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Part 32: Shauna II

Chapter 19- Shauna II



The bandits won't be here for awhile. We've been busy preparing all day, but nothing really interesting happened.



When I heard bandits were on their way I should have really expected this. It was Shauna again. What was more interesting was who else was there. That guy did seem pretty shady when we first met him. Yeah, gotta agree there Gig.

Anyway, this morning the bandits attacked. Tricia insisted her forces should go out first.


What do you think, Uncle?
Haven't I become much stronger?
Trish, wait! Don't chase them too far! They're just scouts!
No worries! I know what I'm doing.
I'm going to drag their main force out from hiding.

I think I might write a book after this is all done. Oh? Yeah, about basic military strategy, and what words should never be said by anyone in charge of anything, ever. And in that book, I already get the feeling Tricia's going to inspire a whole chapter. Harsh, but fair. Anyway, as you'd expect, Shauna and her bandits came out of nowhere and smashed Tricia's overextended forces.

Oh, dear! A cute young girl like you shouldn't be playing wargames...
You should've stayed home and played with your dollies! Hehe.
Th-that's... Shauna!

Tricia was surrounded by the bandits. She was going to need our help.

We're coming! Just hold on!
I never knew stupid could run so fast. You think he realizes we're just gonna summon him right back?
A-alright! Now's my chance to show you what I'm made of!
Here goes!
Okay... so... what am I supposed to do now?
You're supposed to sit down and shut up! You're getting in our way!
Just stand over there, and don't do anything!
Oh... okay...

That was a little harsh, Gig. Hey, I call it like I see it. Anyway, we were once again fighting with Shauna and her bandits.


While we were fighting, Vitali and Levin noticed something peculiar.

Is that... Cuthbert?
Hey, what're you doing here?
Hey, hold up!
Levin, we have bigger problems here.
Worry about him later.

I decided to just straight up ask Shauna about it. She seemed chatty last time we fought, so I figured it couldn't hurt.

I can't say I buy that. Oh, come on, bandit leaders are known for their honesty, right? Sarcasm doesn't work in text, Gig. Dammit, you're right. Anyway, we managed to defeat Shauna, and this time she wasn't getting away so easily. Cuthbert was nowhere to be seen, though. Seems Vitali's not the only slippery character in the world.

Feinne on Soul Nomad:

This is the second battle with Shauna. She's higher level, and we still have a terrible type match with her. There are ways to deal with that, however, that were not present earlier on. The Décor Truth Nirvana, which isn't that hard to get at this point in the game, sets all our type matches at normal. It's normally not great because the hero has a lot of heart and double heart matches, but when you are certain you're going up against a high level gypsy it can be worth it.

I used a different method, though. Nereids have a favorable type match with gypsies and therefore with Shauna, so I sent a room led by Juno after her. She stood pretty much no chance against it and was pounded into the dirt in record time.

It seemed Tricia had some questions for Shauna, and wanted us to leave her alive.


What, you want her for something?
The rest of 'em are gonna get away, you know.
It's okay.
Without a leader, they'll be easy prey for the troops surrounding the area.
But I want to talk with their leader, Shauna.

She wanted to go it alone, but I was curious, so I listened at the door.

Why would you attack the town and its people like this?
Why not?
You steal from the poor, from those who already have almost nothing!
Why are you so money-hungry?
Hah. A spoiled princess like you would never understand. You had a life of luxury, a perfect family...
That's not...

Looks like it's worth a fortune. Why not let me hang onto it?
This belonged to my mother. Why would I ever hand it over?
!! What's so funny?!
Oh, nothing... I was just curious if it was actually your mother it belonged to.
How dare you? Why would I lie about that?!
It even has my mother's name engraved on it! On the back, it says Shari!
Shari, huh? Yeah, right...
Enough! You still haven't answered my questions.
You say I wouldn't understand? Fine. I won't try to pry it out of you.
So tell me something I would understand.
Tell me where your hide-out is!

Until you feel like talking, you'll stay here as my prisoner.

Well, I'm getting some sleep for now. I don't think we'll get anything useful out of Shauna with just Tricia asking questions. You got that right.

Meanwhile, that night...

Sorry to keep you waiting...
So what's going on? Those guys asked about you.
They're... acquaintances.
What? No no no. That's not how it works. You trying to double-cross me now?
Of course not. My soldiers are still devoted to you.
No, that's not enough. You owe me one for covering your ass.
I want you to get some information.
It's about one of your... acquaintances.
Okay. Which one?

...Very well. But then we're even again.

Father: I know, Shari... it'll be okay. You drank your medicine, right? So it'll get better real soon, okay?
Daddy's here now, so don't you worry. Just try and go to sleep.
Shari: *cough cough*
What about baby Trish? Is she okay?
Father: Yes, dear. Of course.
She took the medicine, too. She's fast asleep in her cradle now.
Shari: That's good. *cough cough*

Shari: Yeah...
Father: ?!
Servant: Sir! We're being overrun! The people heard you had medicine!
Father: What?!
I... I have none left! I had only enough for my own family!
Do they have any idea how much it cost me to get that medicine?!
I had to fire all but three of my servants! I explained that to them just last week!
Go tell them I have nothing to offer, and get them out of here!
Servant: Y-yes, sir...

Father: Those fools...!
Servant: It's too dangerous here, sir. Please, go out the rear exit!
Father: How did it come to this...?
Shari: Daddy... *cough* ...what's going on?
Father: Don't worry, sweetie. Daddy will take care of you.
Shari: Daddy, baby Trish is crying!
Servant: Sir, they've surrounded us...

Shari: No, but-!
Shari: ...
Daddy... I can go with Kev.
Father: Shari, no!
Servant: Miss...!
Shari: Daddy...
I know this was Mommy's... But I want to give it to Trish.
She's so young... she'll be lonely. I'm a big girl. I'll be okay...

Servant: ...Miss, are you sure?
Father: Kevin... this house, this town won't last much longer. Take Shari and get out of here.
I'll meet you in Pulkina. Don't push too hard.
Shari: Daddy... I'll find you.
Father: We'll see each other again really soon! I promise, my sweet Shari...!



I... I... I don't know if I can handle this. These dreams. They're taunting me with tidbits of information. Scraps of a past I can't remember, one that makes no sense without the whole.

It's been a long time, hasn't it?
I wanted to wait until your soul was mature, but the situation has changed.
The stolen soul has returned, fallen and tainted.
I managed to recover it, but the stain remains.
I need the power of your soul.
And once again, I'll have to wait a long time for you soul to gain new power.
I'm sorry to drag you around like this.

But today, your little sister...
...No, don't worry about that.
I want you to find answers using your own innocence.
I'm so sorry for all of this.
Oh, you want to comfort me? You're such a kind child.

And it sounds like you had a little sister...
I'm so confused.

Who the hell am I? Is Gig right? Am I not even human? Do I really have a sister? I was found as an orphan, so anything's possible. None of this makes sense, though. I just have to hope that one day, maybe, it will all fall into place.


We've got more company for our trip, now. I'm so excited. Text, sarcasm, doesn't work. Crap, did it again. And Shauna got out. Seems Cuthbert doubled back for her.

This is almost certainly Cuthbert's doing.
Last night, I saw a shadow much like his sneaking around. I tried to chase him down, but he lost me...
Hey boy, don't you ever sleep?
Don't worry about me. I sleep when it's safe.
Hey, he said it's Cuthbert's fault! That means Tricia's not to blame!
Right? Huh? I'm right, right?
Yeah, sure, okay...

Trish... you don't even know what our plans are.
Well... I've heard the stories of the Raide World Eater.
Uncle, the world I know is far too small.
I lack the experience I so desperately crave.
Heh. Not like a pathetic human could see much of the world in your miniscule lifetime, anyway.
Oh, that voice!
Is that the strange power I've heard so much about?

Keep talking like that, and I'll choke you while you sleep.
Choke me? But... then I might die!
Lemme kill her. Please, just this once.
No. Let's take her along.
Now we're even stronger!
With Tricia's crack troops, we're one step closer to knocking out the World Eaters! Eaters... how'd I remember that?
Oh, yes, well...

Oh? Well that sucks.
Great. The Bovine Brigade has some stiff dumbass competition.

Feinne on Soul Nomad:

Tricia is an Archer with better stats. Archers are awesome, which means Tricia is too. Nuff said.

So, now we've got to figure out where to go next. I'm actually kind of worried about Danette, she remembered who we're fighting for once. I know, it's like our world's been turned upside down.