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Soul Nomad

by Feinne

Part 83: Oblivion

Chapter 16- Oblivion

Feinne on Soul Nomad:

This is it, the ultimate battle fought for real. Bring your strongest soldiers, your best décor. This is for all the marbles. I strongly suggest not doing what I did in the video, which is going for Raksha quickly. It's a risky gambit because if you don't kill him right away he can do some serious damage to your room. Clear everyone else first then go do Raksha, he's not going anywhere.

Oh, and as with La Pucelle the 'epilogue' part of this is totally made up and should not be taken as anything other than an amusing possibility.

It's all over. Finally a hush has descended across the world. It screams no more, for no longer does it draw breath...


All those who stood against me lay in broken heaps. Those who fought by my side were lost in the final battle as well. I seem to recall Kanan and Dio vanishing in a massive magical explosion, and I'm pretty sure Endorph and Shauna took each other out. Thorndyke and that stupid Nereid took each other out. Galahad might still be hiding under a pile of corpses, I wouldn't put it past him. None of that matters now, though. I have finally won. There's just one more little loose end to tie up...


That takes care of all the annoying insects. Nobody left to bother us. You satisfied?
Oh, don't tell me you're all lonely now.
Hey, I should be more than enough company, right? You and me, together forever, till the end of time!

Just one more little thing left to do.

Hey, kid... what're you doing?
Hey! Hey, what do you think you're doing?!
No... no! You can't! You can't eat me! Not after all this!
Wh-why? How can yo-ughalughalbh!
The power...
Everything before this was nothing.
So I can't summon anyone anymore.
Now I'm all alone...

I wasn't, though. Not quite yet.

Indeed, Haephnes. We must make contact.
Devourlord... Devourlord...
Who's there?
I am Haephnes, god of this world.
What do you desire?
And I am Drazil, god of the other world. The power you've gained rivals even our own.
But with such power comes a certain obligation. You have to stop this senseless destruction.

Hmph. Just because they want to be called gods and play at helping the world doesn't mean I can stomach that lie. I have larger goals. There's a whole wide universe outside our world to explore, to conquer, to destroy.

Fine by me.
Haephnes, I'm sorry... this is all my fault. I planted the seeds from which this disaster grew.
So what?
No... it's my fault. My words... They couldn't reach this lost soul.
Yeah, sure.
Then there's nothing we can do.
We have only one path left to us.
Very well... if that is our only choice.
That which rules all... Ashur! Please grant us your divine grace!

These chumps decided to try and take me on. Big mistake.

Just try it.
Demon Blast!
Even without Gig...!
Demon Blast!
Ahh! The world!
Demon Blast!
Into nothingness...!
Demon Blast!

The worlds began to shake apart, and soon shattered completely. The force of the collapse tore space and time themselves apart. I think I've been catapulted into the distant past. My body was destroyed, but I still exist. The castle Gig had built survived the destruction as well, somehow, and ended up with me on this blasted world I find myself on.

No longer am I the Devourlord. With my body lost, I am no longer truly a World Eater, and I can no longer use Gig's power of dominion. Already, though, I have battled a powerful demon who called himself and 'Overlord' and destroyed him utterly. It seems that outside our secluded little world are countless worlds ruled over by demon Overlords. I have a new goal now. I will conquer all worlds. I will become the Supreme Overlord, just because I can. I can never truly die, my victory is only a matter of time.

Hmm. There's just one problem. My name's just not going to cut it. Nobody's going to flee for their lives from Taella, Lord of Terror. No, I need a new name...

I'm sure one will come to me. I've got all the time in existence now.