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Part 62: Epilogue: Juno

Epilogue: Juno

Feinne on Soul Nomad:

Juno's endings are pretty funny. Not as funny as Odie's, but still. You have the double team of Juno being awkward as shit and Penn being the awesomest character. (Which we'll really see in the Demon Path, where he's part of one of the best scenes of said path).

Juno's female ending has different lines than the male one. The reaction of the main character to the events of this ending is magic.

Since the defeat of Drazil, the hero has been assisting Juno and the Nereids.


It's okay. It's a baby boom!
Maaan! Everyone's too busy with these stupid babies to play with me!
Hey, how come there's so man kids, anyway?
W-well, you see... it's because the soul cycle's back to normal... and now that they can have kids again, they...
No, no, I don't mean that. I mean, whose kids are these?
Are they Endorph's? Or that eagle-eyed guy we found drifting at sea? Or maybe that guy from Raide?!
Penn, why are your eyes twinkling...?

Hey, Sis!
What is it?
Marry me!
B-but... when you were younger, you always said you wanted to marry me.
No... no, it's okay.
Penn... why do you want to marry me?
Well... because Juno likes you.
And you like to play with me, so I have lots of fun.
I just... really like you!
I see...

Oh, and your boobs! I really like those!
S-so it is your breasts...
That... there's nothing I can do about that.
Fine. I leave Penn to you.
I hope you make him happy.
But you better... just... Take care of him!

Feinne on Soul Nomad:

Again, that reaction is pure magic.

You could try and read this ending as creepy, but I prefer to just take the view that Juno's awkward as hell and Penn has no tact at all, which makes the retarded stuff they say funny. I think this is the only ending where even the main character is just sort of thinking 'what the fuck.'