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Part 61: Epilogue: Layna

Epilogue: Layna

Feinne on Soul Nomad:

Here comes the first ending with a real "wait, WHAT" moment in it. Just remember, this ending is fixed for both genders. This is not the first time we'll see this happen, but luckily only one of them is really , and even that one's not really as bad as Juno's female ending. I'll maybe show that one next, it's, um, strange.

Oh, and if you qualify for Gig's ending, in order to get a different ending you need about 10 points for another character total. As you'll discover if you try, getting them for Levin and Tricia is very, very unpleasant, because their team attacks are sort of strange. Oh, and getting these endings takes about 45 minutes to an hour each, because you have to get the points in an inspection, then replay the final map, then go through the unskippable cutscenes and the credits to get to the epilogue.

The hero decided to stay in Drazil and help Layna, who stayed behind to deal with the aftermath of Drazil, Gamma, and Joules being defeated. There was much work to do...


Oh, everything's been approved and we're moving ahead on track.
Miss Layna, sign this please!
And here are the inspection reports.
Okay, thanks everyone.
Oh wow...
A name change for the village... a report on a fashion show... and someone's upset at the cat lady on the edge of town?
These are the reports? Okay... I'll have to give them to Virtuous later.
Whew. Good thing you're here to help.

I mean, I haven't done much here, either.
Sure, I've had some say here and there. But mostly I just read through reports and lend a hand when they need it.
It just feels nice to know that I'm not alone here. I feel stronger just having you here by my side.
Honestly, it means so much to me that you decided to stay in Drazil with me.
Well, it's my pleasure!
And I hope I can rely on y-grr!

We've got to get outta here! Ruuun!
N-no... I'm okay.
Yeah, I'm fine now.
I just... don't have the energy to whale on anyone right now.
Hey... hahaha!
I did it! I beat my fury!
Ahh... I've been carrying that around for 200 years! Thanks!

Next time on Soul Nomad: Endings continue. Probably Grunzford or Juno's ending, maybe Odie's.