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Part 42: Thuris II

Chapter 28: Thuris II



Dammit, why do things always have to turn out like this? Because the world sucks. Duh. You've got a point for once. I shouldn't expect life to be fair, because it never is. We managed to track Thuris down. His followers had retreated to his position for help. Thuris himself, though, was hiding. Typical of the little shit. He's never been one for a straight up fight.

Feinne on Soul Nomad:

I also strongly suggest watching these videos, because it gives you a good feeling for the direction this game is going story wise. Thuris' voice acting is just beyond amazing in this scene coming up. Also, the fight with Thuris takes, like, five minutes and has awesome music.

And everyone questioning Thuris' villain cred? Trust me, he can rightly be called one of the main villains, as you're about to see.


Where the hell is he?!
I know you're here, Thuris! Show your demented face!
Hmm... I wonder... I wonder.

But Levin, it seems, could tell where the bastard was. I'm still not sure how the hell he did that. He's a freak, that's how.

What?! How'd you know where I was? What kind of human are you?
He's not. He's a dog. A weird... cow... dog... thing.
Shut it! It doesn't matter what I am!
You're the one, aren't you? The one infecting everyone with Scarlet Iago!
Kehehe! Lemme guess... someone near and dear to you recently passed.
Oh I just love playing these games with you humans!
It's almost as fun as it was 15 years ago. Kehehehe!
Yes, that's when I first received the blessing of Lord Thuris. Hmhmhm.

Hohoho. They were all asking for it.
Did you know, before the Scarlet Iago arrived, everyone was happy and kind!
But once the disease really got cooking, they were transformed into desperate, cruel, murderous monsters.
Such an intriguing transformation, wouldn't you agree? Kehehe!
Just who do you think you are? Humans are not your... your... playthings!
I'll never forgive you for this!
Kehe. Why would I ever ask forgiveness of you or anyone?
After all, it was the gods above you who created the lovely disease in the first place.

That's right.
Isn't it just delightfully horrifying? But don't worry. I'm done playing with them for now.
Just... stop talking! We're here to kill you!
Boy, wait! Don't go near him!
What's wrong?

Thuris was surrounded by an unearthly red light. That could mean only one thing. He hadn't just collected one Crimson Tear. He had an awful lot of the damned things.

Kehe! Nice catch! These are all the Crimson Tears I've been asked to collect.
I didn't want to use them yet, but looks like it can't be helped.
Once I crack these open, my puny little speck of an ex-boss won't be able to touch me!
You ungrateful little bastard!
Okay, kid! Here and now! We're gonna beat his ass into a bloody pulp! You ready?
I can't summon anyone now!
It's that godforsaken Crimson Tear, isn't it?
Kehe! Can't play with your dollies, can you, ex-boss?
Now I can annihilate my final obstacle!

But then, suddenly, the Crimson Tears flew off to the south! Someone had found some way to steal them! Who, however, is still just as much of a mystery to us as who Thuris was supposed to be getting them for. Predictably, Thuris whined like the bitch he is about how unfair it was.

What's going on?
This magic...!
What is it?!
No idea!
Then don't act like you do! Geez!
Now's our chance! Let's slaughter him!
Kehe. Don't be so sure! My disciples! Lend me your strength!
Yes! Give up your bodies to Lord Thuris! He has promised us eternal peace! Hohohoho!

The son of a bitch was going to eat his own followers!

Not enough... it's not enough!
Lord Thuris?!
Why? Why me?! I've served you like no other!
I need your power!
Dracons are most delicious! Kehehe!
W-w-wait, Lord Thuris! There are still things I must do!
No... no! Nooooo!!!

Couldn't have happened to a nicer person.

Kehehe! What chance do you stand now? The powers of the Dracon flow through my veins!
Come now, and face your doom!

We were all more than happy to oblige the lunatic. He was overconfident after his meal, and it proved to be his downfall.


Feinne on Soul Nomad:

Thuris is very easy here. He's all alone, and he's pretty low leveled as well. Just pound him with all your might.

And that asshole released a deadly plague because he thought it was FUNNY. I just want to point that out because it can't be emphasized enough.

As we poured out towards him, he must have known he was doomed. He fought with the crazed frenzy of one trying to take as many enemies with him into the abyss as he can. But in the end, we prevailed, and the second World Eater was cast down!

But that wasn't the end. Oh no. That monster decided to have one last bit of fun before death claimed him.


You shall all feel the warm embrace of my Scarlet Iago!

Thuris exploded, leaving behind a thick cloud of mist.

Oh no! Wh-wh-what do we do?!
Quick, take your medicine! It should act as a vaccine! Does everyone have theirs?
Trish, didn't you give yours to Shauna?
Oh, don't worry. I managed to get my hands on another dose.
Okay, everyone. Drink up!
Okay, let's drink the medicine.
*gulp* Yech, that's bitter!
Trish? Why aren't you drinking yours?
Oh, that's right. You don't like bitter medicine, do you? Well, you'll have to just grit your-

T-Trish! Why'd you let me drink mine?! You should've taken it!
Hehe. I knew you'd say that. That's why I had to lie...
You've all been so kind.
I drank mine, too...
What should we do?

Just when things seemed their bleakest, though, the last person we expected arrived.

Here, take this.
What...? Is this for the Scarlet Iago?
You mean... you didn't drink it when I gave it to you?
No, I did. I went and got some more, just in case.
But I don't need it now. And as much as I hate to admit it, I owe you.
But... you stole this, right?
Don't worry about that. It was a gift.
I once met this oddly kind person. They sent me the medicine when they heard I had the disease.
I didn't need it anymore, but I figured it might come I handy, so I kept it.
At first, I thought about selling it off for a quick buck... but, well...

*gulp* Oh heavens! It is bitter!
Heh. Good girl. You drank it all, right?
Then I guess I'll get going. Don't expect to ever see me again.
Stay away!
I don't want you to see me like this... not again.

Shauna collapsed on the ground. She was clearly deathly ill.

Don't tell me... you never drank that medicine, did you?
Why didn't you just take it?!
Hah. Still gullible as ever, huh? You really thought some kind stranger would just randomly send me the cure?
You know, these past 15 years... I lived by taking, and being taken. My golden rule was 'take whatever you want.'
But you... without even thinking twice, you offered me your dose, which cost who knows how much.
To be honest, I thought you were mocking me. I mean, why would this clueless girl show me charity?
But I took it, because survival was more important than anything.

I thought it was a waste for someone like me to have that medicine.
Haha. I must have been delirious. I mean, I always stole whatever I wanted, never thinking of anyone else. And then...
Hahaha... it's almost funny, when you think about it.
Come on, you can laugh. It's okay. Haha-agh!
That hairpin... you still have it.
It's funny... that's just some cheap trinket I bought at a carnival...
What did you say?!
Hey, could you... just once... Could you call me... sister?

My baby sister... all grown up... so big and strong...
But that hairpin... it's not something a... girl your age... should be wearing...
Your big sister... will find you something... much nicer...
I'll pay for it... of course... honest...
It'll be... perfect match... Tricia...

I don't know how... but...

Shauna had known Tricia was her sister all along. Looking back, her actions suddenly become very clear. And in the end, she gave up her life to save the sister she lost so long ago...


Haephnes said I have a sister. I wonder where she is right now? I wonder if she knows about me? Could she be thinking of me right now, as I think of her? I'd like to think so.

Anyway, it's time to report back to Layna, and plan our next move.


You look pale.
I'm sorry. I need to be alone.
... So it goes.
You think she'll be okay?
She probably went to visit her sister's grave. No worries. I'm sure she'll be back once she settles herself.
I'm more concerned about the Sepp boy over there.

See? Full of vip, vim, and vigor!
Haha... haha... ha.
Even I could see through that horrible act.
I'll feel better once we start moving around, so I can take my mind off it.
Then we should report to Lady Layna.
Let's head back to the Nereid Palace.

We're on our way there now, but it's late after our battle and we'll likely not arrive until morning. Today we won a great victory, but the cost was equally great. Shauna may have been our enemy often, but she didn't deserve to go like that. I just hope the list of those I have to avenge doesn't grow any longer.