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Part 14: Artwork: Penn

McTimmy posted:

A Scheamstress this early? Also, a hell yeah at seeing Nine Heroes in action. I loved that move.

Since his secret identity has been revealed, here is Penn's art!
Penn (Backup)

In Astec there is a townsperson named Dracon Woman that you can recruit. As with all Dracon women, she's a schemestress.

axman666 posted:

If you go deamon path, do you get to do horrible shit to danette? like cut off her Tongue? if so does it affect how much annoying shit she spews from her mouth?

Man, that would have been a lighthearted romp compared to the real demon path.

Jackard posted:


Well, Galahad won't be chasing after us like Dio? is, nor does he have evil plots like Shauna. We're only liable to run into Galahad if we go back to Raide, and considering that we're not in any shape to go after Feinne any time soon there's no reason to go there.

Chapter 9- Shauna coming up tonight! It'll probably be relatively short, but I'll make up for it with character bios, unit descriptions, and maybe the descriptions of some of the rooms available to us.