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Soul Nomad

by Feinne

Part 17: Alexemia

Chapter 10- Alexemia



I say this so often it's lost all meaning, but what a damn day. Then again, they probably only get worse from here on out. We needed to meet up with the Nereids again, so we headed back to Endorph's camp. However, it seemed he'd already moved on...


Where'd everyone go?
There's something stuck in the tree.
Hey, it's a letter.
It says, 'The rest is up to you. -Endorph'. That's it?
Oh, wait. There's also a map to get to the Nereid's place.

We started south towards the Nereids' palace. And that's when all hell broke loose. From all around us these horrible water monsters began emerging. I've never seen anything like them and I pray to the gods I never do again.

Feinne on Soul Nomad:

This is one of the hardest maps in the entire game, so I'll give a detailed analysis of what the deal is, why it's so hard, and what it takes to own the Hydrones.

This is a large, water covered map. Two units of Hydrones start on the map, and many more spawn by Turn 6. Let's go over exactly why Hyrdones suck.

A) They're water movement type, which means on this map they run circles around us.

B) They're ranged. This lets them kite us around without our melee lines getting to counterattack, which sucks.

C) They have some of the absolute most horrible field tactics known to man. They have a damaging tactic, Riptide, that will shred your units apart. They also have Ensnare, which lowers your room's speed and ACT. This serves to make it both harder to catch them and to reduce the frequency of your turns.

All these factors combine to make this map hellish. Bring plenty of healing Gig Edicts and possibly ACT boosters as well. This map will take awhile, just don't get frustrated. If you can't beat it, go do an Inspection for a while and get some levels. Being hugely powerful always helps.

As far as décor goes, Deep Nocturne is always nice for the stat boost in water. The HP and RES boosts are nice too. RES boosts are best because Hydrones are casters, not physical attackers (which is part of why they're so nasty, they're casters with lots of health).

Luckily, the enemy units are small and easy to kill once you get them up close. It's just getting there that's annoying.

We eventually found our way to the Nereid's palace, after slogging our way through sea-monster guts. We got in to see their queen and explained our plan.


I see.
Of course, the Grand Cordon is a very dangerous adversary.
Bring Penn to me.
Here he is, Queen Alexemia.
Miss Alex, I'm here!
Hey, I remember you guys!
Yeah, we remember you too...

Please don't hurt them!
Don't worry, we won't.
*whew* That's good! I knew you weren't bad!
Hey, didja hear 'em? They're gonna be nice to us!
You're a good boy, Penn.

Another earthquake hit. They're definitely getting daily, maybe even more frequent. I just hope the world doesn't end before we can save it. That would be pretty funny, though, you must admit. Shut up.

?! Penn, what were you doing near a cliff? How many times have we told you...?
Aww, c'mon...
Haha. You always were a little overprotective, Juno.
Anyway, Penn... Would you like to meet your father?
My Queen...!
Would you really allow him-?
Calm down, Juno.
I know you've cared for him like he was your own. You love him, as we all do.
I would never ask you to just let him go.

I really have a dad, huh? I wonder what he's like.
I guess we'll find out.
Oh, I have a favor to ask you. Might we borrow that Sepp man for a while?
M-me? Now just hold on...
I mean, I'm just... it's not like...
I don't blame you men for being nervous around us. Then how about the girl?
Don't worry, we just need someone with a little spring in their step.
Do you mind?

Just don't try anything funny, got it?!
You have nothing to worry about.
So, according to the plan, they should arrive at the shoreline in about a week, yes?
Now we wait and see if the knights will accept the invitation.

We all split up to wait, and I noticed Juno and Penn off together. Afterward I sort of wished I'd not followed them. Same here.

Really? Wooow. Even a Nereid your age couldn't do that!
I'm so proud of you. I wish I could just tell the whole world about you.
This is exactly what's wrong with society. You just spoil your kids and don't teach them anything.
You have a problem with that?
No, it's just... you really dote on him.
Oh, stop. You're gonna make me blush.

I love my Juno!
Well... maybe there's some things about her I don't love...
What? What do you mean?
Umm... I don't know if I can say.
Just tell me! I'll fix it, whatever it is!
I don't think you can...
I mean, how do you fix small boobies?
?! W-well, Penn...
You see, we spend a lot of time in the water. And in order to swim faster, our breasts have to stay smaller.

Yay! It's a promise! I hope they get big and bouncy!
Okay, I'm going swimming again!
Don't. Say. A word.
Bigger boobs... bigger boobs...
This is just creepy.

Oh god was it. After that, it's time to get some sleep and try and forget it.



What an... odd dream. Yeah, what the hell was that? I'm damn sure it's not mine and I can't see how it could be yours. I just don't know.

Ohh... there, there, my son. You little scamp. You're gonna grow up so big and strong!
Hyri, thank you for delivering me such a beautiful child.
Listen, my son... you are my heir. Once I'm gone, you'll follow in my footsteps and guide this world.
So you must grow fast. I might not have much time left.
Oh? That's right! You want the world, don't you?

Hmm... let's see...
Ah, I have the perfect choice. This child's name is-

I mean, how the hell does this make sense? It sure as hell wasn't your dream, and it couldn't have been mine. Don't ask me. Although... What? I know I've seen that masked guy before, and the other guy does look familiar. I just can't remember who he is. Hmm. Well, we'll just have to try and remember later. For now we've got more important things to deal with.