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Part 68: Devour

Chapter 2- Devour

Dear Diary,

Today I killed everyone I ever knew or cared about. I'm not sure how it happened. I-I-I'm scared...

Ha! I got you! You totally thought I cared, didn't you? See, I've decided to keep writing this because something occurred to me. I'm really going to make history... end. It'd be a shame if there was no record of how awesome I was anywhere after the world dies.

Anyway, Gig said we could kill a World Eater if we wanted to, which sounded entertaining so I decided to do it. We picked up a useless lackey while doing so, which Gig assures me is pretty much expected of us.


Just an old slave of mine.
Ah, looks like we've got some company.
You! That's right, you there!
I am Chevalier Galahad! What business do you have here?
I'm gonna kill the World Eater.
You must be joking.
I have no time for this idiocy.
Men, get rid of them!
Yes, sir!

Heh. Looks like Feinne's itching for a fight. That's pretty rare. This should be fun!
Hey, kid. You're really livin' this up, aren't you? Your eyes... they're not even human anymore. Hehe.

Galahad and his knights had absolutely no chance against us. Gig had granted me the power to summon warriors from wherever the hell he got them. With their power and mine there was never the slightest doubt what would happen.

Oh, some freaks showed up mid-fight, took one look at what was happening, and beat ass out of there. I have no idea what their deal was.

I-I told ya! I told ya we shoulda gone the other way!
Kukryurukku...! (That thing is huuuge!)
Garahgyahrah...! (I-I think we needs to get outta here!)
Y-yeah... l-let's do that...
Everyone! V-very quietly, retreat!
What was that?
How the hell should I know?

Whoever those guys were, they got lucky, because we still had a World Eater to pound.

Feinne on Soul Nomad:

If you beat the Normal Path at a reasonable level this map is a joke. Neither Galahad and his knights nor Feinne pose any real threat, especially if you approach Feinne on an even turn, when her Whim Destiny halves her stats.

Easy, easy map. They don't start to get really nasty in this path until later.

It was honestly too easy. No challenge at all.

This one, Feinne... she was always the calmest one. And it looks like she's gotten even calmer since 200 years ago.
Huh? What's this guy up to?
M-my legs... they're broken...
Somebody... help!
This is perfect! We can use him to test out the power of 'dominion'.
Yeah, okay.
So you get how to use it, right? Cuz I'm not in the mood to explain it. Go ahead, then. Dominate him.

I'm not sure why it was even worth our time to do so, but we dominated Galahad. I guess that means I can summon him whenever I want.

Just s-save me! Please don't let me die!
Pushy, aren't ya?
Then let's dominate Galahad.
Looks like it worked.
So now you can summon this coward whenever you want. Even though he's pretty useless.
So even if he's not around, you can summon him whenever and wherever you want, no matter what he's doing.

That sounds like a handy sort of power to have if I can actually find anyone who meets my standards. Plus, I guess I can use it to mess with chumps like Galahad, which could be briefly entertaining. He nearly shit his pants when he heard Gig.

Y-yes, master!
We're going back to the Hidden Village. You go on ahead and clean it up for us.
You know how to get there? Go that way, then over there, then down through there, then take a right. Got it?
Y-yes, sir!
That place better be spick and freaking span when we get there. Oh, and don't bother trying to escape.
O-of course, sir!

All this effort, though. I gotta say it really took it out of me. It was time to take a little nap.

Just leave your body to me. I'll take excellent care of it. Hehehe...

I woke up back at the village. I was instantly greeted by the most unwelcome sight of some little puke kid. Gig had clearly been busy in the... well... however the hell long I was asleep.

Waaake up!
Hey, kid. You're finally awake. You've been asleep for like 10 days.
Who's the brat?
I'm Penn!
I was with the Nereids, but then this Sepp guy kidnapped me. And now I'm here!
There was a huge uproar after what you did in Raide. They were afraid of you, so they gave you... him, as a hostage.
Hehe. Actually, they asked me to spy on you!
But that's so hard! Besides, I like tough guys. I think I'm just gonna stick with you from now on!

This Penn kid was at least good at picking the winning side. He was honestly so enthusiastic it was kinda freaking me out. More importantly, it seemed Gig did some awesome things while I was asleep and I totally missed out, which is annoying. I might have to have a word with him about waiting for me to terrorize nations.

Hehehe... oh, you know... stuff. Don't worry about it.
Y-you went too far that time... err, no, I didn't mean that! Just ignore me!
Hey, if you got something to say, I'm all ears.
N-no, it was nothing, sir!
Hmph. Chicken.
Alright, kid, let's go. Now that you're awake, we can go have some fun!
My power is flowing... I must destroy!
Yeah, that's what I'm talkin' about!

Gig had another suggestion about what we could do next. Hopefully this one would be more interesting than the last.

You mean like... the Thurist Cult?
That's the group who hates the Apis religion. I didn't know they were named after a World Eater.
Hey, don't they have a settlement in the Mirage Desert?
Man, they sound pretty messed up.
Not as messed up as you. Hehehe.
Okay, my powers are yours. You can pretty much go anywhere you want. You wanna check out the Thurists?
Hey, that sounds like fun! You're taking me with you, right?

I decided since the kid wanted to come along we should let him. I mean, how often am I going to have a child begging me to put them in mortal danger? We're going to track this Thuris clown down and crush him like a grape, which will hopefully be at least somewhat entertaining. I'll write down the glorious tale of our victory after we obliterate him.

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