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Soul Nomad

by Feinne

Part 77: Smash

Chapter 10- Smash

Damn these worthless trash all to hell! I was going to play nice, just take the world over. These vermin have just bought this whole place a one-way ticket to oblivion, though. That'll teach them to mock me.

I guess I'm getting ahead of myself. The little queen was pretty excited to see Dio until she realized he wasn't there to help her escape. I'm not even keeping the bitch here, she just hangs around because she's got nowhere else to go.


You've come to rescue me! Oh, I knew you wouldn't let me down!
Your Majesty...
I'm deeply sorry. But current circumstances prevent me from liberating you right at this moment...
N-no! You have to help!
I've been waiting... you were my only hope! You have to rescue me! I have faith in you...
That I cannot help you wounds me deeply. I don't blame you if you consider me a failure.
Faith, huh? That takes me back. There was a time when I actually knew what faith felt like.
But you should've abandoned that emotion long ago, child queen.

Things were really boring, so we decided to make fun of the kid for a while. That little kid we had a while back was way cooler, even if he was creepy. I still wonder what happened to him while I was asleep that one time, Gig was very nonspecific.

Hey, Queenie. You really shouldn't wait around for others to save you. Like they say, a fire never puts itself out.
Women like us have to take control of our own lives. That's how I survived as long as I did.
But scared little girls like you, who just hide in the corner and cry... I can't stand cowards like that.
Be strong, girl! The only person you can ever rely on is yourself!
A weak spirit will eventually reveal a flaw and lead to total failure! Haha!
Weak spirit...?
Then... what should I do?
Do whatever you want.

Then she spilled all her meaningless problems, as though they still mattered. Her continued presence does lend the air of credibility to our regime, or she'd be fertilizing some hotpod farm somewhere.

Th-they just forced me... and I didn't wanna... but I didn't know what to do!
Hmph. Enough with the self-pity. What good will your tears bring?
I-is it scary? I mean, will it be scary? I don't like scary?
Well, independence never scared me. But for you? Who knows.
But the rest is up to you. I'm going back to check on Trish, who actually needs someone to take care of her.

Tricia's not looking too hot, by the way. I can tell these things just by looking any more. It's not just her pallor or the unhealthy sheen on her skin. The air of death hangs around her. It's just a reminder that death comes for everyone, not just those that deserve it.

Scared... hurt... don't like it.
Oh, Trish! Why'd you come out of your room again?
What hurts, Trish? I'll make it all better, alright? It's okay, you didn't do anything wrong.
Now let's go back to your room. I'll be right there, okay?

There was a loud crash and the whole castle shook.

Devourlord! There's something going on outside!
See? We finally get some excitement around here! Let's go, kid!

There was a riot going on outside. It was beautiful. Poorly armed civilians screaming for justice and the soldiers who would have no choice but to mow them down if they didn't stop were set to clash at any moment. Damn it feels good to be in charge some days.

Listen to yourself! Don't you realize how awful this all is? You're out of your mind to keep doing these things!
We have to rise up! We've got Levin the Undying on our side in Raide! He'll help us for sure!
You can rebel or whatever, but don't try and drag us down with you. I don't wanna go through that ever again!
Hmph. I told him they weren't ready yet. The young Sepp got a little ahead of himself...
I'm telling you... You need to settle down!
I'm not doing this for that damn Devourlord... but I have to keep the peace!
Listen to me, dammit!

Then things got just beautiful. A demonstrator got too close and the guard killed him. We were going to have a truly wonderful riot soon. It's magic to behold.

I-it's because you wouldn't listen! I... I just wanted...!
Don't blame yourself. It's their fault for trying to rise up against something they can't stop!
Th-that's right! I did the right thing here!
You bastard!
Haha. Look, the monkeys are fighting each other. What a great show!
Let's see how it pans out.
A riot? Excellent... Now, where's Miss Tricia?
Hey, look. There's some more. You think they're trying to surround us? Hehe.
How fun!
Are you... the Devourlord?!

I've come to retrieve Miss Tricia! En Garde!
I don't want to kill my comrades... If I can take you down, it'll be all over! Here I go!

Feinne on Soul Nomad:

The only thing I really have to say about this map is that it's really easy unless you get extremely unlucky and get immobilized by a minetrap from one of those stupid saboteur rooms like I did. Just pound everything in sight into the ground. Grunzford shows up after you do enough damage, but he's no more threatening than anything else on the map. Which is to say, not at all if you got this far.

These worthless clowns thought they had even the slightest chance against me, which is pretty funny. After I'd almost finished mopping these imbeciles up, that old redflank stepped in and tried to rally their retreat.

Thanks for the help. That was too close.
Ah! You're...!
So, have you cooled off yet? Or are you just getting warmed up?
It's been a while. Eight years, by last count.
So you're here to save Trish? Impatient as ever, I see. Didn't I always tell you to wait till the time was right?
Even the most delicious hotpod is useless while the stem is still green, am I right?
If you live through today, try harder to remember that.
You young'ns, so full of life... And so willing to rush into death.

And you other kids, too. Calm down, and let's retreat for now.
Grr... hey, Gramps! Let us handle this! Go take a nap or something!
I hate naps! Hrah!
One quick strike to the neck... Elegant as ever. I see you've kept your skills sharp.
She's not dead, but once she wakes up, she'll wish she was.

They seemed determined to retreat. I saw no reason to let them go without killing as many as possible, though. Dio pulled his weight in the battle. He's got some decent magic I guess.

But then, as triumph seemed certain, that stupid damn knight showed up again. I'm not even sure exactly what happened, but long story short they all got away.

Next time we meet, try not to fall into such an obvious trap!
Damn! They got away again!
How can you let those maggots make fools of us?!
They've not gonna get away with this...
It's time for some genocide, kid. We need to let these punk bitches know who's boss around here.
Yeah... but my body... getting heavy...
*sigh* Fine, don't overwork yourself.
I'll take care of it. But you're gonna miss all the fun.

They're probably laughing at us right now. This Grunzford, this Silent Knight, this so-called 'Levin the Undying'. Well let them laugh. Let them feel like they've won. It will just make their deaths all the sweeter. When I wake up again, I will track this 'undying hero' down and slaughter him in front of everyone, and watch with glee as the hopes of the worthless mortal trash die. Then I'll burn this world to ashes and create a new world, a perfect world. A world just for me...