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Part 46: Dio II

Chapter 32: Dio II



Told you this would happen. Shut up. You're not helping. So, I should have known this would happen. It was all too easy. We waited around at the forest for Dio to arrive for three days. Finally, he arrived.


Huh. Looks just like any old forest, besides this weird fog.
But... I don't see the World Eater anywhere.
This is most certainly the seal.
The Dio family sealed away the World Eater when it stopped moving after the great war was over.
Of course, the specific technique used is passed down to only one child... the one who inherits the Dio name.
If the seal is as important as you say, why did Dio agree so quickly to help us? I thought it'd be much harder...
Who cares? He said okay, that's all that matters.
Oh, speak of the devil!

Odie, huh?
What's the failed outcast doing here?
H-hey! I managed to break one of your seals already, big guy!
Oh yeah?
You don't believe me? I was the one who broke the seal in the Ensnarelands!
Hah. That old thing? I no longer had any reason to look after that seal. It was abandoned long ago.
There was practically no magic left to hold it. A child could've broken it.
N-no, that's not-!
Let us now begin the breaking of the seal.
Stand back.

And then he pulled out more Crimson Tears than I'd ever expected to see in one place again.

Where did they all come from?
The forbidden jewels!
Dio! Have you forgotten the laws of our people! Have you discarded your pride and duty as part of this family?!
You consider this a violation of my position?
Hah. The foolish masses see them as forbidden. But I see the truth in them.
Even the gods themselves use the Crimson Tears. Why should I be any different?
Thus do I surpass the great mage, Layna the Firebrand! Hahaha!
What do you know about her?

And I know that 60 years later, she simply... vanished from the world.
She humiliated the Dio family then, and she continues to do so to this day.
The greatest sorcerer of any age must be a Dio! That is our destiny!
He who swears loyalty beyond all others to Orviska and to Lord Median must be a Dio!
We have quietly endured her disgrace, waiting for the moment when we could finally have justice!
And now, finally... we have surpassed her, just as she has revealed herself.
Hahaha! You really think you're better than her?
Big talk from the great-grandson of a washed-up loser.
Heh. Trying to find my buttons? Don't bother. I have none.
But enough reminiscing.
Now I shall break the seal!

In retrospect, that rant should have been a big hint that he was up to something. No, you think?

Meisamo... maseya... Sitanya... namileya...
Hey kid, that sounds like...
Those words...
Does this disturb you? Never underestimate our power!

Suddenly, the woods underwent a startling change. The trees were... I'm not even sure. I didn't want to get too close. I think they were bleeding, though.

Witness the power of he who carries the name of Dio!
See what the dead weight of our family could never achieve. Hmhm.
The seal is broken! You must hurry!
Hey, umm... don't you think...?
No, no, nevermind. Hehe.
Is my work satisfactory?
Yes, thank you.
It was hardly a challenge.

We began our search for the World Eater. But we soon ran into a little snag. The damned thing was nowhere to be seen.

W-wait a minute. Something's not right here...
What is it?
I dunno how to explain it... It just... doesn't feel right.
I mean, the World Eater's supposed to be this huge monster, right?
So then...
You're right. We haven't even seen the slightest hint of the third one.
The mist has been lifted, so it should be clear as day...
I don't follow. What's it all mean?
Oh, dear! I don't feel its presence at all! Wherever could it have gone?! Hehe.

Wh-what are you talking about?! We broke the seal!
Huh...? What's happening?!


The forest suddenly was shrouded once more in mist. Dio had sealed us in.

Whaa?! What the heck is going on?
Did he just seal us in here?
Grr... dammit, Dio! He's always been like this, even when we were young! I knew we never should have trusted him...
Hey, Sluggo... don't lie, okay? He tricked you just as bad.
Hrm. Nuh uh, I knew all along. I just... y'know...
Hehe. Buncha suckers...
How do we get out?

Hey, c'mon... you don't hafta cry.
Let's just all work together to get out of here, okay?
How do you plan to do that?
No idea!
But unless we get our butts in gear and try something we'll be stuck here forever.
Hey, maybe you should wander off aimlessly and walk in circles for a while. That'd make me feel better.
What's that? You wanna say that a little louder?
Come on, we need to get moving.

Damn, monsters!

We were under attack. The monsters weren't particularly dangerous, but I can't imagine they'll be the last.


We easily dispatched them, but we'd not dealt with the root cause of the problem. And what's more, Vitali found something... unusual.


When the hell did you leave? And how the hell did you get back?
So, what is it?
It's over here.

It was a massive body, covered in weeds.

Ahh! Monster! Kill it! Kill it!
Don't hurt me! Don't eat me! I taste awful!
Huh...? Is it asleep or something?
It's not moving.
Damn you, foul beast! I'll send you back to hell!
Hey, Sluggo...?
Stop poking it.
Is it... dead?
Hmm, I don't sense any sort of soul or essence...
What happened here?

I've got a bad feeling we're not going to like whatever happened here. Come to think of it, someone in Orviska said the World Eater had been quiet for nearly ten years. Damn! Was this all an elaborate trick? There's so many questions that need answering, but right now more than anything we have to get out of this damn forest. I have no idea how that's going to work, though. We're resting for now, we need to keep up our strength out here.