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by Feinne

Part 24: Thuris

Chapter 14- Thuris



Danette was trapped in some kind of blue floating orb. But that was the least of our problems...



A dark shape loomed over her. It could only have been World Eater Thuris. To make matters worse, the thing decided to taunt us.

It's been too long. Kehehe!
Woah, I didn't know they could talk...
I didn't realize there was so much difference between each World Eater.
Yo, how's it hangin'?
You've become much more... human.
Didn't think you'd stoop to taking hostages. How cowardly.
You're one to talk.
Looks like the pathetic weakness of your human friends has infected you.
Weakness? Human friends?!

I've checked around. And seeing you like this, I'm sure of it...
Your powers are still far out of reach.
Do you want me to shove your head up your own ass or something?
Your empty words mean nothing to me. I am your slave no longer. And now I'll smash that worthless body of yours!
Yes, I know your weakness. Kehehe!
Weakness? Hah! No such thing!
Hey, kid! I'm seriously pissed here!
We're gonna beat the everloving piss out of this one. You're with me on this one, right? Lemme take over!
Hey, what the hell are you waiting for?

The hell?!
No... the Crimson Tear?!
Kaahaha! That's right! Once a soul is sealed, it can't be summoned. Behold the power of the Crimson Tear!
Huh. Looks like you've actually gotten smarter, despite your big mouth.
Kehehe... my informant was correct. What luck!
Whatever. We have plenty of replacements. We don't need her, right kid?
Let's just do this!
I can't...
What? The hell's wrong with you?!
She's just some stupid cow! Hell, we're better off without her!

You want to know what I've learned?
I figured them out with ease, but humans refuse to understand themselves.
Look there... my followers have come to help me.
My lovely children... My playthings. Kehehe!
Such a dirty bastard. You're really so starved for attention you'd pretend to be a god?
You've got some nerve. You know, I always hated you the most.
Nobody cares what you have to say.
This is such a glorious day... The day when I finally get to destroy you for good.
Just remembering the days when you would push us and whip us is enough to make my blood boil!
And now you die!

It was then that the old Redflank approached the blue bubble surrounding Danette.

You can hear me, can't you? Break the seal. We need to rescue this girl, Danette.
Keh! Don't be stupid! You could never break the seal!
Only if you had a Crimson Tear of your own...
No! Mommy, nooo!
Wh-what's happening to her?!

Whatever he did, it worked. The bubble faded away.

You can't have her! She's mine!
I get to kill her!

Thuris slammed a fist down at Danette, but the old Redflank managed to divert it with his axe.

Th-thank you...
She's free! You can summon her!

And so the battle with World Eater Thuris began.

Feinne on Soul Nomad:

Here's our first real battle with a World Eater. World Eaters are very different than normal enemies. They can't move, they have no normal attack. They use only special attacks, and they have a special décor that gives them an infinite number of them. Thuris always comes with the décor Dog Pile, which makes him more powerful while his forces outnumber ours, and Mind Crucify, which makes us lose more STM when he attacks us.

Our advantages are that we can engage him when we want to, not when he wants to attack us. We can also attack him with impunity because he makes no counterattack when we hit him. In this map, his minions are a minor threat. He's the most vital target.

So, let's talk about Thuris specifically. He's the 'balanced' World Eater, in that his Atk and Int are the same (and in between those of the other World Eaters). For reference, Feinne is the 'caster' World Eater, with a high Int and Int based attacks, and the third World Eater is Atk based. Thuris has three abilities. One is a field skill, Mindless One, which summons a room of Thuris Shadows. Stopping him doing this by engaging him and causing him to start attacking people is key, because too many of those can overwhelm you.

One of his attacks, Divine Fist, uses his Atk stat, while the other, Rolling Dark, uses his Int. Here's what Rolling Dark looks like:

It's pretty damaging, but you have a favorable attack match against him. He shouldn't live to get to use too many of his nasty attacks, and once he's down it's pretty easy to clear out his minions.

Oh, and make sure you watch at least the opening and ending video, because Thuris' speech is poorly conveyed in text.

Somehow we managed to prevail against him. Thuris always was really weak, don't get all uppity kid.


The hell are you going on about?
What previous life? I'm Gig! Always have been, always will be!
You're beaten. You're pathetic. You have no right to talk to me.
It would be a mercy to put you out of your misery.
Buh-bye, little Thuris!

Thuris vanished into thin air. I have no illusions that this is the last time we'll see him. He'll be back. He won't take losing well.

Looks that way.
Dammit! We almost had him!

Don't treat me like your grandfather, young Sepp. I'm still stronger than you, and I can probably run faster.
Grunts... bird?
Umm, well... thank you.
Hmph. You have no reason to thank me.
Why would I want the thanks of some Sepp girl, anyway?
What's your problem, anyway?!
Do you know something we don't?

I disagreed with what Lady Layna was trying to do.
You're from the village?
And you know Lady Layna?!
You disagreed with her...?
I didn't agree with how she wanted to handle that demon now living inside you.
I argued that he was far too dangerous to mess around with.
But it appears that, for now at least, he's not as dangerous as I thought.
But I'm still not sure Lady Layna's decision was the right one...
What?! She always makes the right decision!
Watch your tone, young Sepp.

But hey, if you wanna tag along and suffer my power first-hand, be my guest.
Go ahead and dominate him, kid.
Hmph. Do your worst.
Time to dominate Grunzford.
There's still so much I want to ask...
What was that you did earlier? How'd you get me out?
Yeah, I was wondering that, too. Somehow you overcame the power of the Crimson Tear. That's not normal.
Yeah, you don't just... Walk up and do that.

Well... before I left, Lady Layna talked to me in private. And then... and then...
Hm, I'm sure it will disappear eventually.
But I've talked too long already.
You shouldn't make an old man suffer so. Haha.
But... you're the one who said not to treat you like an old man...

We went back to the Town of Thuris, but it was mostly abandoned. Kanan had left with all the remaining believers, and nobody was sure what way they'd gone. We left the village, and decided to head back to Muku Village.

Okay, okay.
I guess you're just naturally quiet.
But me? I'm worried about Muku Village. Let's get going!

We're camping out on the road to Muku Village, that battle with Thuris took too much out of us. I hope they're okay there without Levin and Danette.