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Part 57: Gig II

Chapter 43: Gig II


Evening continued

Even in defeat, the great Conqueror was unbowed. If only things could have turned out differently. If only I could have gotten to know him...


Hehe... if I can grant my power to my child... I have no regrets.
I look forward to the new world you will create... the world you will lead.
Hehe... hahaha!
My sword... it's acting strange!

Gestahl's body was absorbed into the sword. But what he'd said... it made no sense. Virtuous wasn't the only Layna that neglected to tell us things, it seemed.

What? What's that mean? Tell me!
That is the demon sword passed down through Median's lineage.
Souls can be contained within, and using it makes it a part of you.
Virtuous took it when she killed Median.
A demon sword, huh? No wonder it always felt so comfortable.
No way could Median- er, Gestahl have forgotten... he had to know only family members would be able to use it.
He must've known from the beginning...
Known what?

It all fell into place. Those strange dreams, filled with memories of another life. I remember, Haephnes said I had a sister before I was ever born. This Layna must have known who I was from the start. But I'm not angry with either of them. If I'd known, it would have only made a tough thing unbearable. I never got to know my father, but I knew then that he'd always be with me, watching over me. I also knew that there was no way in hell I was going to lose to someone like Drazil. Not now. There was no force in existence that could stop me now.

Haha! What a delightful spectacle!
You think so? I thought it was rather underwhelming.
Can we get back to business?


It was like I could see the world differently. I could see the power streaming from the Drazillians that had be summoned to their master. I realized their critical weakness, the reason why their people died so young. They were weak on their own, even Drazil. They relied on stealing the strength of their servants. But if we could cut off the flow of power to them...

We split into three groups. Danette moved to the right, Layna to the left, and I charged straight up the middle. Our targets were not Drazil himself but his followers. As I approached the first enemies, I felt a new power burning within. I unleashed the true power of the Onyx blade...

We smashed Drazil's followers aside. We could see his power visibly fade, but he was not entirely beaten yet.

Our victory, though, was inevitable. They fell prey to overconfidence, and their pride was their downfall.

Feinne on Soul Nomad:

The final map's gimmick is the Ruler's Law décor Drazil has. It gives him 100 levels for each Drazil Man and Woman room on the map. He starts at 942, with 9 rooms out. Kill all 9, and he's a much more manageable 42. He's got a lot of health, but as long as you get him down to his minimum level he's pretty easy. Just be careful not to wander into his range while he's still got any of the rooms up, or you'll die.

They simply could not believe that we had won. And it seemed they had a few more tricks up their sleeves.


Drazil summoned hordes of their followers, and he... he ate them. And from their power, new horrors emerged.

Holy crap! Oh man, this isn't good. There's so many of them!
Grr... is this is? We were so close!

Things were looking down. There were now three giant, World Eater sized Drazils, and Layna had been blasted back into the other room. There was no time to even see if she was okay.

Oh geez oh geez oh geez! She just got blown away!
Whadda we do? Whadda we do?! It's so strong!
Okay, look. I admit, things don't look so hot. We don't have any souls left to eat or anything...
Hey, Gig.
I'll give you my body.
Huh? The hell are you talking about?
We'd get your full power, right?
N-n-no! You can't!
If you do, then you... then you...

What else can I do?
Well I said no! Lady Layna told me to protect you!
I... have no choice.
Of course you do!
I'll protect you!
I'll... I'll become a Crimson Tear!
Both my parents became powerful jewels. So that means I can, too.
I'll die and transform into the jewel, then I can protect you that way!
Did Lady Layna...?
No, this is my idea. Nobody told me to do it.
And that's why... there's no reason for you to worry.

Listen, kid. Even if she did that, it wouldn't matter. So I'm gonna help you out, okay?
Lend me your powers as a World Eater. Then I'll be able to work something out.
And you can go ahead and keep your body when I'm done, okay. Sorta like, the opposite of before, get it?
Actually, I don't care if you agree or not, I've already decided.
B-but if you do that... What happens to you?
No idea.
Will you... disappear?

I got to eat some damn good food, that's for sure. No regrets here.
Gig, you can't do this...
Just shut up and listen.
I feel really shitty for what Drazil did to Haephnes. It's all my fault.
Sure, he was controlling me. But I enjoyed doing it. And now I feel awful. I want to save your world.
I guess that Gestahl guy was trying to do the same thing.
No! The you in there and the you out here need each other!
If you're just gonna disappear, we'd be better off if I became a Crimson Tear and-!
Stop being unreasonable.

Do you really mean it...? You won't disappear?
Nah, don't worry. Look at this face and tell me I'm lying. Hehe.
Oh, and you gotta promise to make me some nice hotpods when we get back.
Danette; Okay, I promise. But you gotta promise to go back to Haephnes with us!
If you don't, I'll just snap the hell out of that neck of yours!
Yeah, yeah, okay.
Now let's get this over with. Danette, break that seal. It's getting in the way.
Are... you sure?
I believe in him.

And please... rest in peace.
Haahahaha! Man, that feels good! I can finally stretch my legs!
Geez, you guys are so gullible!
Alright kid, give it up!
It's okay.

You saw the battles before. I've got plenty of idiots begging me to summon them into battle.
There is exactly zero chance of us losing to a bunch of has-beens like you!
You have much to learn, child. Now, to battle!
You don't gotta tell me twice!
Your ass is mine!
Let's go!
Yeah! We can do it!

It was time to strike. To strike for Thorndyke, lost to the madness of a king. To strike for Shauna, stolen from her sister by Thuris. To strike for Levin and Euphoria, who never got to live their lives thanks to Drazil. To strike for Endorph, our missing friend. To strike for Virtuous, who dedicated her life to helping a world that didn't even know she existed. To strike for Feinne, the weapon who wanted only peace. To strike for Vitali, for Juno, for Christophe, for Tricia, for everyone we'd met in our travels. To strike for Danette, who risked death to come with me to Drazil. And to strike for Gestahl, the father I never knew I had, and for Layna, my long lost sister. Gestahl had given everything for the world he loved, had refused to die until he knew it was in good hands. He trusted me to save our world. And that's what it was time to do.

Wooow... that was amazing! He was just... pulverized!
Hey, you in there! That was incredible! I guess you weren't all just talk.
Hey, say something.
Gig, are you there?
Hey, what's your problem? Are you asleep? Did you turn stupid?
You're probably made just cuz I won't call you by name.
Fine, then. All you hafta do is say something, and I'll say it.
Danette... I think he's...
Hmhm. Playing hide-and-seek, huh?
Well, I'm the best there is! I'll find you, lickety-split!

That laugh... it was his lying laugh...
N-no, that's not it. Remember before? He used his powers, then he just fell asleep for a while!
I'm sure that's what it is! He'll be back in no time!
Stop trying to scare me, or I'll just snap your neck right now?
Just give him a while, he'll pop right back up.
But back then, I still felt his soul...

You always used to love to call me stupid, and idiot, and stupid idiot. But you're the stupid idiot!
Stupid idiot!
Stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid! Stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid!
*pant pant* Okay, that should wake him up.
Hey... why are you acting like this?
You shouldn't do stuff like this just to scare us.
And don't act all cool, like you don't need us!
Hey, you in there... listen, okay?
I... I won't be angry. I won't even try to snap your neck.
I won't call you stupid...
And... and I'll make you all kinds of hotpods! So much you'll explode!

I don't feel Gig any more. He must have used all of his power to save us. But even still, I just can't believe it. He can't be dead. If I were to accept that, I'm just not sure how I could go on living myself.

So I'll return to Haephnes and wait. I'll wait for the day he returns to me. No matter how long it takes, I know that day will come. I don't know how, I just know.


Next time on Soul Nomad: One year later...