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Soul Nomad

by Feinne

Part 73: Madness

Chapter 7: Madness

It turns out we've not got a monopoly on crazy people. We met someone way crazier than the wackiest crazy we've got on the team in Corsius. Even I kind of feel bad for them, and I pretty much commit genocide professionally.

Anyway, some rich asshole's private army ran Corsius. Ostensibly his daughter was in charge of it, but she wasn't really in good shape to lead people into battle.


Hehe. Shut up. Of course we can.
No, the city is currently- wait, that voice!
And that face! That sword! It's the same as those posters!
Everyone! They're here! The demons have come!
So you finally came for us, huh?
But you look like such a wimp. A kid like you is really the world's greatest threat?
Hey, don't let your guard down. We've all heard the stories...
Yeah, I guess.
You hear that, Miss? Maybe you better stay back...

They were being very deferential to a girl who looked a bit younger than me. She seemed pretty normal except for the fact that she was chasing after invisible birds and talking to herself. She'd fit right in with us, in other words.

It's no use. What's wrong with her, anyway? She's been acting so strange lately.
I mean, she used to be so energetic. She loved leading us into battle.
Hey. If you wanna keep your job, stop asking about it right now.
You there! Stop bothering Tricia! Just shut up and do your job, got it?!
If you don't understand what you're here for, you can just leave right now!
Okay, okay, fine. She's the great Hawthorne's daughter. I get it.
Make sure that you do.

That little crap Pinot decided to whine about having to fight. I'm about ready to kill her myself, honestly. She just doesn't seem to get that destroying this world is doing it a favor.

Everyone... I'm sorry.
You better learn to ignore those feelings, girl. They'll only get you hurt in the end.
Hoho. He's right, you know. Cast away your deluded emotions and allow our god to guide you to true enlightenment.
Now, let's begin the bloodbath! Who's first on the chopping block?!
Every life I take brings me one step closer to my dear Richard. And you won't get in my way! Hahahaha!!!
Everyone's so messed up...

Corsius was sparsely defended for such a rich city. Not impressive at all.

Feinne on Soul Nomad:

So, what happened to Trish? We'll find out here in a second, but the most important thing to remember is that we're already probably a month or more after when the Normal Path would have ended. So we never 'rescued' Tricia and Hawthorne lived long past when he 'should' have died.

Oh, and when playing maps like this, make sure you try out different combinations of characters attacking characters, you get a scene in this if you attack Tricia with Shauna, which we're about to see and which spells out the already obvious unpleasantness that has sent Tricia to a happier place where magic birdies fly away with her thinky-things la la whee!

It seemed as though Shauna somehow knew Tricia, so I sent her to subdue the kid before she shot herself in the foot with an arrow. Plus, if they were friends or something it'd be funny to make them fight.

!? Shari...?
What are you looking at? I'm not your whore of a mother.
Oh! Oh! Mother, listen!
Father came and visited Trish in her room again last night.
I was real scared. He got mad and said the reaper was coming cuz I was a bad little girl. I told him I was sorry!
And then... and then my hairpin broke. It wasn't mine, though. It was Mother's! Are you mad at me...?
?! H-hairpin...?
But, but... but I tried to fix it.

Yes, my dear?
This merchant... Hawthorne. Is he a customer of yours?
Yeah, actually. He's one of our regulars. Always buys the prettiest girls. How'd you know?
I hear none of the girls stay with him past their 17th birthday.
I see...
Mother Shari, isn't Trish a good little girl?
...Yes, you're a very good girl.
But don't call me Mother. You... can call me Sis instead, okay?
Sis... Shari?
That's right, Trish!

Yeah, sure, whatever you want.

I don't know if Shauna is really her sister or if she's just taking pity on the crazy, but if she's going to take care of her I really don't care either way. We've got so many crazies already that we might as well get a few more. Not sure this one's in any condition to fight, though.

Hawthorne wanted to team up with us. There was nothing he could give us that we couldn't just take from his festering corpse, though, so screw him.


Shauan: So you're Hawthorne?
Hrmm... that's right.
So what do you want? Money? Everything I have is hidden away at my estate. I'll take you do it, it's yours.
What else do you want? I'll give you anything.
But in return... why don't you join me? W-we both stand to gain from a partnership.
Not a chance.
That's too bad.
You're strong. Stronger than anyone I've ever seen. Strong enough to control the world.
But you need resources. I'll gladly act as your patron, and-!
The kid said no.

Not quite. I've got a very damn good reason to kill you.
N-no, stay away! Leave me alone! My men won't all-!
Gh-! Hah... Wh-what is...? So red...
This is... death? No... lies... not me...
And I'm taking your darling little Trish with me.
N-no... mine...
Hehe. Father, you have such bright red feathers! Such a pretty birdie...
You won't be mad at me anymore, will you?
No, Trish. He'll never get mad at you again.
Oh, Trish is so happy!
Ah! Sis Shari, the little birdie...! It's flying away.
That means it's happy. Just let it go.

So, it seemed like Tricia'd had some military training even if she was a total brain-blow, but it turns out she's not in any shape to do much of anything that doesn't involve randomly talking about birds.

The pretty birdie might die...
Her brain's fried. She can't consent, so we can't dominate her.
Hey... can you just let me take care of her?
Richard! Where's my Richard? I'm still waiting!
I finally finished gathering up all his stuff. Bastard has a fortune hidden away.
Alright kid, let's flap our little birdie wings on home.
Okay, let's go.

The loot from this should fund our operations for some time, so now it's time to figure out who we're going to massacre next. I'm sure Lobo or Shauna will have an idea as to a target. I've got to sort of rely on them because I know jack about the world outside the village and Gig knows jack about the world outside my damn sword. I should probably try and get some stuff done while we've still got one or two people who aren't totally crazy.