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Part 65: Epilogue: Grunzford

Epilogue: Grunzford

Feinne on Soul Nomad:

The only difference between the male and female versions of this ending is the artwork in the background. The text is completely unchanged.


You're 18 already!
You need to shape up! Come on!
Have some dignity! This is why Lady Layna-er, Virtuous treats me like a kid. Cuz you can't act mature!
Now, let's begin our 2,705th training session!
At is again, huh? You know, everything's pretty peaceful now. Do you really need to keep doing this?
Hey! Since when do you get to lecture me? If you don't mind, we're in the middle of a training session!

Lady Lay-I mean, Virtuous!
Okay, that's it for today's training. Let's go!
Hmph. Sepp girls never change.
I suppose it gives her a sense of security.
I hope next time I see her, she hasn't changed at all.
Whaddya mean, big guy?
The village has recovered along with the world. It doesn't need me to stay and watch over it.
And I need to pay my fallen comrades a visit.
Don't worry. I'll be back eventually.
You're going to the other villages?

Hmph. You look like you want to come.
Could I?
Even everything you saw in your travels was but a fraction of the entire world.
It's not such a bad thing to see as much as possible.
And I should have enough hotpods to keep you satisfied.
Freaking hell! Hey, stupid cow! You ate my entire stash of hotpods! I don't believe this!!!
We should go before your ugly half shows up.

Hmph. They're the perfect travel snack. You can eat them raw, dried, stewed, or broiled. Perfect for anywhere.
What's that look you're giving me? You have something to say about it?
Good. Now if you want to come, then come. I wouldn't mind the company.

Feinne on Soul Nomad:

It should be noted that the general fates of pretty much all the characters as seen in these endings is consistent from ending to ending. We'll see that in Danette's ending, which mentions how most of the other characters are doing. This makes sense, because that ending is the default ending in case of a tie.