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Part 76: Sacrifice (Part 2 of 2)

Chapter 9: Sacrifice (Part 2 of 2)

Miserable vermin like these 'heroes' need to learn their place in the world. Luckily I'm around to show them how meaningless their struggles truly are. Agrippa wasn't nearly enough. I won't be satisfied until they're all dead.

Feinne on Soul Nomad:

Be careful about your kill order on this map. If you want to make it easier on yourself, kill Odie last. His defeat is what triggers Vangogh to switch sides. These maps are honestly almost easier to just solo with Burning Blood and the Hero's room than to use other rooms, but I do because it feels more right.


I swatted that stupid Dracon like a fly. The old and weak should just go find a nice quiet place to die. Their time has passed and they should accept death with dignity. But no, not this guy.

Are you-!
I... I don't think... I'm gonna make it.
Don't talk like that! I forbid you from going!
Remember that fence you broke when you tripped and fell into it? You still haven't fixed that!
Odie... you can make it. I know you can.
You just have to push yourself!
A-and... you still haven't paid me for helping you! So please... you gotta pull through.
Pinot... Endorph... Vangogh... and Agrippa.
I... I...

Please... lend me your power!
Odie, that was awesome!
Vangogh, come to me! I shall protect you!
Hey, look, your phynx!
Rockum? Sockum?
Gryahrahrya! (And we got Momma free, too!)
Kyukyrukryu! (But the farm's a lost cause, I think. Teehee.)
Vangogh... it seems your phynx here managed to get your wife out safe.
But... your hotpod farm...

Welcome back, my friend!
My dominion!
Oh that's bullshit!
I don't care if you've 'reawakened your inner child' or whatever! You don't stand a chance against the BFF Empire!

He has one thing right, his stupid farm is going to suffer for his insolence. His and everyone else's. I'll burn their land to the ground, dash their crops and salt the earth! I'll slaughter anyone who stays behind! I'll pile their skulls and leave it behind as a grim reminder of what happens to anyone who even tangentially opposes me!


Dammit, I'm losing my cool here. I need to calm down a bit. It's not like this imbecile or his farm will survive the coming end of the world anyway. The hopes of these trash will only make their inevitable defeat sweeter in the end. So let them think they've won. Let them think they have a chance. When they learn how wrong they are it will all be worth it.


Then I can't waste any time! My life means nothing if I can't stop you here!
Pinot, Odie, get all the angels out of here! Run!
Burning soul! Awaken the sleeping beast! The power of truth... Psycho Burgundy!
M-Master... his soul is on fire!
Hey kid, this might be a tough one. Here, use my power and get rid of him quick!
Good idea.

As if Endorph pulling out some ridiculous super move wasn't farcical enough, some ridiculous knight appeared. The idiot could barely move in their armor, I have no idea what their deal was. What's worse, somehow this clown was considered a hero of the people. Whoever this Silent Knight is, when I catch them I'll tear their helmet off and leave them, unmasked and rotting, as a warning to any who would take their place.

Everyone, the Silent Knight is here!
Grr! What is this?!

I didn't anticipate how cowardly they'd be, foolishly. Endorph just slammed his attack into the ground, creating a cloud of dust. By the time it settled, they were gone.

This is no fun.
Hehe. Yeah, I bet you're pretty pissed.
If you need something to cheer you up, why not-
Hey, the zombie's acting kinda strange.
Ng... my body...
Is this... death? Has it finally... caught up to me?
No... death is nothingness... Blackness... emptiness... I will... not...
Hmm... is he out of batteries again?
Oh, I think he's just not getting enough nutrients.

You still wanna keep your toy, right? So all you gotta do is sacrifice one of these other useless jerks.
Who do you wanna give up?
Let's go with... Galahad.
Sounds good.
A fantastic decision.
I couldn't agree more.
Yup, he's definitely the most useless.
Hey, Galahad. Gimme back my money.
Ah! I-I just remembered... I have to be somewhere! Somewhere besides here!

But luckily for our worthless friend, Lobo had a different suggestion. Turns out he had some spare people who we could sacrifice.

Hehe. I think she's already broke. She lets out there weird sounds sometimes.
I think she'd make a pretty good sacrifice.
I mean, the sacrifice doesn't have to be one of ours. Why don't we just settle things with this one?
So what's up with this chick? She's not saying anything... Is she even alive?
Well, she's still breathing. I think that counts. I'm sure it'll be fine.
But... we do have one problem. We don't have anyone who can perform the ritual.
What about Kanan?
Well, yeah, she is a Dracon... But I think maybe that Dio guy has a certain way of doing it.

Kanan was willing to give it a shot, though, proving again she's right up there with Shauna in being 'not completely useless'.

Hmm... maybe not. It's not working.
Just forget it.
Hehe. Then... maybe we need to find us a new toy.

It was then that an oddly familiar voice came from her mouth. It was garbled, but sounded like an attempt at communication.

That voice... Master of Death.
Hahaha! Holy crap! That weak-ass Dio chump is talking through the girl! That is so freaky!
What is she?
Hmph. The Devourlord's there too, eh?
Then... you must have Gestahl, correct?
Would you kindly give him back? He is very important... a very necessary human, if you will.
We can't. He broke.
Yup. He ran out of juice. Just a little bit ago, matter of fact.

!! Med-Gestahl...!
Th-there's still time!
Sacrifice... I need a sacrifice. *sigh* I guess this girl is all I have.
Enyet... leshimalay... Folinyo... ayilerya...
Those words...!
This soul I sacrifice...?
?! You understand it, too?
Has our fusion really gone that far...?
But why the hell does some worthless human know those words?!

Gig's wrong about one thing, though. I could understand things like that long before I met him. I don't know how, but I know a language that nobody else does.

Who... are you? The Devourlord is my master...
Haha. He doesn't even remember his real master. How deliciously sad. Hahahaha!
That girl... her soul was too weak. It wasn't enough!
Devourlord... I can't leave Gestahl like this. And you won't let me take him with me, will you?
If you submit to me, you can stay.
...Very well.
Then let's dominate Dio.
Now that you're with us... Do your best to help out.
Of course...
Devourlord... with your permission, I'd like to take this girl.
Be my guest.
Hehe. I wonder what you want her for...

So now we have the strongest wizard on the planet on our side. I'm not sure why he joined us, honestly. How important could one zombie be? Anyway I'm sure he's planning a doublecross, but as long as I know to watch for it it's not really something to worry about.