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Part 80: Fury

Chapter 13: Fury

I'm still alive, even now. From this I have come to a simple conclusion, that I cannot be killed. If it were possible, they surely would have done it by now. Gig finally managed to rouse me, although it took the worthless clown long enough. I'm not even sure why I keep him around any more, I already feel like my own power far exceeds his. Oh well.

Anyway, we woke up in some stupid forest. After I'm done the 'destroy the world' phase of this plan and am on the 'make a new one' phase I'm definitely NOT including any forests. I'm sick unto death of hearing the cries of these trees as they soak up the world's pain through their roots. All I want is to silence this wretched place now, I don't even care how.


Where are we?
Finally! Geez. I've been yelling for hours. I dunno where we are, exactly. And I dunno how long we've been here.
All I know, is we're trapped in this stupid forest.
No matter where I go, it's always the same. I can never reach the end.
A barrier?
Whatever it is, it's damn strong. Dammit!
But anyway, how ya feeling? Everything work okay?
What, you're worried about me?
Well, this is my body too, after all.
I don't care if you're mad as a march hare upstairs, you need to keep the body working.
We've made it this far, and I plan to see this thing to the end. Whatever happens to you, happens to me.
So, I'll ask again. You good to go?
Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.

We walked for hours through identical woods. But then, we found something much worse. I'm not sure why it bothered me so much, but it was just unsettling.

What is that...?
!! It's... Raksha!
Finally, something's different at least.
One of the World Eaters.
But... this is just his shell. Where's the rest of him?
Kid? Something wrong?
I don't wanna look at that.
Why? What's the problem?

Then everything went dark, and the world started to bend and shift. The trees turned rancid and bloody.

Those red trees... this is sorta what this place looked like 200 years ago, before there was any barrier.
Did the seal break somehow?
Hey, kid...
Yeah. There's someone here.
Oh gimme a break! It's all those maggots we already killed! And... Feinne?
And the hag! How the hell are you still alive?!
Hmhm. It's been awhile, Gig. It took some time, but I managed to recover. Didn't you know? I'm not a normal human.
Normal human?
Layna is only the name of this body. And while the body is human, my soul is that of a god.
I am Virtuous. I am the Master of Life for this world.
And you... Devourlord, is it?

And that's when whoever the hell this woman actually was made me an offer. She wanted to save the world from suffering as well. The means we intended to use were diametrically opposed, true, but perhaps it could be worthwhile to hear her way out. Or at least, it would have. But those ignorant mayflies just wouldn't be satisfied while I was still alive, it seemed. If they really want a fight, I'll be happy to accommodate them.

Are you mad?! After everything you've done, you think you can just go back to how things used to be?!
Well... I'm to blame for at least, like, half of this. But half or all, it doesn't really matter, does it? Heh.
Hmph. It's been a year since you began your slaughter. We're in the middle of rebuilding our world.
And to just bring you back into our world, like nothing ever happened... How could we even consider that?
Lady Layna, you must realize how insane this all sounds!
Grunzford... I'm sorry. I know how much you love to lecture...
But for over 10 years, I cared for this child like my own flesh and blood.
I am partly to blame for what's happened here.

Partly to blame? PARTLY TO BLAME? You're ENTIRELY to blame, you wretched whore! It's your fault I was granted the power of a demon god. It's your fault I'm going to crush this world like a rotten apple. Even now she continues to arrogantly believe in her own perfection despite the constant evidence that she's just as worthless as the mortal shell she squats in.

I understand...
Devourlord... you are all but barred from heaven when you die.
But at least you can give up your life now and bring peace to the land...

Hmph. Barred from heaven when I die? That threat might matter to the insects around me, but I have no intention of dying. Ever. Then, Danette showed up in that ridiculous costume that seems to have fooled everyone else because, I don't know, they're morons.

The Silent Knight... speaks?
That voice... who is that?
Why can't you just stop doing these awful things?!
This... this isn't like you!
Wha? What the hell do you know what's 'like us'?
Hey, wait... I've heard that voice before!
Please... just listen to me!
It's the Sepp girl! Now I remember you, from 10 years ago, right? Danette, I believe?
Ugh, you pain-in-the-ass cow. Haven't we killed you enough already?
I won't rest until I snap your neck!
Thanks to you... my friend became super crazy weird!
Hmm... you seem kinda different from before. What happened, I wonder?

So... why a knight?
B-because I didn't want you to see me, of course! What was I supposed to say...?
You've changed so much... How could I face you like this?
How are you still alive?
...Lady Layna rescued me.
So you're really... not the same anymore, are you?
I... I believed in you!
Hehe. Not that I care, kid, but the folks in the peanut gallery are gettin' kinda restless, yeah?

The massed forces of those who we'd opposed but not managed to kill yet were indeed looking pretty pissed. Which means I was clearly doing something right.

They've been chanting prayers for the fallen and singing songs of war! There is no salvation for you here!
You never got me, but you've hurt many of the people I care about.
And these debts have a nasty habit of sticking around, y'know? Eventually you gotta pay up.
For the angels you killed without mercy, for Agrippa, you shall be punished!
Prepare yourself, demon spawn! Agrippa will have his revenge!
My hotpod farm was okay, but everyone else...
When a farmer loses his farm... He just ain't a farmer no more!
Grahgyaragah! (You killed off all dem phynx, too!)
Kryurukkuku. (Everyone hates you a whole bunch. Teehee.)
The crime of killing Gestahl... No, Lord Median, is greater than you can ever know!
I'll see to it that your soul never finds peace!

He was once a proud, mighty warrior. But now... he's a miserable, broken man!
After you... Levin... in the end, he-!
Our worst fears have come to pass. And now, we cannot let you leave here alive.
That's right!
Hehe. If you're looking for compassion, you've come to the wrong place.
The second we decided to just do whatever we wanted, you had to know something like this would happen.
And with all this power on our side, you don't stand a chance. That's just how the world works.
So...we can win?
Well that's all up to you and how far you're willing to go.
Then let's go all the way.

I'm through giving these guys chances. It's time for them all to die.

It's not like they can feel anything once they're dead. It's the living who need something to bitch about.
Waaah! I'm so lonely! Why'd they have to abandon me! All your blubbering is for yourself. Not the dead one.
That's exactly right, Gig. We mourn for our loss. Are you really so different?
You've been with this child for so long. Will you tell us you never felt the spark of genuine emotion?
Who the hell cares?! It's all garbage!
Can we just get this over with, already?
Or what? Now you don't wanna fight?

The pitiful cowards must have seriously thought I was going to give up, and were scrambling to get ready for me to actually fight back.

If you won't start, allow me.
I won't give you a chance to hurt them! I'll kill you with my own two hands!
I suppose this is how it must be...
Resilience, please...
Yes... Vir...tuous...
Vig...ilance... End...this.
!! She's turned Feinne against us!
C'mon kid! Let's teach 'em a lesson!

Today's lesson is that I don't need to play with dollies to smash insects like these. All I need is my power, the power of a king among demons. What can these fools hope to do against that?


Feinne on Soul Nomad:

This is the penultimate challenge, and it's a real doozy compared to the last map. Level 120 Feinne is the biggest single threat. I'll go into more detail in a later post, but the general trick to leveling up quickly is to have your hero alone in a room with the proper décor and have them kill lots of room sentries and tyrants in one hit with demon force. I easily went from the 80s to the 200s in less than an hour. This map it's not so necessary, but next map if you're not using Hades' Despair I'd strongly suggest being in the mid to high hundreds range.

Oh, and here's my solo décor setup. Vengeful Hope greatly increases the stats of the leader of a room if they're alone in the room, Living Now for infinite skills and tactics for 3 turns, Truth Nirvana to negate the bad match with Feinne, and Silent Walk to ensure we don't get squished by Feinne before we can kill her.

It was all too easy. I was honestly disappointed, how could this have been the best the forces of 'truth and justice' had to offer? Just proves everything they stand for, everything they believe is a worm-ridden lie. Anyway, they were shocked that I was so much stronger than Feinne.[/i]


How...? She was a World Eater!
Did we make a mistake somewhere?
Hmph. To defy a god... and survive.
We're holding for now... But they're... they're too strong.
Are you okay, Odie? Your legs are starting to shake...
Urg! I can't turn tail and run now, now while the others are still standing!
Grh-! If only Queen Alexemia were here!
But... she could never survive on land...
Nereid, you say you want your queen? I may be able to help with that... No, nevermind... I can't now...
W-w-we don't stand a chance!
Kukyugrahgyah... (Why they gotta be so tough?)

The ground began to shake. That monstrous shell from before had picked itself off the ground. World Eater Raksha...

Hehe. Finally, I can move! It's been awhile since I went for a spin. I'm still a little rusty.
Hey, Gig! How's it goin'?
Oh ho. Ol' long, tall & ugly decided to show up, huh?
I'm not gonna ask what took you so long. Just get rid of these insects, would ya?
Oh, sure thing, boss!
But... you're sorta in the way. I might just have to step on you! Gwahahahaha!
You bastard! The hell are you doing?!
Hey, wait a second...

Huh? Whaddya mean, 'ex-boss'?
You know, after 200 years of isolation in this forest, I got pretty sick of my body. It got really frigging boring.
And then, along comes some wizard who so kindly decided to release me. At first, I was gonna kill both you and Virtuous.
But after you cowards retreated when we first met, people started flocking to me. It was pretty annoying at first.
But I got used to having people rely on me. I decided it wasn't such a bad way to live.
Hah. So you got off on playing the hero, huh? He wolf who wanted to become the shepherd. How sickeningly noble.
So, what's the plan now?

No, of course you don't. Doesn't matter how long you live, you'll never understand.
Is that your idea of an insult? Don't make me laugh.
What're you gonna do with that pathetic soul of yours. You can hardly move!
I think you're forgetting something. I'm a World Eater, remember?
Hey Feinne, long time no see.
Oh, wow! You can talk, huh?
Then lemme ask you a question. You're helping out these humans, but what're you gonna do when you're done?
Return to... the cycle.
Okay, so you want to die so you can be reborn, right? That's perfect.

Ohh, I get it now. Heh. Cannibalizing your fellow World Eater, huh?
You really have to go that far just to beat little ol' me? That's pretty pitiful. Haha!
Rak...sha... Yes... eat... me...
Thanks, Feinne! I owe ya one!
Even if I can't return myself, I want to give you a chance to fix the world you have to live in.
So, please... take care of my sister.
Sister? You mean...? No, that's impossible.
Ahh... yet another tragic soul, lost to the crushing waves of evil.
Why must I be so powerless?
L-Lady Layna? About that other Layna we heard about...
With a Crimson Tear, we can open the gate, right?
Well, yes, that's true...

No, you mustn't even consider it!
But... at this rate, we're doomed anyway!
So I...!
You! If I die, you'll die with me!
My last act on this earth will be to snap your stupid neck!
Hehe. A kamikaze rush, huh?

Danette rushed headlong at us. I wasn't sure why she was so eager to die, but if death was her wish I was happy to finally grant rest to my oldest friend. She didn't even resist. It was odd.

Damn. That wasn't even a kamikaze.
That was just, like... suicide.
Gh-! Lady... Layna...
Oh, Danette... what have you done?
Now... can I become... like Mom and Dad?
Don't you understand? You don't want to go through that.
Ahh... that glow. I guess that's it. You'll join your parents soon enough...
I... I'm glad...
I can stop... now.
You're... foolish! This was just a stupid thing to do!
Heh. I'm sorry, Lady Layna... But I'm not... stupid anymore.
But I'm sorry... if I made you cry...

And with that she was gone. Then I saw why she'd done it, she'd turned into a Crimson Tear. Sneaky.

Your jewel... such a mournful color... I never wanted to see you like this.
Very well. Danette... please lend me the power of your heart and soul!
Seyhana... nami... Layna-mi... yohara!

A girl clearly no older than I appeared. This was their 'great hope'? It wasn't so much a Deus ex Machina as a deuce ex latrina as far I was concerned.

Huh...? What's wrong with everyone? It feels like a funeral here!
Oh... who was the sacrifice?
To open your path... Danette...
I see...
Then I guess I gotta kill you no matter what. Fine by me. Your face looks very punchable.
Who are you?
I'm Layna! I used to own that body over there. The one Virtuous is using now.
I just finished up some work in the other world. You were supposed to be my partner up there. But things changed.

What? I don't know if you're Virtuous' old body or partner or whatever, but you think you're that strong?
With that tiny little stick-figure body?
Ah ha! That voice... Gig, right? Yeah, I knew I recognized it!
But yeah, you could say I'm strong. I am a World Eater, after all.
By partner, you mean...
That's right. You're a World Eater, as well.
I wanted to send you to the other world to help Layna defeat those who had been stealing our world's souls.
Only those with a powerful soul could ever pull that off...
So basically, you were just trying to use us.

Selfish bitch. She knew everything about my past the whole time, and kept it hidden from me. But now it all truly makes sense. I'm a World Eater. I'll devour them all, and use their strength to remake this place in my own image. Finally, a place where I can be happy...

Freaking needy maggots. You've all earned a one-way ticket to Killsville. Am I right, kid?
Lady Layna... everyone is exhausted. We can't fight much longer.
There is another way...
I hear the Nereid queen has an amazing healing power.
Perhaps if we could bring her here to us.
You can summon her...?
A Crimson Tear? But where...?

But... what are you even doing here?
If anyone has reason to hate me, it's you.
Hate? I don't hate you.
What I feel goes far beyond simple hatred. You shattered my pride as a sorcerer, and the pride of my family.
That sense of loss, defeat, regret. It snowballed through all the generations of the Dio line.
But... what use does the Dio family serve if not to help their fellow man?
Now that Lord Median is gone, I can only serve the world he wanted to create. A world of unity and peace.
I must do what I can for this world, or else Lord Median will be quite angry with me.
Dio of the Evil Eye. Thank you. You have my deepest gratitude.
I shall leave this to you, then.
Thank you.

Dio summoned some especially fishy fish chick. I was taking the time while they hemmed and hawed and charged up for their super moves or whatever it is heroes do to summon my forces. All the demons of the Netherworld were at my fingertips, the mightiest warriors of all time. This would be child's play.

Juno, is that you?
What is the meaning of all this?
The sorcerer Dio has called upon you, my queen...
We tried taking on the Devourlord, but we couldn't do it. The enemy still stands, but we're all exhausted.
We were hoping you could grant us the power to keep fighting...
I know it drains away your life-force whenever you use your power, but...
I understand.
Worry not about my own life. At times I feel I've already lived too long... seen too much.
I don't like healing girls, but I suppose I have no choice. I shall help everyone.
Everyone, gather round.

I know, I know. But just for a while, okay? I'm perfectly happy just the way I am.
Hmhm... I understand.
Lady Layna!
Holy shit! She just ate the hell out of the Master of Life! I bet that tastes awful...
Hey, kid. You wanna eat something, too? Haha.
Yeah. You.

Gig... Devourlord... sorry to keep you waiting. We're all ready on our end.
How about you? You waited for us, so it's only fair we wait for you.

One way or another, this next battle would mark a turning point in history. When I win, I'll make history... end.