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Soul Nomad

by Feinne

Part 81: Armageddon

Chapter 14: Armageddon

Feinne on Soul Nomad:

Today I'll mostly talk about strategies for the final battle. Level 140 Raksha is no joke. There's a couple ways to go about cracking him.

One solution is to just be really high level. If you're around level 200 you're powerful enough to beat Raksha in one or two attacks. You still probably want to save him for last, because he's not going anywhere.

There's another way, though. This map can be beaten around level 80 if you use the real ultimate power, the room Hades' Despair. This room blows the game wide open. It has an amusing little décor furnished called Outer Limit. This décor raises your stats by 1% per 1% your STM decreases (with +1% per 12 stars on the room). The catch is if you reach zero STM, you die instantly. Using this room you can gain the effective stats of much higher level characters and win the day.

Décor wise, some good ideas are Living Now if you're not using Hades Despair or Burning Blood if you are, Tyrant Stare, and some kind of stat or damage booster. You could also use Silent Walk, if you're a sissy. It would really help the Outer Limit strategy, and also would help you kill Raksha without losing people.

Whether you win or lose the map, you get an end of cycle. Next update will be the 'lose', then the 'win'. This allows each update to be of reasonable length to write and to watch.

The time for the final battle to decide the world's fate had come. There was no turning back. Either I would die, or I would butcher them all. There was no other way.


Dio, do you think I have what it takes? You think I can help them... help the world?
To be honest... I never thought you'd make it this far. But you've earned the family name many times over, to be sure.
But I can't let you surpass me now!
I-I'm pretty scared, but... I can't hide from this anymore!
Grahrya! (We's standin' tall!)
Kyurukuryu! (We can take things seriously sometimes... teehee!)
I always saw myself as an outsider in this world... Never thought of it as my home.
But this is where I draw breath, where I find meaning in my wasted life! And I won't let you defile my home anymore!
I know how much it hurts the queen to come on land like this...
So I shall do my best to alleviate her suffering and end this quickly!

It's all over, demon spawn. Bye bye!
I will use the souls of the dead to their fullest!
Gig! The power of the World Eaters are arrayed against you. You will finally know the bitter taste of death!
Did everyone get it out of their system? Anyone have anything else? No? Nobody? Then let's get it over with! Ready, kid?
Everyone, get ready! This is it!
Bring it, bitches!

The final battle is here. The world will never be the same again...