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Part 66: Epilogue: Danette

Epilogue: Danette

Feinne on Soul Nomad:

Danette's ending is interesting in that it sort of 'unifies' many of the other endings. You don't necessarily get this until you've seen them. I'll show Odie, Vitali, and Tricia's endings, as well as Levin's and the male endings, a bit later on. I forgot how long the endings take each time to get through, and I don't want to delay the Demon Path another week getting endings.


You're 18 already!
You need to shape up! Come on!
Where'd that warrior go who saved the entire world? We only pulled that off because of how hard you tried!
Have some dignity! This is why Lady Layna-er, Virtuous treats me like a kid. Cuz you can't act mature!
I mean, I'm already a grown-up, so it can't be me.
Now, time for child care training!
It's for the good of the future!
We might have to take care of each other's kids someday!

And if you don't take this seriously, I'll make you cry!
Hmph. At it again, I see.
Now that everything's peaceful, you're right back to playing games.
Hey, Sepp girl. Whatever happened to your priest training? How's that coming?
Oh, that's... ya see...
Hey! Since when do you get to lecture me? If you don't mind, we're in the middle of a training session!
You're telling me to get out? Hmph, you Sepp kids just don't have any manners.

It's our first summons since she woke up!
Okay, that's it for today's training. Let's go!
Lady Virtuous, I was informed you requested our presence?
Haha. There's no need for such formalities. I've got good news!
Layna sent me a report from Drazil. She says the formalization system has been overturned. Everyone can be unique now!
Hey, don't give me that look. It's a good thing!
I'm kinda sad there won't be as much of your face around...
But I'm sure it'll make young Layna feel better. Hmhm.

And listen closely... you can no longer hear the cry of the world, can you?
Freaking hell! Hey, stupid cow! You ate my entire stash of hotpods! I don't believe this!!!
Gig, it wasn't her.
What? You sticking up for her?
Hmhm. That's right!
Oh, no... don't tell me. It was you?!
Where's my hotpods?! Those were a gift from that Sluggo guy!
Gig... Odie is no longer the 'slug' he once was.
I can't believe you in there still can't remember names. You're always using those strange nicknames.

Fine. I'll stop saying that once you stop calling me 'stupid cow'.
Hah! Not a chance.
Hey, kid. Does she ever call you by name? She doesn't, does she? That's not very nice, is it, kid?
Hey, I know where to get some hotpods...
What, you mean his place?
He wont' even let me in! He says he can't give me free food anymore!
Now that he's a big-shot restaurant owner, he doesn't have time for me. It was such a nice place, too.
Grr... that's it! I'm gonna go see Vangogh! I bet he'll feed me!
Oh, wait a minute!
As long as you're going, could you take a letter for me?

She said she's got a nice, dependable person by her side!
Now just hold on! You can't leave yet!
Hey, look...
Hm? Oh, this must be another one of those drawing she sends with the letters.
Lame as always, I bet.
Huh? Haha! Hey, take a look at this!
Heeey! I got a letter back! She had it!
Euphoria's ba-! Ahhh! D-don't look at that!

I-it's nothing. You're just... You're you and I'm me!
That's why I don't call you by name! You're just you and we're just us!
So don't... don't look at it!!!

Feinne on Soul Nomad:

In much the same way as the embarrassing photos of Laharl, you can never be exactly sure what's on the rest of that paper, except that it's humiliating. And yes, that is a crude drawing of the main character you spy on that. Gig's also got the perfect 'asshole' expression there, it's really quite epic.

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