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Part 72: Oppression

Chapter 6: Oppression

It turns out Pulkina's pretty nice this time of year. You know, for a wretched dump infested by worthless little winged things. For some reason they weren't happy to see us. I can't imagine why. You'd think freaks of nature like them would welcome death. It was a good day all around, because we made lots of new friends.


Chill out, Pinot. I know the drill.
Okay everyone, let's show 'em what we're made of!
Y-you sure we'll be okay...? We've been training a lot, but...
Just leave it to me! They're about to take a lead shower!
Let's just see how well you fair.
Hehe! Everyone, go go go!
You okay, mister?
...I must endure.
(Until I can get you free!)

Things were going swimmingly, too, until some clown in a stupid coat decided to show up. Seems he was the one who was supplying the angels with their weapons. Figures they couldn't make them on their own, they seem pretty useless.

Who the hell are you?
I didn't believe it at first, but... To see the supposed Master of Death in a quiet town like this...
...? Endorph, it's you!
Oh, hey. Just thought I'd drop in and have some fun.
Endorph... these guys are with the devil! You better watch out!
Hey, this rifle you gave me is awesome!
But... they're pretty strong. You think we'll be okay?
Don't worry. You've gotten stronger over the years. Just believe in yourselves.
Shauna... everyone... I'm sorry I pulled you into this mess.

Hmph. This guy... he represents everything that annoys me. He refuses to accept that these guys could train for a thousand years and still be worthless weaklings, because that's just how they are. His 'ally', though, she seemed much more interesting.

Haha. I think maybe you Robin Hood ripoffs have bitten off more than you can chew.
Looks like the angels have called in a few favors. Can you handle it?
They're not even worth thinking about.
Hehe, that's right. Just more toys for us to play with.
We'll push 'em around for a bit, then smash 'em all to hell.

I decided to send Galahad over to feel out this Shauna character, see where she stood. She kicked his face in, but I think the net result was worth any amount of pain on Galahad's part.

So you're that reaper I've been hearing so much about?
He's been known to reap a few souls.
But y'know, I'm getting kinda sick of those names. Reaper... Master of Death. How boring. I need something new.
Hmm... I like your voice.
...I've decided.
I'm coming with you. I can't stand being with these 'bandits' who don't even steal anything!
Oh yeah?
Shauna, no!
Endorph... I shoulda left as soon as I lost to you.
Don't you get it? I hate the rich and pompous, but I hate the poor even more.

Shauna... just take a look at what the angels have done and tell me you really believe that.
Of course I do! Who knows when these guys will start begging again? Or worse, when they decide to turn on you!
People are all too eager to forget the good things you do for them. My own experience has taught me that!
...I see.
Haha! C'mon, keep going!
I never get sick of people breaking up and getting pissed!
Nash! Lerouche! You're coming with me, right?

I gotta say, I really like Shauna. She's just the sort of person we need around here. Anyway, we kicked the crap out of this Endorph guy, and he was forced to run like hell, leaving his precious angels behind. Coward.

Anyway, Lobo went and picked out some hostages to demonstrate exactly what was at stake to the angels.

Ohh, she's an antique, huh? I can never tell with you people.
L-let go of Grandma!
Hah. Nah, I respect my elders. I'm gonna take real good care of her.
So listen up, before... I dunno, maybe Cuthbert's arm gets tired and drops his knife right into Granny's throat.
Y-you wouldn't!
Grr... such sickening cowardice...
I can't just let them kill her... But if I try and do anything...!

Hey, kid. You okay with the new guy doing whatever?
I don't care...
Hey, you're lookin' pretty bushed there. Hehe.
Sweet dreams, kid...

Man, I'm going to miss some awesome stuff this time I bet.

I already know what you're thinking... We're not even a challenge, right?
You guys are... you're just so...
Hm? We took both of 'em?
You... you demon spawn! How could you just go to sleep after everything you did? Have you no decency?!
Whaddya think, kid? I took the liberty of dominating all the angels in town.
We took these two hostage to 'convince' the rest to agree. That Lobo's a crafty son of a bitch, I'll give him that.
Oh, hey pal. You finally awake?
It's perfect. Neither of them will run off without the other, and it keeps the rest of the angels in line, too.
You're worse than evil! You're horrible!
This is just... you have no conscience! How could you people do such a thing?
You're all brutes!

Hey, you can see that kind of carnage whenever you want, right?
Okay. Girl, you're over there. Boy, you go that way.
Cuthbert, take care of 'em.
Come on.
Kill you... kill you... kill you...
Don't worry, Agrippa! Our friend Odie will come and save us. I'm sure of it! We just have to be patient until then!
Hah. Is escape all you can think about? Relying on divine intervention, no less? This is why I hate the weak...

Then Thorndyke barged in. He seemed, um, different somehow. And not in a good way. At least, not in a good way if you don't like people matted in blood.

He didn't deserve it, but oh well. Hahahaha!
Uh oh, Thorndyke's gone mad.
Still not as nuts as you, kid. Hehe.
I love it when a man's eyes burn with insanity. Hoho!
Oh, hey. Sorry about what happened to that kid, Penn. Hope you feel better.
Penn? I know no Penn! All I need is Richard!
He'll come back to me, no matter what! You'll see! Nobody can stop him!
Now I must return to my patrol!

Sure enough the kid was missing. No idea what happened to him, but I can't say I'm too unhappy. Little bastard was kind of freaking me out with his enthusiasm. Meanwhile, Shauna was sorting through some loot from the Pulkina operation, and made a good point.

Heh. I was just thinking of heading there myself.
Corsius, huh?
Hm? You don't know about it?
Here, look at this map.
Corsius, is right here, by the Pulkina Ruins.
The place is crawling with oblivious fat cats.
Then let's do it.
Hehe. Right back to your old self.
Alright, let's set up a charity drive for our 'Rule the World' fund!
You ready to go, pal?
What a pain...

Fine, whatever. I guarantee somebody gets left behind, though.

I'm kind of getting annoyed with Gig, honestly. It doesn't seem like he does very much while I'm not awake. I mean, it's always a shame to have missed something fun, but if it'd been me in charge for the last 33 days instead of him this damn continent would be on its knees. I don't know if he's dragging his feet on purpose or just lazy as shit, but whichever it is he needs to shape the hell up, especially if I'm going to keep falling asleep like this.

Anyway, we're off to Corsius to rob, pillage, and murder the place. Should be fun.


Feinne on Soul Nomad:

This next section is clearly intended to add a little bit of comic relief, which is always much needed in this path. The funny stuff in this path is often very funny, but the stuff that isn't REALLY isn't .Like next map. Oh god next map.

It's all my fault... always my fault! I'm so useless... I'm the worst! *cry*
There, there, don't cry. Here, look at this! This is wonderful!
Now listen careful, and be amazed! How many times have you wished for a soap that could wash away anything!
The kid drew over your wall? You burnt your pots? You bled all over your best suit? This cleans 'em all!
W-well what about you, good sir with the angry gaze?

And that's not all, Bob!
You see this? Looks like a bottle of ordinary shampoo, right? But not just any shampoo...
It's the most amazing shampoo ever seen! It actually stimulates hair to grow at ten times the normal rate!
Okay, let's see it.