Vitali? Nah, he's fine.
He had all kinds of time to sneak into the city.
That's what he's best at, remember? Being missed is, like, his forte.

Well, that's all for now. We're almost back at Endorph's camp. After we meet with him I'll write again.


Well, at least there's some good news for once. Our meeting with Endorph turned up some interesting information.


I heard you raised some hell out there.
What a waste of time. I'm guessing you didn't bring back anything useful?
Fine. The deal's off. Let's just pretend like it never happened.
Here it is.
Gah-dammit! Why do you always do that?!
Didn't I tell you to say something before you show up?

The child of the Grand Cordon...
Kidnapped by the Nereids 7 years ago...
It's not true! That's... Penn is our child!
Who's Penn?
You've already met him once.
You mean that kid that tricked us into falling for your trap?!

And that's why you and the kingdom hate each other so much! I'm right, aren't I? Whoo! Go me!
No, that's not it! We would never, ever take a child by force from anyone!
And even if we did, you think that would be enough for us to go to war? Never!
So now I find out that you Nereids are actually raising the kid of one of your sworn enemy's most honored knights...
Sounds like both sides have some dirt on the other, huh?
Endorph! The King himself-!
Nah, don't bother. It's not my business. I'll drop it.

I figured he'd be loaded, since h loves to tax his country into the dirt. Turns out, he's dirt-poor himself!
I have no idea where that money's going.
What kind of country is Raide?
Well, the citizens are fairly independent, but they all look up to the king. They've unified under him.
I didn't have enough time to learn anything about his invisible finances, though.
Man, this is getting really complicated. I have no clue what's going on...
Guess I'll just have to pretend like I get it.
Hey, Danette. You have any idea what they're talking about?
Nah, nevermind. If I don't get it, no way you'd understand.

What a pain. So before we can even get to the World Eater, we gotta take out all these knights?
Friggin' lame. If I had my old powers, they'd be dead in a heartbeat.
Do you think we can win?
That knight... the Grand Cordon, right?
That one's strong. Any old jackass off the street wouldn't stand a chance.
He sounds quite powerful, indeed.
So, what're we doing? We're gonna kick his ass, right?
Perhaps it's a little early to go charging in with such a small force.

But if you die, it's all over. You can't do a damn thing for anyone at that point.
If you have even the slightest bit of concern for the world, you shouldn't be so eager to throw your life away.
There are some things that can haunt you even after death...
Oh, please. Spare me your self-sacrificing, hero-wannabe bullshit.
It's late.
We should get some sleep.

That's all for tonight. I actually look forward to the nights, now. It seems like each one brings another dream, and the hope of another hint as to who I am. Like that matters. Man you're lame.



Lots going on this morning. But I guess I'll start with Gig's dream from last night. Seems this one picked up where his first one left off.

Hey, I'll give you some credit. You weren't bad, for a human.
Maybe you'd stand a chance if you practiced for, like, a thousand years. Hahaha!
If Lord Median were here, you would know true power!
Median? The hell is that?
How could you not know...? He conquered and unified the world only 75 years ago!
Never heard of him. I assume he's dead and gone now, right? That means he was just another piece of trash.
Another meaningless maggot searching for a place to die.

Hehe. Now let me tell you who I am. Those Masters of Death you mentioned? Yeah, I'm one of 'em.
So, you say this Median guy can kick my ass? Then drag his rotten ass out of the ground and bring him here.
It would be my pleasure to kill him all over again. But somehow I doubt you have any power over life and death.
But that's where you and I are different! I'm kind enough to grant you a death better than you deserve!
Lord Median... I'm sorry. It seems my end has come...
I will leave my task to my son... He will take on my name... we must have patience... until he is ready...

Hehehe... Haahahaha!!!

Now I remember. I guess there was someone like that back then.
Maybe that lame old guy we ran into is a descendant or something.
To have such lousy offspring.. if I'd bothered to bury him, I bet he'd be rolling over in his grave. Hehe.

I just want to reflect for a moment on something that we often seem to forget, that Gig is truly an ass. Well duh, I came here to destroy the world, idiot. Also, I'm sure I've seen someone that looks just like that wizard somewhere else before, but I can't recall where.

Anyway, we woke up to a bunch of commotion this morning. It seems Shauna left with her followers to attack Astec!

Lady Shauna's gone!
She was just here a while ago! But now she and her followers are gone!
Okay, okay, calm down.
Ever since I took her spot as head honcho, I knew there was gonna be trouble.
Now, where do we think she went?
She probably went to Astec. That's where she first planned to make her attack.
My sister's there!
Hmm... she was pretty pissed when I first refused to attack the place.
She's probably going to raise her own war funds.

Yeah, we have to go stop her.
Okay, so we're gonna pack up shop and head out. What'll you guys do?
You're still trying to boost your numbers, right?
I know a guy in Raide that might be able to help, but he'll only be in town for a day.
I'm going to Astec. You guys do whatever you want.
Levin, listen!

?! But you have your own things to take care of!
Besides, Master Christophe's guards can hold their own.
We really don't need your help. I bet I can hold them back myself!
No, we're going.
Why would you do this for me?
I'm sorry for being such a hassle. I promise I'll pay you back somehow!

I knew you'd do the right thing!
So you've made your decision?
I doubt we'll see each other again... But anyway, take it easy.

And with that, we split up. They were going to travel the way Shauna probably went, while we were going back the road, since we'd only slow them down. I still don't get why we're doing this for that stupid cow. He's our friend. Oh, well in that case I still don't get it. And you probably never will. Anyway, it's time for us to head out. I'll write more once we've saved the city.