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by Feinne

Part 31: Odie

Chapter 18- Odie



I sometimes wonder how I let myself be talked into some of these things. You're a spineless wimp. When I say I wonder, I don't mean that in the sense that I care what you think, Gig.

I guess the current plan is to head to Orviska and see what can be done about the World Eater there. We don't really know much about him, and Gig's sure not saying. I heard we could get supplies and information in a town called Zazana, but it turned out to be a royal pain. As usual, I guess.

When we reached the gates, I heard an annoyingly familiar voice.


You pathetic mongrel! You'll rue the day you told me to shoo!
Great and powerful Dio will not stand for such insolence!
Dio? You mean, like, the Dio? Hah! You're full of it.
You're way too weak. See, watch...

The guard proceeded to savagely beat the old man. It was pretty sad, honeslty.

Consequences? Like what, you gonna keep spitting on me when you talk?
Get moving! You're getting in the way!
Ah! Urg! Ng!
Stop it! Hey! No biting! Ow! You're gonna-ow! Pay for-ow! Thi-owowow!!!

I decided to step in. Despite the fact that it was stupid.

That's not what happened at all!
It's not like I was abandoned by my supreme warrior, Gestahl, and my loyal beast servants, Yavis and Parin!
That is most certainly not the case! They'll be here, I'm sure of it!
...What the heck are you talking about? He didn't say anything like that.
But if they have any sense at all, they'll stay far away from you.

Astec and Corsius were both attacked by those bandits, remember?
So I tell this clown we're on high alert, right?
So what's he do? He stands there, slobbering at me to let him in.
I cannot simply walk away, knowing that my close allies might be in there!
This man is clearly no threat to you. Why don't you just let him in?
Look, those are the rules. My hands are tied.
What do you care? You trying to get in, too?
Well, it would be nice...

We don't have to put up with this shit. Just knock him outta the way and go in!
Wh-what?! That's no way to talk to a soldier! You work for the bandits, don't you?!
Someone, go get Tricia! We cannot allow these scoundrels into our town!
Perfect! I need something to get me back in action after that nap!


You know, at this point I'll admit I was getting pretty sick of us having to fight the inhabitants of each new town we went to. So I was pretty cool with the idea of pounding as many of these guys into the ground as it might take. And Grunzford seemed to be in the mood as well.

After the battle, a girl no more than my age ran out of the city.

What. The. Hell. She's not even worth my time.
Trish, is that you?
What are you doing here?
Oh, heavens! Uncle Grunzie?
I'm just trying to protect this town from those dreadful ne'er-do-wells.
What about you, Uncle?
Oh! Everyone, it's okay!
These people aren't bandits.

I immediately decided I liked Tricia, since she was very nicely calling off the hordes of annoying guards. Not that we couldn't have beaten them, but they're just a pain in the ass. Hey, isn't that my line? Maybe. I'm not in a good mood today, what with the whole destruction of everything I've ever known.

We finally got to enter the town.

...I see.
Well I don't mind one bit! Good Sir Dio, feel free to visit the town for as long as you like!
Hey, ya old bum, aren't you happy? Say thank you!
I'm no old bum! Call me Dio the Wise! Dio the Magnificent! Or at least call me Dio...
Hehe. I always though the great Dio would be big and frightening. I'm glad you look so kind.
Grr... No way am I thanking someone like her.

Well, it's dangerous for you to come all the way out here...
Oh Uncle, you haven't changed a bit. Still the same old worrywart!
But the little girl you once knew is all grown up.
After all those years, now it's my turn to help you!
Hmph, I see you haven't changed, either.
Yo, big guy. Who is this chick?
Oh, I'm so sorry! We haven't been properly introduced!
My name is Tricia. I'm the daughter of the world-renowned merchant, Hawthorne!

Is that so? Then I suppose we've arrived just in time to give you a hand.
That's alright, Uncle. I can handle this.
Just watch me in action and see how much I've learned!
Hey, your family's got mucho cash, right?
So what're you doing risking your neck out here? Why not leave it to the professionals? You know, like-
Hehe. Are you worried about me?
I'm fine. I've received the finest martial training. I only hope you blockheads can keep up!

Hey, what the hell kinda stuff are you teachin' her, old man?
Of course, I wouldn't refuse your help, were you to offer it. We need all the strapping lads we can get our hands on.
You've always been a stubborn one. You should really let us handle this.
H-hey... We can't just leave her-er, them to fend for themselves, right?
I know it's out of our way, but she-er, they could use our help.
I mean, it's no big deal. But she's Grunzford's niece. So she's almost like family-er, no! I mean... agh.
Then we'll stay.

Oh, I'm sure they don't mind! Now I must excuse myself. We have some preparations to finalize.
Good day, everyone. It was a pleasure to meet you all.
G-good day, Trish! No, ma'am! Er, uh... The pleasure was all mine-er, ours! Gah.

You know what's worse than that stupid man-cow, kid? No, but I'm sure you're going to tell me. Watching that stupid man cow flirting with that annoying little girl. I thought it was cute. Maybe they'll run off together and I'll never have to see man-cow again. You know, on second thought, they should do that.

Anyway, we ran into Dio again outside the town church.


I don't know. I haven't seen them anywhere. Not that you care...
Gestahl.. Yavis... Parin... Where'd you run off to?
Was the pay really that bad?
What? They ran away?
No! The mere idea is preposterous! They were just... gone when I woke up this morning! Along with all their stuff...
Don't they have a word for that? Like, fly-by-night or something?
Don't be silly! They probably just had to go to the bathroom... all at the same time... and got lost coming back...

The ground began to shake again. A sobering reminder, really, of how far we still had to go. Even with Feinne dead the world seemed completely unchanged.

I don't blame ya.
Yeah, I figured as much.
Umm, hey, crazy old dude... You wanna, like, hang out with us?
Yeah, I mean, you're pretty fragile, huh? You should take it easy.
We'll take care of you until you find your friends.
Spare me! I don't need your arrogant, I'm-better-than-you pity!
He's got a point. Why are all you Sepps so...?
Seriously, it's like, Dracons are supposed to be totally badass, right? But look at this guy...

May as well take him.
You keep some damn strange company, kid.
Ah! But that must be the secret to your success!
I accept your challenge! Do your best to subjugate me! I shall use all my powers to resist!
Okay, here goes... time to dominate Dio!

Then something I've never seen happened before. It didn't work.

I guess Gig was wrong. A slug would be more useful! Haha.
Don't make fun! That's really sad...
Y-you're all horrible! It's because I was too strong! I was able to resist!
It didn't fail cuz he's too weak. And it sure as shit didn't fail because he's too strong.
Dio, you didn't actually consent, did you? This is what happens when you don't really mean it.
No, that's not it! I mean, I don't think...
Oh! Oh... uhh... I think I know what the problem is...

Fine. I'll try dominating... Odie.
Did it work? It worked! Yaaay! Good job, ya old fart!
Hmph. An imposter, huh?
Hehe. You might be worse than a slug, but at least you refused to submit to a fake name.
Shows you've got a little pride, anyway.
Congrats! Now nobody can say you're worse off than a slug!
Wha-! But you're the-! You called me that in the first place!
But no matter... When you gaze upon me in battle, you shall know the power of the Dracon!
Now I shall await my chance to prove you all wrong!

Feinne on Soul Nomad:

Odie is actually a surprisingly good character for being such a loser. He's a stronger Dracosage, and Dracosages are already quite powerful. I'll go into the differences between them and Pyremages later on.

Why did we take him along, besides pity? Well, even if he's not the real Dio, he is a Dracon and he is a sorcerer. Never know when we might need someone like that. I guess. He's so lame, though. Anyway, I was wondering how the hell Grunzford knew Tricia, and decided to ask him.

So you helped her a long time ago?
Hmph, it was nothing, really.
Her carriage was attacked by bandits one day, and I happened to see it.
That was right after I'd left the village.
Is that how you lost your horn?
Hahaha, no. That was something else entirely.
No, I snapped those bandits like twigs.
Afterward, she invited me to this nice villa where she was living at the time. I stayed there for quite a while, actually.
Most humans see me as a brute, or a monster. But for whatever reason, she became very fond of me.
She's the closest thing I've ever had to a daughter...

Well, that's all for today. I'm going to get some sleep.



I'm so confused. Nothing makes sense any more. Gig's most recent dream... What does it mean?

But... why? You really think I'm cut out for it?
Even Virtuous yells at me for being too soft...
That's exactly why I'm asking you.
Because you're soft... you're compassionate. That makes you more fit than anyone else.
Then... who will be the Master of Life?

Fine, then... if you think I can.

What's wrong?
Nothing. Forget it.

What the hell does any of this mean, though? Who is Haephnes? I feel like I know her, but I'm sure I've never met her even once. Yet I had a dream about her even before I knew her name. Who the hell AM I?

No time to worry about that now, I guess. We've got to get ready for the bandit attack. They could come at any time, now.