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Part 23: Kanan

Chapter 13: Kanan



Well, we've finally found this colony out in the desert. But not before we ran into yet more strange enemies that Gig insists he knows nothing useful about. Cry about it more, why don't you. Also, that old Redflank was still following us. I'm not sure why.


Whaddya want? I don't care how many times you ask. I'm not telling you crap. You humans need to think for yourselves.
No, it's that old man. I think he's following us.
Huh? Oh, yeah, that dirty hobo. Hey, kid, why don't we just slit his throat real quick?
I don't mind if he follows us.
Geez! You never let me have any fun!
Before that evil essence gets away, I must...

Feinne on Soul Nomad:

This is another Fade Out gimmick map. It's no harder than the last one. Just be glad these eventually stop, because they're super annoying.

After we defeated the strange shadows, we stopped at a crossroads. There was another earthquake. It's getting somewhat ridiculous how frequently they occur.


Quiet as death without the mooing cows here. Just the mute cleric, tongue-tied kid, and Nereid who hates us all... heh.
What, you feeling lonely?
What? Hell no.
You're the one feeling lonely. You'd be lost without someone to talk to.
I'm never lonely as long as you're here.
Okay, that's just... weird. That sappy Nereid's getting' to you.
You're just trying to creep me out so I'll leave your body for good. Well it ain't happening!
I'm pretty lonely...
Penn... I hope he's not sick. I hope he's been brushing his teeth...
I never planned to be gone this long.
Maybe I should go back... Just for a little while.

It looks like a settlement of some sort.
Or, no... it's a full-blow city.
Yup, that's it alright. Heh. Looks like we have some fun waiting for us.
What does that mean?
You'll see. Heh heh heh...

And so we reached the gates of the Town of Thuris. They were reluctant to let us in at first. I'm still not sure why they did. A total mystery. Shut up. I know you know. Anyway, it seems the city belongs to the Thurists, who surprisingly worship a god they call Thuris.


Oh. Then keep moving.
Only Thurists may enter the city.
Although, if you're here on a pilgrimage of conversion, that's another story.
We'll have to come back later.
Why? We could slide right past this guy without a problem.
The gatekeeper turned, as if to listen to a voice only he could hear. It was pretty creepy, honestly.

You, over there! Hold on!
You have permission to come in. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Oh, is that Redflank with you?
That's right.
Welcome, welcome. Come on in.
I pray you might feel the touch of the shining Lord Thuris.
What luck! Hehe.

We looked around for a while, but didn't see much of interest. We noticed there was a large church at the center of town, and figured whoever was in charge would be there. And sure enough, we were right.


Heh. You people are a joke.
Ohh...! The voice that communes with the lord...
Yes, it must be... you are our savior, our messiah!
The hell? You off your rocker, lady?
You've insulted me. I should kill you.
It's okay, you don't have to admit it. I already know the truth. Hmhmhm.
Your powers extend to the edges of the world.
Hmph. You say that, but I doubt you understand what it really means.

Resources, eh? I already like you better than those Apis cheapskates.
So, kid, whadda we do?
We'll help, of course.
Oh, I'm so glad to hear that! They're planning to attack again any time now.
Until then, please stay here and relax. Hmhmhm.
Yeah, let's do that. We can just hang out and relax.
You don't usually like staying put...
Well, you know, maybe I'm ready to find religion. Ever think of that?

Honestly, I was kind of creeped out at this point, and was considering sneaking out of the city. I'm pretty sure this is all an elaborate trap. But sadly, the exits were all being watched...


Boy, they must really be worried about these bandits.
We need to look for the World Eater.
Nah, just take some time off. Sit back, put your feet up. Heh heh heh...

I wasn't buying any of this for a second, so I decided to talk to Gig after we'd all split up.

What? No, of course not! What, you don't trust me? Hehehe...
Besides, the people here are really weird. They just do whatever they're told.
I'd hate to be in someone's pocket like that, blindly carrying out every decree.
What if you actually are?
Are what? Someone's slave? You know, I really hate hypotheticals...
But if someone were making a fool of me, I'd punch 'em in the stomach, kick their teeth in, and steal their kidneys.
Maybe then they'd think twice. Hahaha!

Kanan thinks the bandits won't show up for a few days. We're going to wait until then, I guess.



Not much to report. Vitali said he was going to try and infiltrate the cult and promptly disappeared. He's doomed.

Perhaps I should pay her a little visit.
Vitali, where are you going?
Probably going off on another sneaky escapade.



Oh god, I almost wish Vitali hadn't infiltrated the cult now. You're not kidding. That's one thing we can 100 percent agree on.

I bet they caught him and brainwashed him. Hah!

Wh-who's there?! I've got a gun!
It's just me.
Are you brainwashed?!
Of course not. I just wanted to scare you. I had to do that to blend in with the townsfolk.
Well, knock it off! It ain't right...
So, what'd you find out?
I didn't have much time, so I didn't find anything major, but...
As I suspected, they've conned a number of 'true believers' out of their entire life savings.

Meh. Don't mind me, just babbling to myself.
It wouldn't surprise me if the bandits came for that treasure.
But I get the sense that Kanan doesn't really care about the money.
She's more of an avatar for the god that the Thurists worship.
Oh, by the way... this has nothing to do with the investigation, but... she's a he.
A... he?
Yes, he. After watching Kanan for a while, I believe she is a man.
Ugh, nasty! Gross! I think I might throw up!
How'd you find that out?

Well, I'll tell you this. I did NOT pretend to be a girl.
Vitali... why are you making that face?
I never really said anything, but I'm quite sensitive about my 'feminine' name.
As one of a race of only women, I understand exactly how you feel.
Though you humans always seem to place the most importance on such meaningless things. An odd species...

This has taken an odd turn that I'm just not down with. And what's worse, Kanan just happened to wander by. Gig decided to try and pick a fight with her to find out for sure, um, what side she was on. And that's when things got really messed up.

Click here for HEROMAN!

Some weirdo came down from the sky. Kicked his ass, though.

Feinne on Soul Nomad:

Sometimes, when you fight or combine with villagers, you don't fight that villager. Generally, this will occur with old people or story characters. You instead fight Heroman. Heroman is a powerful single opponent. He starts at level 10, and each time you fight him he increases 10 levels, up to level 100. Be very careful who you fight, because Heroman can and will own your face. His scenes are quite funny and I'll try to show them all by the end. Oh, and I picked this specific one because Kanan gives a huge stat bonus if you use a combine edict on her and win.

This day was weird and I hate it. I'm going to sleep now.



Gig had another dream again. Dammit, I really wish you'd stop talking about these. They're kind of uncomfortable.

You have to... kill me.
Even as I am, I can still hear the screams of the people.
It's tearing me apart. All I can do is watch them from on high... helpless.
You're saying you want to enter the cycle of rebirth? Retreat to the world below?
yes. You're a Master of Death. If you kill me, I can enter Haephnes' rebirth cycle.
I know, it sounds foolish.
But I must know what it's like to live as they live, and embrace them with my own arms. Is that so wrong?
I... I can't. For all my strength, I can't make myself kill you.
I understand.
Your kindness is most cruel. You know I can't ask anyone else to help me... so I must do it myself!

Friggin' dream's annoying as hell.
Forgive me...?
...No, I can't, I won't forgive you.
Huh? Did I say something just now?

What the hell does this all mean? Gig won't say anything, so I guess I'll just have to wait and see what I can discover on my own. Anyway, the bandits are supposed to be a few days off, still. I'll write more when something important happens.



I can't even believe today. I'm still numb. It started with the bandits' attack in the morning.


Come on, then. Bring out your treasures! All of it, let's go! Hehehe!
Ugh, what a creepy laugh. Why would anyone laugh like that?
I've got a pretty good idea why...
C'mon, let's get this over with!
Oh, bollocks! You gonna get in our way? Guys, take care of the pests!

After we defeated the bandits, things only seemed to get worse and worse for us. It was all a trap from the beginning.

Where is your belief?! Hehehe!
You said that already!
Huh? Hey, isn't that...?
So, we meet again. Still on your grand adventure or whatever?
Yeah, I've heard the stories. Sounds like you've been having a blast.
Hey, why the long face?
What're you doing here?

Hah. You never change, Endorph.
Oh, looks like we've got some heat on us. Gotta run!
And... he's gone.
You won't get away from me!
Oh crap!
Hehe. I saw them! They were talking all lovey-dovey! Hehehe...
Hehehe... A curse on those who trespass against Lord Thuris! Hehe.
Townsfolk: Curse them all!
Curse them all!
Curse them all!
I think it's time to go...

We ran out of the city, with the Thurists hot on our heels. But as always, things only seemed to get worse.


World Eater?
Oh! Umm...
Oops. Hehe.
Wait, what? You're saying there's a World Eater around here?!
No, of course not!
...Yes, yes there is.
But regular jerks like these can't see him, anyway.

Hey, old man. Guess you made it out alive. Then the only one left is-
Woah! Okay, so that's everyone.
Indeed. I could have taken advantage of the chaos to sneak around some more... But I didn't.
But more importantly... Look over there at that sandstorm.
I think that cloud of dust is being kicked up by something barreling down on us.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hold on...
Isn't that...? It's that bonehead man-cow!

Ugh... This dry, gritty wind is the worst enemy of my moist Nereid skin!
All this dust... How long have you been running?
*pant pant*
Levin, what's going on?
...W-where is she? Is she here?
Danette, she... She was floating... mid-air... She shot off this way.
Levin, calm yourself.
Just take a few deep breaths, then very slowly explain what happened.

Next time on Soul Nomad and the World Eaters: Chapter 14- Thuris. What has become of poor Danette? Can our heroes stand against the evil power of Legendary World Eater Thuris, the self-styled god? Tune in tomorrow for the exciting resolution!