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Part 56: Gestahl

Chapter 42: Gestahl


Evening continued

It was clear we simply weren't strong enough to even injure Drazil, let alone defeat him. It seemed all hope was lost. Our salvation came from an unexpected angle, though. Gestahl had a plan...


Gh-! They're so strong...! Do we even have a chance?
C'mon! It's way too early to give up!
So, you have any bright ideas?
Uhh... nope!
Well anyway, we can't stop now!
Yeah... yeah, you're right!

You have the same powers of control as the Drazillian masters, right?
Huh? What, you wanna join us? I'm telling you right now, I'm not fighting alongside no zombie.
Don't get ahead of yourself, boy.
I regret that my time to leave this world has finally come.
So I want you... to eat me.
In my old body, I'd have more than enough power to handle any World Eater.
And if consuming my soul means you gain my full power, you should well be a match for them.

Don't be a fool!
Do you care nothing for our world?! It's dead if we don't do something!
We must kill these Drazillians! We must stop their slaughter!
I cannot allow them to have their way with my home any longer!
That world... it is my only love.
But now... I can do nothing for it.
So please...
I think we should do what he says.
Thanks. I owe ya one.
I'll remember that.

So we were resolved. I was going to eat Gestahl, the Blazing Swordsman. I had no way of knowing why at the time, but I had an odd feeling about it. It felt like the right and wrong thing to do at the same time, somehow. There was no turning back, though. It was this or destruction for us, and all the world.

It better be good, though!
So this is how it feels... Now finish the job!
Do you still refuse?! Then allow me to motivate you!
You must strike me down!
And in doing so, you will become unstoppable!

And so began our battle with the Blazing Swordsman, he who once was known as the Conqueror. If this was the power of just his soul clinging to a rotting hunk of flesh, I cannot begin to imagine how strong Median must really have been in life. If only his heart had been as strong, we wouldn't have had to endure all of this.

Feinne on Soul Nomad:

The video turned out way more dramatically than I ever could have planned on. The way I fought Gestahl was really, really the wrong way to go about it. You're much better off using Last Act and running away until you're below 80% STM. You should have the best décor you can get for this. Gestahl has two of the absolute nastiest decors you can run up against, Tyrant Stare and Death Aroma. Death Aroma makes him sort of like a moving Pain Rune, doing damage to targets around him every time the turn counter changes. Tyrant Stare is one of the hands down best decors in the game. It lowers the stats of everything in melee range. We will be using it oh so much later on.

Gestahl himself is no pushover. He's got a very powerful all squad physical attack in the middle rank, which is where he is in this map. The weak will get dropped in one hit by this. Don't be weak. This is the penultimate map of the Normal Path, and it means business.

Somehow we managed to defeat Gestahl. The time of reckoning was almost at hand. Drazil was responsible for countless deaths on Haephnes so that he could steal the souls of our world to create his own 'perfect' world. But today he'd learn that his actions had consequences. This I swore...

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