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Part 19: Character Bio: Endorph

Character Bio: Endorph

Voice Actor: Grant George

Theme: Disk 2, Track 4: "Cradle Blues" See also: Phantom Brave Track 9 "R&R Junkie"

Special Attack: Psycho Burgundy

Quote: "Burning soul, awaken the sleeping beast. The power of truth... Psycho Burgundy!"

Endorph is a man of mystery. He appeared out of nowhere with horrible burns fifteen years ago. It is said that the Nereid Queen Alexemia healed him and saved his life. He's often seen providing assistance to the Nereids. He leads a group of bandits, yet he seems dedicated to fighting injustice in the world. He's armed with strange weapons from wherever he originally hailed from. It is said that Endorph is not his original name, and that he used to go by Walnut. Much like everything else about him, though, this is shrouded in a fog of mystery. Who is Endorph? Where did he come from? What is this strange power he wields? Only one man knows for sure, and he's not saying.