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Soul Nomad

by Feinne

Part 43: Danette

Chapter 29: Danette



We're headed for Orviska. After defeating Thuris, we returned to give Layna the good news. She was, well, as excited as she gets. She also had something to tell Danette.


Um, Lady Layna... I...
That Thurist emblem I saw looked really familiar.
Is that so? Then your memories are indeed coming back to you.
10 years ago... what...? What happened to me?!
The land of Pulkina that now stands in ruins... 10 years ago, that was your home.
Does... does that mean I had a family, too?
Oh, certainly. Your father was an Apis priest, and a long-time friend of mine.
And your mother was on the path to becoming a great magician.

And that's why her memory was sealed?
That's correct.
I used the Crimson Tear that your mother became.
Then... when you told me they were watching over me...
Your mother's name was Atendil. And your father's name was... Mosley, I believe.
Don't worry, child. They'll always be close by.
Y-you mean...? Are they here?
Mosley agreed to help seal Gig.
So this body...
Ohh, that Crimson Tear from before!

Hey, you in there! Get out of that body right this instant!
Why should I? It's nice in here. This is, like, the perfect body.
But more importantly... Y'know, everyone else is nice enough to call me by name.
Yeah... why don't you call him Gig?
I'm perfectly happy with 'you in there'!
Haha. I'm just glad to see you've grown so close.
Danette, you remember your promise, don't you?
Promise... promise... oh! Y-yes, I remember!
Good. I'm putting my deepest faith in you.
I'm putting my faith in all of you.

Danette had learned more of her past. I wish there were such easy answers for me. On the plus side, you're not retarded. So you've got that going for you. You really are so reassuring. Anyway, we're getting started towards Orviska. We've got no idea where we're going exactly, and it's probably going to be a long, boring trip. I'll write again if anything interesting happens on the way.



It's been about ten days since we left. We must be almost at Orviska, because we ran into some of their army today, along with some old friends.


There's one... no, two of them. It looks like they're coming this way...
And it seems as if... They're being chased!
It looks like another group of phynx. Wait, no, they're Phynx Knights!
Gyagahrah! (Somebody saaave us!)
Kyuruku! (I'm too pretty to die!)
Y-you're... Yavis! Parin!
Huh? You know 'em?
Of course I know them! So do you! Remember? Yavis and Parin?
The loyal beasts who were always with me through thick and thin?!
Loyal beasts, huh?

What'd you just say?!
You wear the garb of the Knights of Orviska.
So your claim is that these phynx belong to Orviska?
P That's right. They deserted while receiving basic military training. Cowards seem to be common these days.
Now, hand them over!
I would never!
To betray my devoted servants that way? What kind of master would I be?
And we can't let you get away with bullying the weak like this!

Y-you guys... I'm so touched!
Knights of Orviska! If you want these beasts so badly, you'll have to pull them from my cold, dead hands!
Graryah... (Master Dio...)
P Would you so needlessly incur the wrath of Orviska?
I can't say I understand it, but it's your choice if you want to die for a couple of phynx...
They have a point, you know. Why even bother? It's not worth our time.
We should help.
Oh, come on. Why do you keep sticking up for these losers?

Honestly, I don't have to take crap from people like this any more, and that suits me fine. We smacked the first of them that arrived so badly that the whole damn army of them just decided they didn't want a piece of us.

Feinne on Soul Nomad:

So, this map normally has reinforcements for the enemy every turn for a while. But if you've got some Los Banditos and a lot of ACT, you can beat it in one turn by killing all three Phynx Knight rooms before the turn counter goes. Which I did, because I'm just that cool.

Yavis! Parin!
You guys are okay!
Kyuruku. (Just barely. Teehee.)
Graryah. (Master Dio! How ya been?)
*cry cry* *sniffle*
Where... where were you guys? *sniffle*
Kyurukuyuku... (You shouldn't cry. You've got enough wrinkles already. Teehee.)
Gyahrah gragyah. (Dere's a good reason we be gone.)
Kyurukku. (Here, follow us!)

Go after them, of course.

The phynxes are still dragging Odie off somewhere. I'm not too worried that we've pissed off Orviska by beating their knights, honestly. I mean, it's not like they're going to be excited to see us anyway. We're here to put them all in danger. I figure we'll be lucky if they don't try and kill us on sight. Anyway, when Odie gets wherever they're taking him I'll write some more.