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Part 50: Dio III

Chapter 36- Dio III



I brought the good news and bad news back to Vangogh's house. I never did find Levin's body, nor did I find Endorph. Anyone but Endorph and I'd be sure he was dead after that blast. I can't summon him, but that makes sense. If he's still alive, he clearly wants to be alone right now.

Anyway, we figured out what our next course of action has to be. We're going back to Orviska. Even though this is my idea, I want to say it's retarded that we have to do this. You must be rubbing off on me. Oh, thanks so much.


There was just a crater left...
Whew. I've never seen a human use an attack like that. He'd need a miracle to survive something that big...
B-but... Master Endorph can't be dead! I bet he's just... y'know... buried six feet under or something!
Uhh... that's just another way of saying he's dead, genius.
That attack was... really big.
Hey, you're pretty tough. You were closer to the blast than anyone, and you don't even have a scratch on ya.

You're very welcome!
Hrm? Where'd those villagers go who were helping you before?
Oh, those old farts hurt their backs so they went back to the Nereid camp. They really pushed themselves hard.
It's probably for the best. Guys their age shouldn't be trying to save the world.

I was about to point out that he should talk, what with him being way older, when another damned earthquake hit, a sobering reminder that killing the World Eaters just stopped the problem getting worse.

Lady Layna mentioned something about the lord of another world or something...
Oh yeah! We gotta go rough up those annoying-ass Masters of Life and Death in Drazil.
That's all well and good, but... How do we even get there?
Lady Layna's the only one who could have helped us.
Hehe. No worries, big man. I've got it all figured out.
That egomaniac Dio's probably trying to open a pathway into Drazil.
Huh? Are you talking about that gate they're using the Crimson Tears to open?

Besides, I have some pressing business with these Drazil folks, myself.
But first things first. We gotta talk to Dio again.
Let's go see him in Orviska.
So now Orviska doesn't have any reason to raise taxes or take your phynx, right?
Then I suppose I can go with you without worrying about everyone here.
Hey, thanks for you help. That extra elbow grease really helped us out.
And the old lady's feeling better, so we should be fine now.
Thanks again, y'all.

Dio's not going to just agree to help us. We'll be lucky if we're not attacked on sight. We're going to wait until morning to enter the city. We want to be ready for whatever comes.

Saturday, I guess


You know, the events of today have really made me think of why I'm keeping this journal. Oh? Yeah. If I die, who would know all of what we've done, and why? But now... I can't even be sure this would be found if we fail.

I keep doing this. Getting ahead of myself. We headed into Orviska to confront Dio. The guards were suspiciously friendly, though.


Oh, yes. You're amazing!
We never thought anyone would manage to kill the World Eater. But you did it!
The Queen and everyone is overjoyed at what you've done for us.
What else can we call you but our savior?
S-savior... I like the sound of that.
Say, if you want my autograph, I'd be happy to oblige.
We're glad you're here. Now please, follow me.
Oh? We can all come?
So I have been informed, yes.
Why is everyone so friendly all of a sudden?
Hmph. We were ready for a fight. I don't think anyone was prepared for a parade.
Yeah... something's rotten here...

But it was too late. Only because your dumb ass can't see a trap coming. Oh? Who's idea was it to go see Dio again? Hmm, let me think. Touche.

It feels like something's... Sticking to me! Hey, are you okay?
I can't move...!
Ugh... a binding?! Nggg... break! Break! Break!
*pant pant* It's no use...
How do you like my little spell?
Dio? How could you do this to your own flesh and blood!
Haha. The more you struggle, the tighter your chains are pulled.
You're supposed to be a wise magician! But you're just a... a horrible man!
Y-you tricked us! That's just mean!
Haha. You silly young girl. In no way did I trick you. I laid my net before you and you walked right into it.
You should really pay more attention to where your hooven feel lead you.

Hmm... I haven't quite decided yet.
But we're causing a scene here. Let's move to a more quiet locale.
A Crimson Tear!
Wha? Why can I see through myself?!

Dio used the same magic he sent Tricia away with to teleport us to some box canyon away from the city.

But I really shouldn't waste these jewels. Those that Thuris collected are finally proving their worth.
Wh-what are you planning to do?
Nothing less than the complete reunification of the world.
Every man, woman, and child... Ruled by a single sovereign king!
Hmph. You sound exactly like that abomination we just killed.
But that means you two should have been enemies. And yet, you worked together. Excuse me if I sound skeptical.
No, his goals were not at all the same as mine.

Great conqueror? We?
Ah, that's right. You have not been formally introduced. But surely you've heard tales of the blazing swordsman?

At first I couldn't believe it. This Blazing Gestahl that Vangogh was supposed to be playing was Median the Conqueror? But then again, if Layna could be alive 200 years after her 'death', what else could be true?

You mean he's still alive? But that's... that's impossible!
He died 200 years ago, along with his child. This is well-known history.
And although history gets warped and legends changed over the years, this is just... too much.
Ignorant fools. How arrogant of you to judge reality based on your own pitiful experiences.
Yes, history is warped and legends are born. But what I say about the Conqueror is the truth.
Lord Median has been killed once. By Lady Virtuous, Master of Life herself, no less.
Are you serious?!

Gig, that dream...
Forget it. Doesn't matter.
Soo... wait. You're telling us he died... then came back to life?
So he's a... z-zombie?
He must've used the spell of soul retrieval...
But... to use that on a human? That is expressly forbidden!
Hah. A worthless, failed wizard is trying to lecture me?
Nothing in this world is forbidden. Your taboos are simply an attempt to control others through meaningless 'morals'.

And who better to right our faltering world than he who united us once before. Lord Median the Conqueror?!
Your words certainly are attractive... but for some reason, it all sounds horribly wrong.
Maybe I am a dropout, a quitter. But I am no fool! I refuse your notion of a perfect world!
To revive such a powerful soul, many others souls must be sacrificed, and many Crimson Tears must be shattered.
And that is unforgivable for someone in your position. You better than anyone should understand the value of life!
Hahaha! Still you misunderstand the path of true greatness!

This was where I started to marvel at the sheer BALLS of this guy. I mean, no wonder he's wearing a robe and not pants, that's all I'm saying.

I told you. I will unify the world.
Of course, that can only happen after we harvest all the souls from Drazil.
!! Lady Lanya warned us of this...
Even as a mortal, you've somehow pulled back the curtain on the universe.
Like I told you, your human standards have no bearing on my reality.
Hehe. So I was right. You're trying to get into Drazil, huh?
Hmph. That plan was executed when I first revived Raksha.
Ahh, so there's the entrance.

And with Raksha gone, perhaps Lord Median could even become a god unto himself...
But then... having this Master of Death wannabe hanging around could be something of an annoyance. Hmhm.
Hey, you wanna talk shit, numbnuts?
Then say it to my face!

If you could have broken us out at any time, why the hell did you wait so long? Well, he hadn't shown us the portal yet. I think you enjoyed me being tied up. Possibly a bit too much. Creep. Hey. Woah. I told you before I'm not into that kind of thing. Suuuure.

You really thought you could tie me up with that half-ass magic of yours?
You got a bad attitude, you know that? I think someone needs to straighten you out.
Hey, kid. Why don't we show him who's boss? Remember, you owe me one.
Whaddya say? You ready to take out the trash?

The real Yavis and Parin were slightly scarier than Rockum and Sockum. And he had more friends, too. But it turned out they weren't so much of a problem.

Oh, I weaseled my way in quite a while ago...
I was somewhat surprised nobody noticed.
Haha. You really get off on sneaking around like that, huh?
Once we find the entrance to Drazil we won't need this maggot anymore.
I kicked your family's ass two centuries ago, and I can't wait to do it again!

Even with the reinforcements tied up, Dio's forces were massive. They were divided into two groups, We engaged the vanguards near us in the canyon.


Feinne on Soul Nomad:

This can be a long map if you don't have several good rooms. Try and take the Pyremages out quickly to avoid Terror Blazes, and if you can take the Schemestresses out before they can tank your ACT into the ground. The Archer rooms can be dangerous as well if they catch a room they're good against. If you take too long, Phynx Knight reinforcements show up. They're not too hard, though.

The battle was only just beginning, though. We were about to face the Sorcerer of the Evil Eye himself...

Next time on Soul Nomad: The Evil Eye and the Reaper! You won't want to miss it!