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Soul Nomad

by Feinne

Part 37: Odie III

Chapter 23: Odie III



The Ensnarelands turned out to be very appropriately named. We quickly found ourselves going in circles. No matter what we did it never seemed to help.


No, I'm sure of it. I left a number of markings so we wouldn't get lost. And here they are again...
Let's just keep moving.
What the hell's going on? How'd we end up back here?!
This isn't the normal sort of lost. There's a spell cast on the area.
Hrm... spell, huh?
You have any ideas?
Yes, it must be tough for you commoners to pick up on... but there's a fearsome giant in the center of this place.
There's magic surrounding it to seal it and turn the area into a giant maze.

Hey, didn't you used to call yourself Dio?
That means you can break the spell!
O-of course I can!
I told you, there's nothing I cannot do!
It seems like a simple visual trick, using the extra power of the seal.

Things didn't exactly go according to plan, though. A whole bunch of disturbingly familiar enemies appeared. I guess they were lost in the Ensnarelands as well.

I-it wasn't me, I swear! Everything went fine!
Nope, definitely your fault. You're totally useless.
But then, that sister-loving man-cow made you do it, so it's really his fault.
Hey, don't try to pin this one on me!

The Thurists weren't going to just go away, so we had to fight.


Feinne on Soul Nomad:

This is where the game decides to get serious. These enemy rooms are sometimes sort of oddly designed, but are all quite populous. A few of them can be a real hassle, and should be exterminated with extreme prejudice. It's still not harder than the Crying Mountain, though.

They're still just Thurists, though. Chump followers for a Chump God, I say. You've got a point, Gig. Anyway, with them defeated Odie could resume his efforts to break the seal.


And... nothing happened. Hey, something happened all right. Something fell from the sky and hit him in the head. I remember because it was hilarious how much he sucks. I was trying to be charitable. Ass.

(I-I really can't do it. Am I really so weak...?
Is that why Gestahl and the pups abandoned me...?)
Mister Odie, please! You can do it! Just try your best!
I-I'm sorry. My power... it's just not enough.
Hey, c'mon, Sluggo! Hang in there!
We have to break that seal, my sister's... she's... grr!
I'm really sorry...
I just can't...!

He sort of zoned out for a second at that point.

Gah...! It's just... impossible! I can't do it, Endorph!
Stand and be proud! A man who claims the name of Dio should carry himself better than this!
Their reinforcements will be here soon. Have you forgotten your oath to the angels of this town?
E-Endorph... how can you...? I can't. I can't protect them!
You have to do it... you have to rescue everyone... please!
What, so that you can run away? You, who carries the Dio legacy?
Are you not prepared to risk your life in order to keep your word?!
Just stop! My name isn't Dio! It's... Odie...

Dio... no, Odie.
You and I are the same. Perhaps the paths of glory have been closed to you.
That's nothing to be ashamed of. How the world sees you means nothing! What matters is how you see the world.
Nothing matters unless you choose to care about it! And only you can decide what your life is worth!

(Alexemia... this wretched life you once saved... I might have to give it up before I can repay you. I'm sorry...)

What's wrong, Sluggo? Hey, say something!
... Give me a sword.
What? Why, what're you gonna do?
Just give it to him.
Thank you.
I swear, upon my life and this blade... I will break that seal...
If I cannot stop that magic... Then I shall stop my own breath.
Don't say that!

But not anymore. I don't want to turn my back on them anymore.
I must test myself as a carrier of the Dio legacy. I must risk my honor, my very life on this!
Are you serious?
(Master Endorph... Please guide me...)
I am of the line of Dio! Seal and spell that haunts this land! By order of blood and name, I condemn you!
By the blood and name of Dio...! Release, and yield before me!!!

The spell broke! We could see the Yesterwind Headquarters off in the distance. Somehow, Odie had done it!

Yeah, that was really amazing! Who knew you had it in you!
Mr. Odie?!
... Don't worry, he's just fainted.
Uh... ng... ungh...
Oh, I'm glad he's okay.
You did very well...
Without you, I don't know what we would've done.
So... it worked?
Yeah! Thanks again!

Thanks again! I mean, I knew you could do it all along, though...

So we left him behind to rest up. Now we're headed for the Yesterwind's headquarters. Today these guys will finally be brought to justice. I swear it.