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Part 25: Villain Profile: Thuris

Villain Profile: Thuris

Voiced by: Quinton Flynn (Note: I am reasonably sure this is correct, but since there's no credits I might be wrong)

Attacks: Divine Fist, Rolling Dark, Mindless One

Villainies to Date:

Led an evil cult responsible for the deaths of hundreds +.
Robbed followers of untold sums of money.
Kidnapped Danette to use her as a hostage. Intended to kill her just 'cause.
 Destroyed the Hidden Village.  Chapter 17
 Released Scarlet Iago multiple times, killing thousands of people, just to watch people turn on each other.  Chapter 28
 Killed Shauna.  Chapter 28

Thuris is the weakest of the World Eaters. He uses trickery to make up for his inability to win head on fights. Because normal humans can't see him, he poses as a god. He laughs a lot. He's also really, really crazy. Working for Gig does that to you, when you get right down to it.

Status: Deceased