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Part 84: Lost Chapter 2- Asagi

Lost Chapter 2- Asagi

Feinne on Soul Nomad:

I'm going to dispense with most of the 'story' for this one, largely because of when it happens. See, this is what we get if we kill Feinne in the second real map, and the cycle ends after this for reasons that become apparent. You are rewarded with a cutscene and then an immediate battle with Asagi and a whole lot of high level Gideons.

So how do you go about beating this map? Well, first you have to be able to kill Feinne. The most important thing to remember is to only attack Feinne on even turns, as her Whim Destiny décor will halve her stats on those turns but increase them by 50% on odd turns.

So now you're on Asagi's map. First thing to note: Every Gideon room will explode for massive damage to everything in a 3 tile radius after they die, so you need at least a range or 4 to use Attack on them and not get smashed. You have no décor, because you don't get to Arrange after Feinne. It seems like a pretty brutal challenge at first glance, but there's ways around the worst of it.

So, how do you beat the map with no décor? The answer is that you don't have to. There are Gig Edicts that allow a room to hand décor from your warehouse to a room. Summon some rooms with high ACT and have them hand off décor like Burning Blood to the main character. Kill as many of the Gideon rooms as you can with Demon Force, it's really handy because you can hit them from outside the explosion radius.

Asagi is actually pretty easy herself. She should go down to a single Demon Blast without even getting to attack if you play your cards right. Just keep everything together and soon you too will have the character with the awesomest attack animations in the game. I'll be making a video to showcase them soon, because they are just that cool.

Note that as far as I'm aware you can recruit additional Asagis by completing the extra stage again, and it's a very good way to rack up extra cycles for the Cat's Cradle's furnished décor.

Oh, and some of you might well be wondering who the hell Asagi is. Well, long ago before Makai Kingdom released NIS actually put a game on hold indefinitely because they couldn't make it to their liking on the PS2. Asagi was to be the main character of this game, and I believe the title was to be Makai Wars. In Makai Kingdom, there is an extra stage where Lord Zetta encounters the protagonist of the now defunct game, Asagi, and forces her to work for him in an attempt to hijack another game. In Disgaea 2, you encounter Asagi in an extra stage, where she's been trapped by Zetta to prevent her game from being made. Now, it seems, she's free and trying to take over other people's games. Asagi was awesome in Makai Kingdom, and she's just as awesome in Soul Nomad. She's got my favorite attack animations of any character, as I said above, and a video showcasing them will happen soonish.


Feinne was defeated with relative ease. It seemed like everything was going to go smoothly, until...


A shadow fell overhead. Something was coming...

In the name of the wandering protagonist, I hereby challenge the lead character in this new game!
Groupies: Yeaaahhhhhhhh!!!
Oh, is that the last page of the story? Guess the book's closed on this one! You're history, Zetta!

A young girl with dark hair and some strange weapons and her army of groupies had appeared!

Groupies: Asagi! Master Asagi! You rock! Yeeaah!
Where do these nutjobs keep coming from?!
I'm no nutjob! The name's Asagi!
The Famous! Queen! Of Games! Everywhere!
And now, the rich and beautiful Master Asagi has chosen your stupid game to be her next victim!
Groupies: Yeaaaahhhh!!! A-SA-GI! A-SA-GI!
Game...? Is she on drugs?
And what's up with all these people?
Now, do you know what it means when the Queen of Games decides to grace you with her presence?
It means you gotta hand over your spot as the lead character!

Huh? Just like that?
Oh hell no! Not on my watch!
Why are we even bothering with this chick?! We gotta finish off Feinne!
Good god, I'm smack dab in the middle of Crazyland! I can't take two steps without stepping in a pile of wacko!
Fine, let's get back to work.
Hey! You can't just ignore me!
You think you can walk away from battle, you conceited ass? What, that voice in your head gets to tell you what to do?!

Asagi decided to show exactly how tough she was.

Holeeey crap...
Haha! Did you see that? That's the most pathetic end boss I've ever seen! So, think you can ignore me now?!
Wow... she's strong.
you now, I hate people like you more than anything!
You just fall into the lead role. You didn't even have to work for it! And I hate games that come out on time, too!
So for all the delayed games, crying in the shadows... for all the rejected character designs... you shall pay!
Groupies: Whooo! Asagi, we love you! Yeaaahh!
Hehe. I don't have a friggin' clue what you're talkin' about. But I really want to kill you now.
So fine. Let's dance. I hope you know the steps!
Groupies: A-SA-GI! A-SA-GI! A-SA-!

Gig released a burst of explosive power, which certainly shut up those annoying groupies.

Groupies: Hyaaahhh!!
Hahaha! Was that a little too much?
Okay. Now, if you get on your knees and beg, maybe I'll just break your legs. But I wanna see real tears!
How quaint. You think that's all it takes to beat me? Geez, this game's hero is a total joke.
Wh-what?! You did not just call me a hero!
Boy, if you even dream of beating me, you better wake up and apologize! Consider this your summer greeting!
Projected weather? Hot as the flames of hell! Hahaha!

You wanna play ball, sweetheart? Then I say bring it on, you freak!
I'm gonna make you my bitch!

Then Asagi decided to blow up the world to show she was serious.

Groupies: Asagiii! Whooo! You're the woman!
How do you like them apples? And that's barely a tenth of my full power!
I'm tough, baby! Tougher than anyone!
And I'm gonna prove, right here, right now, once and for all, who deserves to be the greatest lead character!
And next year, I'm sure to finally get my own gaaaame! Whoooo!

Asagi was definitely tough, tougher than Feinne by a good margin. But in the end we prevailed, for what little good it did us what with the world being blown up.

Ng... I lost. Man! I was sure I had this one!
Now I'll never get to be the hero! I'm gonna grow old and gray and die! And I'll always just be a hidden character!
I'll be an embarrassment for the rest of my life, and a laughing stock for all eternity! And that's it!
Oh, please! You're trying to play the victim? We can't even move on with the game because you destroyed the world!
Now we have to start all over again! Seriously, thanks a lot!
Wait... you mean this is the end?