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Part 75: Horror (Part 1 of 2)

Chapter 9: Horror (Part 1 of 2)

Feinne on Soul Nomad:

I'm breaking this update into two because it starts with a twenty minute cutscene. This cutscene is special because it explains exactly what the demon path is all about. This is why the Demon Path should have gotten this game an M rating. Sure, you might be able to run over hookers and shoot random people in the face in Grand Theft Auto, but you can't do what we do at the end of this update.

I think I'm going to take this place over, give world domination a shot. Could be entertaining at least, as long as Gig doesn't screw everything up while I'm asleep like he always seems to. He's terrible at naming things, by the way. Damned idiot.


Eh, Overlord's fine, I guess.
Hey, you butthole! Whaddya mean, 'Overlord's fine, I guess'?!
Do you know how much trouble... How much abuse I went through just to earn that title?!
What's that annoying buzzing?
Must be hearing things.
But don't you think Overlord is kinda lame? I mean, it's pretty boring.
Fine. You pick, Gig.
Alright, then...
How about the BFF? Hehehe.
Oh, c'mon.

The goddamn BFF? That's the best he's got? Friggin' retard.

Let's just go with Devourlord.
Yeah, yeah, whatever. I don't even care anymore! Do whatever you want!
Thanks for your permission.
Oh, just go to sleep already. Just leave the rest to me. Hehe.

Shit. This guy's going to name something retarded while I'm asleep, I'm sure of it. Dammit, this sucks.

Listen, Gig, pal... I don't wanna be the one to say this, but... the name is... um...
It sucks. It sucks hard.
You shut your mouth! I don't need some flying midget girl telling me what's cool!
Geez, calm down! I don't even care!
And what'd you do with Agrippa?! I haven't seen him anywhere!
Oh, the other midget? Heh, I wonder. Maybe the little fly got swatted.
Where are we...?
Oh, welcome back, pal? Or should I say Devourlord?
Hehe. Where do you think we are? Doesn't it look familiar?

It did, come to think of it. I'd seen it before I went to sleep last time. Oh, and BFF Empire? What a jackass. Anyway, Lobo explained exactly how we got in some crazy floating castle thing.

You know how you rampaged into Orviska all on your own about 10 days ago and took over?
Well, pretty much the whole world hunkered down and holed up after that.
And then, Gig here... hehe. That was just... hahaha!
You demon! You godless animal!
What'd you do, exactly?
Ohh... I just gave them a little taste of what happens when you throw down with the Devourlord. You can thank me later. Heh.
Like the slum scum here said, before we killed em, it's all anarchy! Gig's more like a savage than a god now.
After inspiring fear across the land, he went ahead and dominated a bunch of people just to build this castle.

But back to the new empire name!
I already told the world to fear the BFF Empire. And I did all the work to build this place! I'm not budging on this one.
Whatever you want, man.
Fine, then it's settled. I knew we were soulmates. You understand me perfectly!

Meanwhile, everyone else was being either loud, crazy, or both. It's sort of annoying.

Diness... queen! Your Majesty! I'm not gonna eat you! So get in here and brush your teeth!
Gestahl! Don't fall asleep standing up! You have to get into bed first!
You're a good boy, Gestahl. You can do it!
I wasn't sleeping. I was just... thinking.
One feather... two feathers... Three feathers... not enough.
I'm just... no... good.
Have no fear, young Trish! I, Prism Beige, shall find the missing feathers for you!
It's a direct order from the professor himself!
Trish! Don't come in here. It's dangerous! Go back to your room!
And Galahad! Stop bothering Trish!

Sis...? Is Trish annoying, too? I knew it... I'm a bad girl. I should just disappear!
Oh, no no no, Trish! I didn't mean you! You're a very good girl! You're my only love!
Now, that's a very sharp knife you have there... so just give it to Sis, okay?
Hoho. I see everyone's devoting their souls fully to god. How wonderful!
It's so noisy here...
Is this the center of a brutal, bloodthirsty regime, or a daycare? Can't they do that somewhere else?

Thorndyke came in, leading some ancient peasant around. I guess it must have been one of the people Gig forced to build this castle.

I don't know!
Oww. Knock it off!
I found this man wandering the castle!
And I didn't kill him this time! Aren't you proud? Hahahaha!
...So, who're you?
Th-they call me Vangogh...
I-I don't mean to be a bother, but... There's lots of hotpod farming waitin' to get done. Maybe you could let us...?
I-It's not that I don't wanna fight! But my better half, she's real sick... A-and you could call me back anytime!
Not a chance.

Whining wretch. As though his suffering matters at all. Life itself, the very existence of this world brings me constant pain. Its screams are a constant dull roar now. I know I'm getting close.

You're the worst! You're like an... uber-brute!
You're coming with me.
I'm gonna make so many enemies...

Cuthbert came in. He had some news. I won't even say it was bad, I was sort of expecting something like this. Almost, you could say, hoping for it.

Huh? What're you talkin' about?
Well, I was keeping my eye on him... But then a stack of supplies suddenly fell over.
I wasn't hurt, but I was obviously set up...

You okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
But... these shackles really hurt.
Here, lemme take them off.
Don't expect me to thank you.
I'm just gonna die here, anyway. Nobody's gonna come and help me...
Why...? Why am I so weak? If I didn't have this stupid small body... If I had a body like yours...
Then this never would've happened!

My older brother is sick... he's dying. I was trying to make money to research a cure when I met Lobo.
He offered me a job. It was damn good money. At first, I just shut out all the awful things I saw and did.
But eventually... listen, just be careful, okay? Don't become like me.
Otherwise, you'll lose all your hair.
Hey, are you okay? We're here to help!
That's right! We're here to save you!
That voice...!

That worthless clown Endorph was defying me again. This time he'd learn the fate of all would-be heroes.

...? Huh?

Whatever. We don't need him. We still got the girl here.
And I bet they're still sneaking around here somewhere. Bunch of vigilante saints, huh?
Let's kill 'em where everyone can see.
Demon spawn!
Hey, there's a clearing in front of the prison that'd be perfect for a brutal showdown.
Hrm... so you're going to use the captive angels as bait to lure out the troublemakers, right?
Then you'll murder those would-be heroes of justice right in front of our helpless prisoners?
That's so disturbing... it's so vicious! It's so... so... wonderfully evil! I love it, Devourlord! How can I help?

Sure enough, we confronted Endorph and some candy-ass Dracon wizard outside the prison.

Sorry we're late!
And n-now that we're here, your reign of t-terror has come to an end!
Endorph! Odie!
You again?
Still alive, huh Endorph? Didn't get enough humiliation the first time? You're a real masochist, aren't you?
It was close last time, I admit. But I'm not the man I was then.
And now I'm going to save Pinot and the rest of the angels from your depraved clutches.
Oh, enough with the selfless, 'I care so much about everyone' drivel! You're so full of shit!
Hmph. That's not it at all. I just... can't let them live like this.

I didn't know of the horrors you had wrought until 20 days ago, when I found you had kidnapped the angels of Pulkina!
Though the heavens may overlook your misdeeds, I shall not forgive such despicable inhumanity!
That's why I've become Master Endorph's student and learned the ultimate skill!
And now you suffer the full power of the new-and-improved Odie!
Hahahaha! I was waiting for some grand wizard to show up, but all we get is some creepy guy wearing a mask!
Well, old man... I'm gonna take that mask as a souvenir! My Richard will love it!
Th-that mask... Dio, is that you?
Hrm? That voice... Gestahl!

Who'd want such a grandiose name like that, anyway?
Oh, my... the real Blazing Swordsman... is here? If I'm not mistaken, it seems he's lost his memory...
What in the world has Dio done to him?
Vangogh... you've told me your name. And so now I must tell you... I am Odie.
But... why do you serve such a hated enemy?
Well... ya see... I ain't got much choice.
My farm, my phnyx, and... my old lady. I gotta make sure they don't hurt 'em.
Th-that's horrible! Well you just hold tight. We'll take care of this!
Endorph! They're holding everyone in the prison!
Odie, it's time to show 'em what you've got!
Y-yes, Master Endorph!

The old loser had at least a little magic in his withered old shell, and managed to break the seal on the prison.

Barriers... release!
It worked! The prison doors opened!
I did it! I did it! Master Endorph! I did it!
Good job, Odie! Well done!
Pinot, are you okay?
Agrippa! I'm so glad to see you!
Thank you, Odie old chum. I knew you'd come through for us! I always believed in you!
Hold it right there!
Nash, Lerouche. Get 'em. And don't hold back just because Endorph's here.

Endorph... what the hell kind of training did you go through?
None. Odie's the one who got better.
I just decided I have to stop living in the past if I want to have a shot at a future.
Everyone, keep your eyes open! Don't just focus on the front line!
Tch... Robin Hood wannabe's pretty good.
We have to get children and the elderly out first!
Hehe. Now I can pump 'em full of lead!
So, Devourlord, or whatever, this is how it's gonna be. I'm taking all the angels with me.
Ain't gonna happen.

These clowns. They think they can do whatever they want. They think they have any strength at all. They think this is THEIR world?

Pinot, what is it?
Hey, demon spawn.
Before... why did you save me?
You know, when you got in the way of Dio's lightning bolt?
Oh, that?
When you shoved the midget out of the way, I thought maybe you'd gone soft!
So... you're actually good... right?
You just have a devil inside you. That's it, isn't it?
Heh. Does it look like I have any control here?
Then... why'd you do it?

This isn't their world. This is MY world. And I decide who lives and who dies.

So, I learned something fun today. If someone's pretty weak, say from being a worthless angel who's been stuck in jail for months, I can snuff their life out with my harsh gaze alone. This would have been useful for Agrippa to know a little bit ago. You know, before I killed him.

N-no... I'm okay... I can still... fight.
Oh, god...
Th-this isn't right! It's not fair!
Wh-why...? Why did you...?
I wanted you to be here for this.
More... I want to see more!
Damn, kid. This is just wrong.
How can you torture me like this! This is just... worse than evil!

Pinot should be happy, I gave her the most wonderful of gifts. She gets to experience what it is to die inside while still living. She gets to experience the merest fraction of this world's pain. And now the time has come to smash these pitiful heroes, to show them how futile their attempts to cling to life truly are.

Next time on Soul Nomad: Part 2: Sacrifice. Don't miss the exciting conclusion of this two part update!