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Soul Nomad

by Feinne

Part 34: Odie II

Chapter 20: Odie II



You know, today honestly wasn't that bad. We helped some people out and things seem to be going pretty well for once. I disagree, today was terrible. We helped annoying people out, and I just know we're going to get only trouble out of it.


Did you know about them?
No, I didn't...
Well... I just thought I was having trouble sleeping, was all...
I don't really remember having any nightmares.
What I heard just sounded rather serious... so I was worried.
Hehe. You can barely take care of yourself, and you're trying to mother the rest of us?
Oh, perhaps you're right...
Am I poking my nose too far into other peoples' business?
What was she saying?

Hey, that's my current homebase!
I though that area was just a bunch of uninhabitable ruins.
Well, yeah. The humans and the tauros all left a long time ago.
But the angels have carved out a living for themselves. They're small, and they can fly, so it's fine for them.
Pulkina... hmm.
You know the place?
From long ago, yes.
And I'm sure it has something to do with the Sepp girl.

I won't, I won't...
Then shall we go? It's only a small detour.
If you're really worried, you should see it with your own eyes.
W-wait a minute... we're all gonna go? Even me...?
We need you to show us around.
Uhh, hm... okay.
Oh for the love of... we haven't even found the other World Eater!
For a bunch of guys on a mission to save the world, you sure do love your detours.

While en route to Pulkina, some strange sand monsters and Gryphos attacked us. This place is pretty damn dangerous.


Odie and Tricia decided to show us what they were made of, though. They were more powerful than I'd have given them credit for.

Feinne on Soul Nomad:

Let's look at Tricia and Odie's specials, shall we? Tricia's special is Nova Storm, which hits the center file of a room.

She's also got a combo skill with Grunzford, called Atomic Mine.

Yeah, it's awesome.

Odie's a Dracosage. Dracosages have awesome field tactics.

Static Lance is a ranged damaging field tactic. It's similar to Terror Blaze from the Pyremages, but Dracosages have more Int and therefore do more damage.

Deepspell is basically a poison effect on the target. It's actually crazy effective if it hits, because it's pretty much impossible to remove effects like that.

And this is Pain Rune. This is the BANE OF ALL EXISTENCE. If you start your turn in a Pain Rune, you lose 20% of your health, no ifs ands or buts. It persists a few turns, and it is truly unthinkably nasty.

Oh, and here's Odie's special, Hellthunder:

It incinerates an entire enemy room with lightning. It's super awesome.

After we dealt with the monsters we continued on to Pulkina. We ran into a couple of little angels who were, it seemed, old friends with Odie.


Oh! Odie, old chum! You're alive!
So. Where's those souvenirs you promised us?
Uh, yeah, about that... I'm sorry!
I... I...!
Oh, don't worry about it. You know we never expect much outta you.
Heck, we figured you were dead, anyway.
We even had a funeral and a memorial service and everything. I'm just happy you're not six feet under!
F-funeral? Memorial service...?

C'mere, c'mere. I can finally teach you how to fire a gun.
Hey everyone, our old chum's back!
Hey, don't pull so hard!

The little guys dragged him off. Somehow I pitied him even more.

Boy, they sure do love him, huh?

That was when yet another earthquake struck. I can't say I was excited to be in an earthquake in some crumbling ruins.

Hmph. If you're scared, boy, just stay here till we're done.
W-what? No! I was just concerned about the town, is all!
If anything, it's your big, stampeding ass they should be worried about.
...Danette? You okay?
Huh? Oh, yeah. I'm fine.

There was an old abandoned church in the ruins. Interestingly, it seemed the angels knew Endorph! He sure gets around all right.


Don't you insult Master Endorph!
He's a better man than any of us could ever hope to be!
He's the reason that I...
That you became a brigand?
No... I'm no brigand.
Well, even if I'm no Robin Hood I like the idea of giving back.
No, girl, that is not what makes him so great.
He's not in it for the charity. It helps him out, too, you see.
What, they pay him a protection fee or something?
How sneaky!

I'll manage the defense plan myself. After that, I'll contact my father and have him send additional forces...
Battlestations! Battlestations! We're under attack!

It was the same monsters as before. I don't think that's coincidence. Duh. Someone clearly sent them here.

We must protect them!
Everyone, pull back and let us handle it!
Trish, look there...

Turns out the angels were more than capable of defending themselves. Endorph had supplied them with some weapons that use the same explosive powder saboteurs use to propel pieces of metal. With those, even the tiny angels pack a huge punch.

Ah ha! That's the power of Master Endorph!
With something like that up their sleeve, they can take on anyone!
Looks like they're enjoying themselves.
They are like you, Trish.
They are not content to be protected forever.
Y-you're right...
Grunzford; Now, let's go see what we can do to help!


With the help of the angels we quickly repelled the invaders. I noticed Danette seemed distant, though, and decided to check in on her before we went to sleep.


Have you ever been here before?
I think so... 10 years ago. Before we met... I think I lived here.
I hate that I can't remember. It's like... it's right there, staring me in the face.
I'm the same way.
Yeah, I guess so. You don't remember anything from when you were young either, huh?
Have you remembered anything?
I feel like I almost do... But then it runs away again.
The town is so run-down, it's hard to think back on it.

I'll be here. Don't worry.
You know, it's been a while...
When we were younger, we used to sleep together all the time. But when we got older...
It's because you started hitting me.
That's because you were mean to me!
I didn't want to fight with you...
You remember how you used to take care of me like this when we were young?
And you had that song that would help me get to sleep...

Hey, I know it's been a while, but... will you sing that song again?
Sure, if I can remember...

Forma lleya, lisami...
Is it another language...
It has an odd ring to it...
It makes me... feel... comfy...

I was starting to feel tired too, but Gig seemed to be up in arms about something.

You remember how she said something before she died?
Did you understand what she said? Her very last words?
I think she said, 'Forgive me'...
How do you know that language?
And that song you were singing... That language is not of this world.
The only ones here who know about it are me and that hag and the three World Eaters.
But you... who the hell are you?
I-I don't know...

I'm getting some sleep, I can't stay awake any longer.



Part of me wishes these dreams would go away and leave me in peace. And part of me is terrified that they will, and I'll never find out who I am. This time, I came in to my mother singing a song. It's the same song as I was singing before, only I understood it completely this time.

Oh, are you asleep already?
You must really like that lullaby...
You've been sleeping so much lately. I think the time for our goodbyes will arrive soon...
At least remember your lullaby. If nothing else, remember that...
It was born from our unwavering love for you...
That is a solemn truth. Even if you come to hate your world... and us. We love you.

I wonder who that was...
Oh come on, don't make that miserable face.
It's not like you've just found out some life-altering truth. You still don't know who you are.
What? You goin' soft on me now?
Yuck. Sorry, but I have no interest in wallowing in self-pity.
I'm me. No more, no less. That's all there is to it.
If I can't recognize who I am, what use am I to anyone?
Dammit. Now you've got me talking all sappy.
What a pain in the ass...

Oh, Pinot and Agrippa let us dominate them in exchange for our help yesterday. I guess that's helpful. Or not. They're so tiny.

As we were leaving town this morning, we got some bad news.


Ah. Yes, I see...
...! Come again? Oh, my...
I've got bad news, everyone.
Corsius has come under attack.
What?! No! My sister's there!
Dammit, this isn't good!
According to my contact, the leader of the assailants is a woman dressed like a gypsy.
That must be Shauna!
This whole attack was just a feint!
We have to move!

So now we're headed back to Corsius, and I just hope we make it in time. Yeah, if man-cow's sister gets hurt we'll never hear the end of it. Shush, you. Although that is a good point.