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Part 48: Raksha II

Chapter 34: Raksha II



I've decided. I can't let what happened with Raksha stop me. I've got to continue the fight. And after we got moving again, I found out I wasn't alone in my desire to see Raksha dead.


I just... I still can't believe it. Such a drastic change is tough to just accept.
God... how do I tell Master Christophe?
Hey, see what happens when you try to summon him.
Okay, I'll try...
I can't summon him anymore.
I thought so. You need his consent to summon him. Which means you can't put him in any squads, either.
Consent, huh?
Hey, I... maybe you can use me.

I have to make him pay for what he did to Euphoria. Just... please.
Okay, we'll dominate Endorph.

Endorph decided to team up with us to help take that bastard Raksha down. We could use his help. Raksha was always my strongest World Eater, you're damn right you could use help.

Anyway, we headed back to warn Tricia and Grunzford about Levin.


Oh my... Levin, is this real? I mean, he was here with me not too long ago.
I never thought that kid could ever pull off something like that. I guess my eye for people is getting lazy...
Things are gettin' pretty crazy for you, huh? And meantime, we've been here diggin' ditches!
The old lady always says never judge a book by its cover, but I don't think this is what she meant.
Is Danette still...?
Probably still at the grave...
Lady Layna was like a mother to her, so it's appropriate.

Gig, you two are fused, right? Half and half? How does it work with Levin?
How the hell should I know?
I mean, I didn't even know those World Eater wankers could move their souls!
That little bitch Dio must have had something to do with it.
I can't believe him! Not only does he use the Crimson Tears, but he uses them to help the enemies of the world!
What do we do now?

It seems like Dio's been making preparations for something big.
Grahyrah gahrha. (We got us some news, too!)
Kyurukuyu. (We heard the Orviska soldiers talking about it!)
Rockum, Sockum! That's bad! Get yer dirty paws off the bench!
Hrm? It seems they heard something while they were in training...
Grahgyagrah! (He's collectin' dem Crimson Tears!)
Krurukyuku. (They're making a gate to connect Orviska to... somewhere. Teehee.)
Hmm... so Dio's collecting Crimson Tears to open a portal to something.
Somewhere that requires the power of multiple jewels...
I don't think we're going to find any answers until we find Dio.
Well, it's too late to leave today. We can head out tomorrow.
Okay, let's find Dio tomorrow.

We're going to sleep now. Hopefully finding Dio won't be too difficult, I'm getting pretty pissed off by all this.



I never imagined for a moment I'd ever seen anything like it. I'm still in awe. I guess I should just write down what happened so far today.

Gig woke me up early this morning. It seemed someone couldn't wait to find Raksha.

(Good, they're asleep.)
Hey, kid.
Ngh... huh?
That guy, Endorph. He just left.
He wants to get revenge for that Sepp girl, right? I don't think he has any intention of finding Dio with us.
I think he's gonna hunt down that sister-loving man-cow by himself.
You have any idea where to find him?
He's probably back in the forest. I'd guess that's where Raksha's body is.
We should wake up the others.

It has nothing to do with you. I have to ask that bastard Raksha something.
None of your business! Just get moving before you lose him.

We shadowed Endorph for quite a while. He was quick, so it was all I could do to keep up. But sure enough, Levin was waiting for him in the forest.


I know I can't bring her back. But I will have my revenge!
Haha! Go ahead and try.
But, you can just call me Levin as long as I'm in this body. There's no reason to be uncivil.
You're dead!

So, revenge, huh? She wouldn't have understood, you know. I mean, she was just a puppet.
She was no puppet! She was a kind woman who loved her brother more than anything in the world!
Exactly! That's how she was designed!
Designed? You think she didn't suffer? You think she wasn't in pain?! Those tears I saw weren't 'designed'!
Haha. If you loved her so much, stop barking and go play with your dolls. It's perfect for a little girl like you.

You son of a bitch!

Endorph unleashed a furious attack on Levin!

And he fell to the ground, mortally wounded!

Hah, back to your old self, huh?
You're uglier than I remember!
Ahh... I've been cooped up in that tiny shell for 10 years. It feels damn good to be out again!
So you spent all that time in there, and now you just throw it away? What a waste.
So, Raksha. What're you planning to do about Drazil?
I mean, even if you kill everyone here, I don't think he's just gonna let you do whatever you want.
Hah, what a stupid question. I worked that all out forever ago.
I'm not like a certain someone that's stuck bunking with a dopey human.

You blindly follow Drazil's every whim, and when you finally lose, you become a tool of Virtuous!
And you had the nerve to call yourself a Master of Death in your last life? Hah! I pity you, Gig.
I have never wanted to murder someone harder than I do right now. Hey, kid...
Yeah, yeah, I know.
Oh no! I'm sooo scared! Do your worst! But when it's all over, you'll be nothing but a bad, fading memory.

But then, the unexpected happened. Someone had followed behind us!

!! T-T-Trish...!
Ah, the way you get nervous... It is you... Levin.
Wh-what are you doing here?! You should be asleep!
I happened to see a couple of mice sneak out of Mr. Vangogh's house. I haven't been sleeping well lately...
It's because of Hawthorne and Shauna, isn't it?
You should just forget about that crap!
Listen, I'm about to drench this place in blood! A little rich girl like you doesn't belong here. So go away!

I still almost can't believe it. Was RAKSHA actually in love with Tricia? That's SO creepy. Never say that again. Tricia tried to talk Raksha out of fighting, and she may have succeeded if events hadn't intervened. It suited me fine, though, because Raksha's the sort of monster who doesn't belong in this world. You can't say 'sorry' after what he's done.

Call me whatever you want. I'm not nice, okay?!

Raksha decided to put on a show to prove how serious he was.

In an instant the town of Thuris was gone. Luckily it was pretty much abandoned.

Damn... this one's got some attitude.
See what happens? Some city just got blown away!
Aren't you scared?! Get out of here!
I... I won't leave. I'm not afraid of you... Levin.
Grr... dammit!
Haha. Lord Raksha, why are you having such trouble with these weaklings?
I know I was told not to interfere, but you clearly need some help.
The hell? Where's his voice coming from?

Don't worry. I just moved her somewhere safe. You can summon her later. But we were at a stalemate there.
Was that really necessary?
But thanks, I guess. Girls like that just get on my nerves!
Now leave the rest to me!
Here we go!

Feinne on Soul Nomad:

All you have to do on this map is live for 4 turns. Just run from Raksha. He will KILL you. He's level 936 and he will hit you so hard your children's children will feel it.

We couldn't even stand up to Raksha's power. And it got worse.

Hehe... you know what this is?
...! That's the hag's soul!
Lady Layna? Why do you have that?!
Haha, you've seen how this works, right? This is what the World Eaters were meant to eat.
I'm sure her soul is chock full of vital minerals and nutrients!
Come to Papa!
Lady Layna!
He... he ate her.

We couldn't even stand up to Raksha before. How could we hope to defeat him now? We needed a miracle, but those always seem to be in short supply...

Next time on Soul Nomad and the World Eaters: The Sleeping Beast Awakens! Raksha's Mistake! Don't miss the exciting conclusion of this two part episode!