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Part 55: Drazil

Chapter 41: Drazil


Evening continued

With their guards defeated, Gamma and Joules decided to up the ante. They were clearly unsure they could defeat us in a straight up battle, so they called up their greatest minions.


Thuris. We'd killed him, but I suppose even World Eaters are trapped forever in the cycle of rebirth. Clearly we'd not killed him hard enough. Considering how weak he was, I was almost insulted that they thought he could tip a battle in their favor. But it turns out that wasn't what they had in mind.

If little Giggy hasn't learned how to use it yet, you stand no chance against us.
Master Gamma! What are you...! Huh? No... nooo!!! I-I don't want to die!
She ate her own freaking World Eater...
B-b-but I thought only the World Eaters could do that!
We are far above the World Eaters. We have all their powers and more. We are the World Rulers.
And this is the true path to dominion. To consume those you control...
When they're as weak as Thuris was, we simply swallow them whole. Of course, we never bothered to teach you, Gig.
And now, for another...

Gamma summoned Feinne. But things weren't going to turn out like last time.

Neyli nefa... lemori ensey... (Deliver me unto the cycle of rebirth.)
Sahmiella... (Kill me.)
C'mon, kid!

Gig... liaforna... (Gig... thank you...)
Grr... such brazen defiance!
Her soul has been forever lost to Haephnes...
Hah. I'd never let her come back to you jerks!
It's sad it had to come to this. Joules, we must call upon Drazil to settle this problem immediately.
I agree. Let us become one with Drazil.

Then he appeared. The author of all our problems. The ruler of this world. The Lord Drazil. I realized I'd seen him before, so long ago, in Gig's dream.

Hey, another face I've been waiting to smash in! Awesome!
Drazil! We must get rid of these Haephnes peons! Please, your power...!
Yes! We must punish the wicked who would bring our order into chaos!
If that is your desire... Then we shall join!
The power...!

The three gods merged into a being more horrifying than any of the World Eaters. Our work was clearly just beginning.

Enough words. Let us carry out our will.
Heh. Sure, there's three of you. But we've been a two-in-one duo for way longer!
Right, soulmate?!
Hell yeah!
Do not underestimate them. Their power is unfathomable even when apart.
I couldn't guarantee victory even if I were at full strength...
With them joined, their power is exponentially greater. You have never faced a more dangerous foe.
Keep your wits about you...

We were forced into combat with Drazil, but it was obvious neither we nor Gestahl could touch the thing. And if even Gestahl... no, Median's full power wasn't enough to defeat Drazil for certain, that meant this would surely be a nearly impossible task.

Feinne on Soul Nomad:

I saved all my comments on this update for now. First, Drazil is voiced by someone who should be extremely familiar if you've played NIS's other games. Jamieson Price was the voice of Seraph Lamington in Disgaea. Oh, and I'm going to keep using Drazil, Gamma, and Joules' icons for them even in this fused form, so they can be told apart. Their voices don't change, so it seems appropriate.

So, you might notice that Thuris and Feinne showed up in this update. See, we didn't kill them with anywhere near enough force to actually be rid of them for good. We at best defeated them. They would have returned given enough time most likely. Meanwhile, Raksha was not summoned to be eaten. Because as I said, Burgundy is the most 'story powerful' attack in the NIS universe. If you get hit with a cutscene mad as hell Burgundy, you're DONE. Do not pass go, proceed directly to oblivion.

So, this is another map where we just wait a few turns so level 942 Drazil doesn't squash us. Amusingly, the level ended before Drazil could get a turn with Gestahl close enough to crush him, which is what normally happens almost immediately.

Although it proved unable to harm Drazil, Gestahl unleashed the sort of power that only the Conqueror could possess.

But it seemed there was no hope. All our efforts, all our power... It wasn't enough to defeat a god...

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