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Part 33: Roster

Sir Unimaginative posted:

Any chance we could get a roster tonight?

Since Waffleimages is being a prick and failing every other upload, I can't really get the screens I need to use to make this update up in time to write tonight. So I'll do it tomorrow morning. Sorry all! Here's some content, though.

Hey, here's our current room setup:

This is the Hero's room. Someday I'll replace the two swordsmen with better 'tank' characters, but they're cool for now. Note the Archer, who rocks faces, and the Pyremage, who I'll also eventually probably replace. It's an Open Area, which means its special benefit is 4 Decor slots.

Here's Levin and Vitali's room. They've got the Schemestress I recruited earlier because I don't really have room for her in my Hero's room and even if I did I don't need Schemestresses in there until I can buy more of them. It's also got some characters I probably won't rename because they're dominated people we'll lose next cycle until we pick them up again wherever we found them. The Servant's Cage reduces the stamina lost by the room, which is nice for long maps but makes it take forever to get below 80% to start whipping out skills. Levin and Vitali stay together because they have a combo skill.

Here's Odie's room. You'll get to see him in action this coming update. Galahad's in the room because he's cool. He's in a Los Banditos, which lets him act next after he's summoned. This is awesome because Odie, as a Dracosage, has a crappy ACT score.

This room was Grunzford's but now it's Tricia's because she's a Ranged type attacker, which makes the room awesome against flying enemies, exactly the sort of enemies we might just be seeing in the update that should have been tonight. The room is a Generalization, which increases stats while we're outnumbered, which is most of the time.

This is Juno's room. It's a bigger Servant's Cage than Levin's. Juno is awesome and Nereids are awesome, so I like using a big room of them. This room really kicks ass, it wrecks most enemies pretty easily.

And here's Danette's room. It's a Casino Royale, which gives me money or an item when she's summoned. I mostly kept it because the room is friggin' huge, and early on that's most of what matters. With this setup, it's hard for the unit to fail honestly. Only opponents with favorable type matches to Danette have anything on us.

If you didn't see your name on there, take heart. I'll be buying a lot more characters still, and I'll also probably buy a bunch of normal characters to use as cannon fodder in the Demon Path or as part of ridiculous level conditions, since the Demon Path is pretty much perfect for that sort of thing.